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My Date Checklist

Last update: 7/11/2008

   s:  = script
   l:  = layout
   p:  = pencils
   i:  = inks
 name  = signed
<name> = signed with an alias
{name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
[name] = unsigned attribution

My Date (Hillman)
 1 July 1947
   (cover) - p:{Kirby}
   "My Date With Swifty Chase" 14pg - p:{Kirby}
   "Ginny" 1pg
   "Your Down-Payment on Dates" 1pg - (text)
   "Ultra Violet" 10pg - p:[Robinson?] i:[Roussos?]
   "Cleopatra and the Convertible" 2pg - (illustrated text)
   "My Date" 6pg - p:Barry
   "Fellas 'n' Gals" 1pg - (editor request for letter column)
   "Kitty Hawk" 3pg
 2 September 1947
   (cover) - p:{Kirby}
   "My Problem Date" 14pg - p:[Kirby]
   "Ultra Violet" 8pg - p:Barry
   "My Date" 6pg - p:Barry
   "Ginny" 8pg
   "Lindy Hopp Dancing Lessons" 1pg
   "The Square Fairy Godmother" 2pg - (text)
   "The Rosebud Sisters" 7pg - p:Keeler
   "Dippy" 1pg
 3 November 1947
   (cover) - p:{Kirby}
   "My Date With Swifty Chase" 13pg - p:[Kirby]
   (pin-up) - p:[Kirby]
   "Ginny" 8pg
   "Second Best Girl" 2pg - (text)
   "My Date" 6pg
   (letter page)
   "Date Snatcher" 5pg
   "Ultra Violet" 10pg - p:Barry
 4 January 1948
   (cover) - p:[Robinson?] i:[Meskin?]
   "The Lonesome Wolf" 12pg - p:[Kirby]
   "My Date" 5pg
   "Ginny" 6pg
   "Genius, That's What" 6pg
   "Somebody New" 2pg - (text)
   "A Rainy Day With Housedate Harry" 3pg - p:[Kirby]
   "Ultra Violet" 8pg