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Manny Stallman Checklist

Last update: 1/19/2009

    s:  = signed
    a:  = signed with alias
    &:  = signed Simon and Kirby
    ?:  = questionable attribution
    r:  = reprint

Charlie Chan (Prize)
   s 5    Feb  1949    6p "Floating Mine Racket"

Headline (Prize)
   s 33   (v.4, n3)  Dec  1948    7p "Underworld Parasite"
   s 34   (v.4, n4)  Feb  1949    8p "Outlaw Down-Under"
   s 35   (v.4, n5)  May  1949    7p "The Great Mouthpiece"
   s 35   (v.4, n5)  May  1949    5p "The Golf Links Murder"

Justice Traps the Guilty (Prize)
   s 8    (v.2, n2)  Jan  1949    7p "End Of A Blackmailer"
   s 10   (v.2, n4)  June 1949   10p "Death Played Second Fiddle"

Treasure (Prize)
   s 3    Oct  1945    3p "Know Your America"

Western Love (Prize)
   ? 1    July 1949    9p "A Gal, A Guy And A Gelding"