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Lettering S&K Chapter 7 Conclusion

Howard Ferguson had a long, if not continuous, association with Simon and Kirby. Including the work from the 50’s that I questionably credit to Ferguson, Howard did 4068 pages of lettering for Joe and Jack. If Avon and Stanley Morse is included, I would credit 4551 pages of lettering to Ferguson. But my search for Ferguson lettering outside of Simon and Kirby is very incomplete and I am certain he did more lettering than what I have counted here.

It is clear that Howard Ferguson was Simon and Kirby’s preferred letterer, especially if he was indeed the letterer from 1954 on. When Ferguson lettered for Joe and Jack, he would letter more pages than other individual lettering for them. But oddly for the three transitions made by Simon and Kirby to a new publisher (DC, Harvey after the war, and Prize and Hillman) only once was Ferguson the initial letterer (Harvey). Ferguson was not even used for the Prize and Hillman work until possibly many years later.

Ben Oda also had a long association with Simon and Kirby. But there is a problem in determining how much lettering Ben did for Joe and Jack. Headline and Justice Traps the Guilty both started as Simon and Kirby productions but were later taken over by other editors. But exactly when that occurred is not clear. My judgement is that the last Simon and Kirby issues of Headline was September 1949 and for Justice Traps the Guilty June 1949. Using those dates I find that Oda lettered 8293 pages for Simon and Kirby. The total lettering by Ben for Simon and Kirby plus the other Prize editors was 13088 pages. The GCD has a lot of work credited to Oda besides those I have been reporting on here. I did try to verify a small number of them and was not satisfied that it was truly lettering by Oda. However Ben Oda had a long and productive career after leaving Prize Comics so I am sure that they 13088 I have credited to Oda is only a fraction of his total output.

Superman #327 (September 1978) “The Sandstorm That Swallowed Metropolis” by Ben Oda

As I have said, I have not tried to followed Ben Oda’s career outside of Simon and Kirby and Prize. But I have created a letter set for a comic that Oda lettered for DC in 1978. This is over two decades since Oda’s last work for Prize but his lettering has not changed too much. Oda’s question mark no longer takes the form of a ‘Z’ but rather more like a ‘2’. The lower portion of ‘J’ still has on a whole a gentle curve but is now has a more acute angular connection to the vertical shaft. More importantly Oda now adds a topping serif to his ‘J’. Here Ben was using simple drop caps in his captions, something he only did a couple of times early in his work for Simon and Kirby.


Someone has created an OdaBalloon font. I will not provide a link here because that sort of thing is apt to change. But if you are interested in it you can Google it and you will certainly find places to download it from. I have no idea on what part of Oda’s career this font is based on but overall it is a good match to the letter set that I provided from Superman #327 from 1978. In particular note the similarities in ‘J’ and the question mark. Oddly OdaBalloon has a small serif attached to the top of ‘C’. That is something I have never seen Oda do but it was characteristic of Howard Ferguson early in his career. Even more surprising is the small serif added to the top of ‘S’. I have not seen this done by either Oda or Ferguson. But as I said, I have not investigated Oda’s post 50’s career so it is possible that Oda may have picked these extra serifs at some time.

Although I had once wanted to investigate Ben Oda lettering I gave up the idea when I stopped contributing to the Simon and Kirby Blog. Along came Covid-19 and sheltering in place and I decided to give it a try. But my investigations ended up going beyond just Ben Oda. This study was based on the examination of 20,730 pages of lettering. Actually more because that does not include pages I examined and decided were not by the letterers I was studying. To be fair, even under isolation I did not have the time to examine every page with the same degree of care. But I did generate over 100 letter sets, more than actually appear in this serial post. The shear volume insures that mistakes were certainly made. Further I did not have access to all the comics that I once had so there some areas with unanswered questions. Despite such limitations, I feel it best to put my opinions out there. Other students of this topic may be able to point out my mistakes or present contrary opinions. Such is the nature of research.

