Happy Belated Birthday to Jack Kirby

I missed Jack’s birthday again! Well better late then never. I could go on and on about how much great stuff Kirby did, but then that is what most of this blog is about. So Happy Belated Birthday Jack!

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday to Jack Kirby

  1. Stan Taylor

    Hi Harry,

    Another great post. The artist on “For Handsome Men Only” is definitely Premiani. His bee sting lips and bold eyebrows are a giveaway.
    Compare it to the two Premiani stories in “Real Love” the TP published by Eclipse.


  2. Harry Post author


    I have no doubt that the artist who did “For Handsome Men Only” is the same as the one found in some of the stories found in Real Love. But I question those as well. None of them are signed and comparisons to work by Premiani done for DC at about the same time look very different. Until I find a way to tie in the romance work with something else known to be by Premiani I will continue to considered a questionable attribution.

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