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Joe’s Birthday

Birthdays are supposed to be occasions of celebration, but for me this one carries a sad undertone. Today, October 11, Joe Simon would have been 99 years old. But his was a good life and his work touched millions, so still there is also something to celebrate.

At 5:15 pm Friday, Oct 12, there will be a memorial panel for Joe at the New York Comic Con (location 1A01). Panelists will be Jim Simon, Paul Levitz, Mark Waid and Angelo Torres. Carmine Infantino is also listed but the last I heard it was uncertain if he would appear. I certainly hope he does because not only did Carmine work with Joe on a couple of occasions, they would frequently telephone one another right up to Joe’s passing.

Happy Birtday Joe Simon

Today (October 11) is Joe Simon’s birthday. He is now 97 years young. In celebration I am posting some of the fine art he has done over the years.

Silver Streak #2 (January 1940)

Wonderworld Comics #13 (May 1940)

Complete Detective Cases vol. 3 no. 2 (March 1941)

Zippy #1 (May 1941)

Pocket Comics #4 (January 1942)

Champ #19 (June 1942) (signed as Jon Henri)

Speed #22 (September 1942) (signed as Glaven)

Sketch for George Roussos (1942)

Alarming Tales #4 (March 1958)

Young Hearts In Love #17 (April 1962)

Sick #69 (August 1969)

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

It is time to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday again. I can think of no better way to honor Jack than to provide some examples of his art. This time using original art. Enjoy!

Champ #20 (July 1942)

Headline #25 (July 1947)

Police Trap #2 (November 1954)

In Love #3 (January 1955)

In Love #3 (January 1955)

Win A Prize #1 (February 1955)

Western Tales #31 (October 1955)

Warfront #28 (January 1956)

Western Tales #32 (March 1956)

True Bride To Be #19 (August 1956)

Black Cat Mystic #58 (September 1956)

First Love #70 (November 1956)

Alarming Tales #3 (March 1958) (unpublished version)

Sandman #1 (Winter 1974) (unpublished version)

Captain America #197 (May 1976)

Belated Birthday to Joe Simon

Somehow I forgot to post Joe Simon’s 96th birthday yesterday. I did not forget his birthday as I visited him Saturday. But Joe downplays his birthdays and does not want to make a big deal about it. He is in good health and still rather active. He is scheduled to appear at the Wizard’s Big Apple Con on Friday, health permitting. No mention of time. Joe rarely makes convention appearances and when he does they generally are rather short. Not so much because he gets tired but rather because he gets bored. So if you go to the Big Apple Con keep and eye out for him.

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

In honor of Jack “King” Kirby’s birthday I have decided to feature 10 of my favorite covers (although I cheated with Young Romance #17 and used a splash). Well my favorite covers today; if I were to make a list tomorrow it probably would include a different set except perhaps for Treasure #10 which always seems to be one of my favorites. Of course Jack would go on to do many great covers after the Simon and Kirby collaboration ended but I am sure others will provide examples of those (hey after all this is the Simon and Kirby Blog).

Captain America #7 (October 1941)

Green Hornet #9 (October 1942)

Boy Commandos #2
Boy Commandos #2 (Spring 1943)

Adventure #84
Adventure #84 (March 1943)

Treasure #10 (December 1946)

Headline #30
Headline #30 (June 1948)

Young Romance #17 (January 1950)

Black Magic #8 (December 1951)

Fighting American #4
Fighting American #4 (October 1954)

Foxhole #3 (February 1955)

So Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Today is Joe Simon’s birthday, he is now 95 years old. My original plans were to get a picture of Joe on his birthday and post it late today. However when I talked to Joe he remarked that he had told his family he wanted nothing special to happen on his birthday; no party or unexpected visitors. So I decided that taking a picture during my visit might not be a good idea. So in substitution here is Joe with one of his creations taken at the New York Comic Con in 2005.

Happy Belated Birthday to Jack Kirby

I missed Jack’s birthday again! Well better late then never. I could go on and on about how much great stuff Kirby did, but then that is what most of this blog is about. So Happy Belated Birthday Jack!