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Lettering S&K Chapter 6 Post Studio

Lettering Checklists:

Draut, Bill
Ferguson, Howard
Kirby, Jack
Oda, Ben
Simon, Joe

Lettering S&K Chapter 6 Post Studio

1955 was a tough time for comics in general. Simon and Kirby’s own publishing company, Mainline, failed with the last comics cover dated April 1955. The remaining issues of Mainline, the work for which was probably already completed, would be published by Charlton (well known for their low payment). The amount of work Joe and Jack did for Prize Comics would also see cutbacks. The only titles that Simon and Kirby did for Prize would by Young Romance, Young Love and Young Brides. But Young Brides and Young Love would both be cancelled (respectively November and December 1956). It was also in November 1956 that Jack Kirby would be doing work first for Marvel and later DC. It is not clear exactly when, but sometime during this time line the Simon and Kirby bullpen was disbanded. Simon and Kirby would continue to be listed as the editors for Young Romance until 1960 when Joe would be declared the sole editor. Various work would be done by Joe and Jack for Harvey and later Archie Comics but none of that successful enough to reestablish the Simon and Kirby studio. However their later collaboration was done, it was not like the earlier team work.

Prize Comics Western #118 (July 1956) “Liberty Belle” by Ben Oda

Previous to 1956 lettering for Simon and Kirby was done by both Ben Oda and Howard Ferguson (?). But Young Love #68 (cover dated December 1955) would be the last Simon and Kirby comic with lettering by Ben. That was not, however, the last lettering Oda would do for Prize Comics. Oda would continue to do lettering for those Prize titles with other editors; Headline, Justice Traps the Guilty, Prize Comics Western and later All For Love. He would do so until cover date October 1957. We can only speculate why Oda stopped working for Simon and Kirby but a falling out of some kind seems likely. Prize cancelled Headline and Prize Comics Western with September 1956 being the last issues. So perhaps there just not enough work from Prize to make it worth Oda’s efforts.

I no longer have access to any of the comics with Oda lettering from this period so I have provided some examples taken from the Digital Comic Museum. This is not much of a problem because Ben Oda’s lettering has not undergone much of a change from when we examined him in the last chapter.

Young Romance #83 (June 1956) “Dancing Doll” by Howard Ferguson?

Howard Ferguson(?) continued to do lettering for Simon and Kirby but never end up lettering any of the Prize titles with other editors. Ferguson would even letter Simon and Kirby work that was published by Harvey. The last published lettering by Howard Ferguson(?) would be in Alarming Tales #4 (March 1958). However even if I am correct in crediting Ferguson (or at least the letterer I have questionably refer to him) Harvey Comics has been repeated shown to publish inventoried work long after it was actually created. Excluding cancelled titles, Simon and Kirby ran for Prize a much more tight operation without keeping work as inventory. The last work I credit to Ferguson appeared in Young Romance #90 (cover dated October 1957).

Young Romance #83 (June 1956) “Only You” by Howard Ferguson?

Starting in comics cover dated June 1956, Ferguson(?) would start to provide simple drop caps to his captions. This would become a regular feature until much later. Other than the drop caps, the lettering is identical to those without drop caps so I am confident that both were done by the same letterer.

Young Romance #90 (October 1957) “Girl In the Middle” by Howard Ferguson?

I just wanted to close my discussion of Howard Ferguson(?) with an example of the last work for Prize that I credit to him. As can be see above, not much has changed.

Young Romance #86 (March 1957) “His Heart Was Blind” by Toobie

Ferguson(?) was the go to guy for Simon and Kirby during the time discussed in this chapter. But even before Ferguson’s disappearance, Joe and Jack would turn to one I nick-named Toobie. Toobie letters rather like Ben Oda, even with a ‘Z’ shape question mark and ‘J’ without a topping serif. However Toobie’s ‘J’ has a more strongly curved lower portion. There are serifs on first person singular ‘I’ except when used in a contraction.

Young Love #71 (June 1956) “Love Me Or Leave Me” by Bill Draut

Bill Draut would return to lettering his own art one last time in “Love Me Or Leave Me”. Despite the fact that the last time we saw Bill lettering was in 1947, not much has changed. The ‘J’ still has Draut’s characteristic hock and the question mark still has the shape of a ‘2’. Not much later Bill would stop doing work for Simon and Kirby (in Young Love #73 December 1956) as well as the other Prize titles that were under other editors (in Justice Traps the Guilty #84 December 1956).

