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Last update: 6/7/2020

    r:  = reprint
    s:  = script
    l:  = layout
    p:  = pencils
    i:  = inks
  name  = signed
 <name> = signed with an alias
 {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
 [name] = unsigned attribution

Western Love (Prize)
   #1 July 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg  
       "Equal Of Any Man" 7 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Gambler's Girl" 8 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut]Lt:[Oda]
       "Kate And The Coyote" 8 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "Weddin' At Red Rock" 3 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "The Tonto Express" 7 pg P:[Gregg]  Lt:[[Oda]
       "Love Songs of the Prairie" 1 pg  (text)
       "Cowgirl Sweetheart" 2 pg  (text)
       "A Gal, A Guy And A Gelding" 9 pg P:[Stallman?]  Lt:[Oda]
   #2 September 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg  
       "Sworn Enemies In Love" 9 pg P:[Draut] I:[Draut] Lt:[Oda]
       "Kissless Cowboy" 8 pg P:[Severin]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Love-Sick Weakling" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Always Yours, Ma'am" 2 pg  (text)
       "Troublemaker" 8 pg P:[Donahue]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Kathy And The Merchant" 9 pg Ly:[Kirby] P:[Kirby & ?]  Lt:[Oda]
   #3 November 1949  
       (cover) 1 pg  
       "Wife Wanted" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Romance In Robber's Roost" 9 pg P:Donahue  Lt:[Oda]
       "A Man To Handle Belle" 8 pg P:[Severin]  Lt:[Oda]
       "The Blue Blood And The Bum" 9 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "Romance and the Postmistress" 2 pg  (text)
       "Dude Ranch Diplomancy" 1 pg P:[Donahue]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Gunman's Shadow" 8 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
   #4 January 1950  
       (cover) 1 pg  
       "The Girl from Ghost Town" 8 pg P:[Premiani]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Cowtown Casanova" 8 pg P:Donahue  Lt:[Oda]
       "Bodyguard for Betsy" 8 pg P:[Starr]  Lt:[Oda]
       "How to Corral Your Man" 1 pg P:[Severin]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Heartbreaker" 2 pg  (text)
       "The Rancher's Daughter" 8 pg P:Meskin I:[Meskin] Lt:[Oda]
       "Six-Gun Serenade" 8 pg P:Severin & [Kirby] I:Elder Lt:[Oda]
   #5 March 1950  
       (cover) 1 pg  
       "Dead Ringer" 9 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Survival" 8 pg P:[Severin]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Let's Give A Barn Dance" 1 pg P:[Severin]  
       "The Rangers And The Fire-Maiden" 8 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "Love on the Range" 8 pg  (text)
       "Cowboy Romeo Or City Slicker" 1 pg P:[Meskin] I:[Meskin] Lt:[Oda]
       "Two Can Play The Game" 5 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Lilly's Last Stand" 9 pg P:Meskin I:[Meskin] Lt:[Oda]