Clue Checklist

Last update: 8/1/2008

    s:  = script
    l:  = layout
    p:  = pencils
    i:  = inks
  name  = signed
 <name> = signed with an alias
 {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
 [name] = unsigned attribution

Clue (Hillman)
  (v.2, n.1) March 1947
    "Gun Master" 10pg 
    "King Of The Bank Robbers" 8pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "Nightmare" 8pg 
    "Iron Lady" 8pg 
    "Getaway" 2pg - (text)
    "Gun Master" 10pg 
    "Cornie Corner" 1pg - p:Hall 
  (v.2, n.2) April 1947
    (cover) - p:Barry 
    "The Short, Dangerous Life Of Packy Smith" 13pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "The Finger Man" 8pg - p:C. Infantino i:Sachs
    "On Stage For Murder" 4pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "Nightmare" 9pg 
    "Cornie Corner" 1pg - p:Hall 
    "The Royal Hoist" 2pg - p:Hall - (text)
    "Gun Master" 10pg 
    "Clubby" 1pg 
  (v.2, n.3) May 1947
    "The Battle For Packy Smith" 15pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "Flowers For Roma" 8pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "Iron Lady" 8pg 
    "Map To Freedom" 2pg - (text)
    "The Case Of The Superstitious Slayers" 6pg - p:[Kirby] 
    "Micro Face" 6pg