With both Ferguson(?) and Oda no longer appearing in the Prize work produced by Simon and Kirby, Joe and Jack would turn to a number of different letters. Each would appear to letter for a relatively short time and then disappear never to return. I saw little to be gained by analyzing each of them particularly since I would never be able to provide a real name to any of them. But I was curious about those who lettered art that Jack Kirby drew. Did they letter other artists besides Jack? Did their lettering appear in any of the art Jack did early in his return to Marvel and DC?

The answer to the first question (did they letter other artists besides Jack) would indicate how they were assigned. If they only lettered Kirby, than Jack was probably responsible for giving them the work. If they lettered other artists, than whoever was assigning the work for Young Romance was responsible (which probably was Joe). The short answer is all the Kirby letterers would also letter other artists.

The second question (did their lettering appear in any of the art Jack did early in his return to Marvel and DC) had the potential to answer a bigger question. There has been some speculation that some of work early in Kirby’s return to Marvel or DC was actually done by Simon and Kirby in some cases originally meant for Harvey. Actually in the case of Challengers of the Unknown it is more than just speculation as both Joe and Jack have said that was the case. Any early Marvel or DC work by Jack with any of these letterers would strongly indicate that art would supplied to Marvel or DC in largely completed form and therefore almost certainly Simon and Kirby creations. Unfortunately the short answer to this question is no. However while this does not offer evidence that the pieces in questions were Simon and Kirby creations it does not prove the reverse, that they were not done by Simon and Kirby. Just that any Simon and Kirby products delivered to Marvel or DC were not in a completed form.

I fear there will not be much interest in this serial post to as it has been up to this point, but I suspect there will be very less interest in my investigation into these particular unknown letterers. For any of those readers who have managed to make this far, but lack a desire to pursue a study of these marginal individuals, feel free to stop reading this chapter here. You may want to return to read my final chapter which mercifully will be short.

Young Romance #91 (December 1957) “The Waiting Game” by Slim

Slim’s lettering is narrower than most of the letterers we previously looked at, this is most obvious in his ‘O’ which is higher than wide. His ‘J’ has a small serif and the lower portion is short but strongly curved. The question mark is pretty much how I was taught, a curved portion like a reversed ‘C’ and a straight lower stroke. Shadow and geometric drop caps are used in captions.

Young Romance #95 (August 1958) “Listening To Love” by Albert

Albert’s lettering is a bit variable but tends to be a bit wide. This is particularly noticeable in ‘O’ and ‘Q’. ‘J’ lacks a topping serif and has a distinctive hock. Perhaps the most unique letter is Albert’s ‘G’ which can be quite angular. Question marks have a ‘S’ shape but with the lower curve much smaller than the upper one.

Young Romance #97 (December 1958) “Hearts and Flowers” by Steve

Steve has a more professional look to his lettering. The serif on the top of ‘J’ distinguishes him from Oda and the lower portion tends to be slightly more curved than either Oda or Ferguson. The horizontal bar of ‘G’ extends slightly to the right to form a small serif. Perhaps most important is the ‘S’ shape to the question mark with the upper and lower portions more, but not completely, equal.

Young Romance #99 (April 1959) “Man Wanted” by Doug

Doug has a wide ‘D’ and ‘P’, but a generally circular ‘O’. The ‘J’ lacks a topping serif, a wide lower portion that ends in a well developed up turn. The question mark has a shape sort of like a ‘2’ but with the lower horizontal bar short and so close the the upper curve that it is easily missed. Captions can have simple drop caps.

Young Romance #103 (December 1959) “The Man For Me” by Phillip

Finally we come to Phillip. Actually Phillip is quite like Oda with the obvious exception of his question mark which is not at all like a ‘Z’. Most ‘J’ lack a serif but Phillip is not consistent and some times adds one. The horizontal stroke of ‘G’ forms a small serif to the right.

Lettering S&K Chapter 1 The Beginning
Lettering S&K Chapter 2 Timely, DC and the War
Lettering S&K Chapter 3 Return from the War
Lettering S&K Chapter 4 The Oda Monopoly
Lettering S&K Chapter 5 Mainline and the Studio End

Lettering S&K Chapter 7 Conclusion

Lettering Checklists:

Draut, Bill
Ferguson, Howard
Kirby, Jack
Oda, Ben
Simon, Joe

Lettering S&K Chapter 5 Mainline and the Studio End

Bullseye #1 (August 1954) “Bullseye, the Man” by Howard Ferguson?

