Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

It is time to celebrate Jack Kirby’s birthday again. I can think of no better way to honor Jack than to provide some examples of his art. This time using original art. Enjoy!

Champ #20 (July 1942)

Headline #25 (July 1947)

Police Trap #2 (November 1954)

In Love #3 (January 1955)

In Love #3 (January 1955)

Win A Prize #1 (February 1955)

Western Tales #31 (October 1955)

Warfront #28 (January 1956)

Western Tales #32 (March 1956)

True Bride To Be #19 (August 1956)

Black Cat Mystic #58 (September 1956)

First Love #70 (November 1956)

Alarming Tales #3 (March 1958) (unpublished version)

Sandman #1 (Winter 1974) (unpublished version)

Captain America #197 (May 1976)

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jack Kirby

  1. John S.

    I believe the Sandman cover was inked by Joe Simon himself. It’s been published somewhere before, but I can’t recall exactly where. Judging from the areas of pencil that are still uninked (in the lower right-hand corner and elsewhere) I’d say it was probably light-boxed by Joe at some point, while the original was given to Frank Giacoia for inking.
    That’s just a guess, though. Any other thoughts out there?

    Another question. Who did the lettering on that splash from Black Cat Mystic #58? It looks a lot like Howard Ferguson’s work, but wasn’t he long since deceased by ’56? Could it have been…his ghost?

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