My Date Checklist

Last update: 6/6/2020

    r:  = reprint
    s:  = script
    l:  = layout
    p:  = pencils
    i:  = inks
  name  = signed
 <name> = signed with an alias
 {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
 [name] = unsigned attribution

My Date (Hillman)
   #1 July 1947  
       (cover) 1 pg P:{Kirby}  
       "My Date With Swifty Chase" 14 pg P:{Kirby}  Lt:[Wyatt & Oda]
       "Ginny" 1 pg  
       "Your Down-Payment on Dates" 1 pg  (text)
       "Ultra Violet" 10 pg P:[Robinson?] I:[Roussos?]
       "Cleopatra and the Convertible" 2 pg  (text)
       "My Date" 6 pg P:Barry  
       "Fellas 'n' Gals" 1 pg  
       "Kitty Hawk" 3 pg  
   #2 September 1947  
       (cover) 1 pg P:{Kirby}  
       "My Problem Date" 14 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Ultra Violet" 8 pg P:Barry  
       "My Date" 6 pg P:Barry  
       "letters" 1 pg  
       "Ginny" 8 pg  
       "Lindy Hopp Dancing Lessons" 1 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "The Square Fairy Godmother" 2 pg  (text)
       "The Rosebud Sisters" 7 pg P:Keeler  
       "Dippy" 1 pg  
   #3 November 1947  
       (cover) 1 pg P:{Kirby}  
       "My Date With Swifty Chase" 13 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "pin-up" 1 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Ginny" 8 pg  
       "Second Best Girl" 2 pg  (text)
       "My Date" 6 pg  
       "letter page" 1 pg  
       "Date Snatcher" 5 pg  
       "Ultra Violet" 10 pg P:Barry  
   #4 January 1948  
       (cover) 1 pg P:[Robinson & Meskin]  
       "The Lonesome Wolf" 12 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "My Date" 5 pg  Lt:[Oda]
       "letters" 1 pg  
       "Ginny" 6 pg  Lt:Typeset
       "Genius, That's What" 6 pg  Lt:Typeset
       "Somebody New" 2 pg  (text)
       "A Rainy Day With Housedate Harry" 3 pg P:[Kirby]  Lt:[Oda]
       "Ultra Violet" 8 pg  Lt:[Oda]

3 thoughts on “My Date Checklist

  1. Rand

    Since it’s been five years, would you be confident in adding any inking credit to the Kirby penciled pieces here? Also, you now believe Lindy Hopp in #2 is S&K, yes?

  2. Harry Post author

    Given time to review the material, I suspect I could provide at least some inking attributions. However time is really short for me right now. As for Lindy Hopp, yes I have come to the opinion that it was penciled by Kirby.

  3. Rand

    As we discussed at the MoCCA Festival, the Ginny stories in 1 & 4 are both 8 pages. Here’s the GCD entry for 1…

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