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Real West Romance Checklist

Last update: 6/6/2020

    r:  = reprint
    s:  = script
    l:  = layout
    p:  = pencils
    i:  = inks
  name  = signed
 <name> = signed with an alias
 {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
 [name] = unsigned attribution

Real West Romances (Prize)
   #1 April 1949   
       (cover) 1 pg Photo   
       "Wild Hoses and Ornery Gals" 8 pg P:Eadeh I:BelfiLt:[Oda]
       "Miss Nell Of The Medicine Show" 9 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "Chuck Wagon Jane" 9 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Rawhide Cupid" 2 pg  (text)
       "The Cowboy And The Debutante" 7 pg P:Starr  Lt:[Oda]
       "Heart Rustler" 9 pg Ly:[Kirby] P:[Kirby & ?]  Lt:[Oda]
   #2 July 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "To Fight for Her Man" 8 pg P:Starr  Lt:[Oda]
       "Heart Broken Bronco Buster" 8 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "Dead-Game Dude" 8 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Cupid's Round-Up" 2 pg  (text)
       "Rough-House Annie" 8 pg P:Donahue  Lt:[Oda]
       "Family Feud" 9 pg  Lt:[Oda]
   #3 August 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "In Love With His Ranch Boss" 8 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Desperado's Lady" 8 pg P:Starr  Lt:[Oda]
       "Love At The County Fair" 8 pg P:Donahue  Lt:[Oda]
       "Partner Or Sweetheart?" 2 pg  (text)
       "The Cowgirl And The Sheepherder" 8 pg P:Severin I:BelfiLt:[Oda]
       "Our Love Wore Six-Guns" 9 pg Ly:[Kirby] P:[Kirby & ?]  Lt:[Oda]
   #4 October 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "The Perfect Cowboy" 8 pg Ly:[Kirby] P:[Kirby & ?]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Lovin' Or Feudin'" 8 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Cupid's Corral" 8 pg P:[Severin]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Top Hand In My Heart" 2 pg  (text)
       "Bartered" 8 pg P:Donahue  Lt:[Oda]
       "The Yearling Years" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:Oda]
   #5 December 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "Mail-Order Romance" 9 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Tenderfoot In Love" 8 pg P:[Meskin] I:[Meskin] Lt:[Oda]
       "Bordertown Lover" 8 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Glamour In The Great Outdoors" 1 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Warden of the Heart" 2 pg  (text)
       "Gun-Totin' Bride" 7 pg P:Severin I:Elder Lt:[Oda]
       "Yellow" 9 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
   #6 February 1950  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "I'm Goin' a' Cortin' Ella Mae" 8 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
       "A' Killin', a' Curin', or a Lovin'" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Six-Gun Serenade" 7 pg P:Severin I:Elder Lt:[Oda]
       "Lies, Love and Hoss Liniment" 9 pg P:Meskin I:[Meskin] Lt:[Oda]
       "Kiss In The Moonlight" 2 pg P:[Meskin] I:[Meskin](text)
       "The Broadway Buckaroo" 9 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
   #7 April 1950  
       (cover) 1 pg Photo  
       "The Girl From No Man's Land" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:[Oda]
       "The Widder" 8 pg P:Severin I:Elder Lt:[Oda]
       "A Gal For Goliath" 8 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Tumbleweed Tim" 2 pg P:[Kirby]  (text)
       "Love Of A Navojo Princess" 8 pg Ly:[Kirby?] P:[Kirby & ?]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Cowboy With A Complex" 9 pg P:[Stein?]  Lt:[Oda]