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  1. Branimir Prelosnjak

    I love this blog. I appreciate all the work you have put into it.

    The breadth of work by Kirby is astounding, and seeing the evolving work is fabulous.
    Presently, I don’t know nearly as much about Mr. Simon, but am just as eager to find out more about his history. As a “silver-to-bronze-ager,” I am finding myself drawn to the Golden Age art stylings more and more.


  2. Bernadette

    Hello Harry
    I just recently found out that my granparents bought their(my house now) from JOE SIMON…Was wondering in this picture of Ben and his wife and Koe’s wife..Where was it taken? Joe’s house?? Brown street in MIneola?


  3. Gene Pizzillo

    How are doing? I appreciate the (Farewell to Jerry Grandenetti).He was my Grandfather. I loved all his art work and can remember it when I was a child running around his house. (RIP Grandpa love your grandson Gene)

  4. Luke Blanchard

    Regarding the “Simon and Kirby Firsts” posts from a few months back, I’ve been reading an electronic copy of Planet Stories #1. “The Captain Nelson Cole of the Solar Force” story has an interior full page panel. The issue is dated January, 1940 in the indicia, so presumably it came out in late 1939.

    Best, Luke Blanchard.

  5. Don Rhoden

    Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and the work you’ve done for Jack Kirby. I really appreciate this labor of love. I only wish that somehow everything could be collected in some kind of omnibus hard copy volume. Again, my deepest thanks and admiration.

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