Simon and Kirby would launch their own publishing company, Mainline, with Bullseye #1 cover dated August 1954. It is around this time that Ben Oda starts to loose his monopoly on lettering. Chief among the new letterers is one with a style remarkably similar to Oda’s but also similar to Howard Ferguson. I might have credit Oda for the Bullseye lettering if not for some of the work that followed. I certainly would have credited Bullseye and what follows to Ferguson if it include the more advance drop caps or banner captions. Simple drop caps are found in the Bullseye story pages but they are only slightly larger than the rest of the lettering and easily overlooked. There was one work signed by Ferguson where he did not use drop caps or banner captions (Romantic Love #1 September 1949) but such none ornamented lettering was unusual for Howard. In the end I have decided to questionably credit these works to Ferguson.

Bullseye lettering includes exclamation points that are slightly angular. I have not seen Ferguson do this before and he would drop it in the future work for Simon and Kirby. ‘C’ shows a very small downturn reminiscent of the serif Ferguson used to supply. But this trait is not consistently shown in Bullseye and would disappear in the future. The question mark is quite similar to that done by Oda but just not quite so angular. The most distinctive trait would be the serif added to the top of ‘J’. Ferguson would consistently supply that serif, Oda would be just as consistent in not using the serif.

Young Romance #73 (September 1954) “Girl from the Old Country” by Ben Oda

As I previously said, Ferguson and Oda lettering are very similar. But note the more angular question mark, very like a ‘Z’ and ‘J’ without a serif.

Initially Oda would remain the dominant letterer. For August until December of 1954 Oda would letter 588 pages to Ferguson 111 pages. But in 1955 Ferguson would dominate with 778 pages of lettering to Oda’s 655.

Young Romance #74 (November 1954) “A Holiday For Love” by Marty

In the last chapter I wrote about Marty doing the lettering for an unidentified artist working largely on the “Good Manners” filler. April 1954 would be the last month that particular artist would be found in a Simon and Kirby production. April was also the first month that work by Art Gates would start appearing. While most of the work that Gates did for Joe and Jack were fillers, he also do one longer piece for Young Romance and three longer stories for Foxhole. All this work by Gates would be lettered by Marty and Marty would not letter any other artist other than the one who did “Good Manners”. All together there are 48 features lettered by Marty and no reason why Simon and Kirby would assigned all those features to be lettered by that one letterer. It seems to be the most satisfactory explanation was that this work was purchased by Simon and Kirby from an agent, who may or may not have been the letterer.

Marty’s lettering on a whole has not changed much from what we examined in the previous chapter. The biggest change is he has abandon the vertical lower arm to ‘Y’ to go for one that is an extension of the upper right stroke. ‘M’ normally now has sloping outer arms but occasionally Marty would drop back to the vertical ones he used earlier. Balloons are now usually standard lettering while captions are in italics. The use of drop caps has continued but they are now usually elaborate or outline drop caps.

Young Romance #75 (December 1954) “Personal Secretary” by Mikeross

Seven romance features appeared in the Prize romance titles; three penciled by Ross Andru and one by Pete Morisi. I had previously discussed how this was work sold to Simon and Kirby when Ross Andru and Mike Esposito’s self owned publishing company failed (Art of Romance, Chapter 28, A Glut of Artists). All the art was lettered by the same letterer who I have nick-named Mikeross. This does not suggest that either Andru or Esposito did the lettering, just that their company employed the same individual for all of it.

Mikeross uses angular exclamation points and ‘S’ shape for question marks. ‘J’ as a serif on the top and a well curved bottom. The lettering tends to be horizontally narrower. Simple drop caps would be used.

In Love #4 (March 1955) “Wolf Bait” by Howard Ferguson?

Ferguson’s(?) question mark developed more of a downward slant to the upper and lower arms making them more distinguishable from those done by Oda. Of course Howard’s ‘J’ continue to have a serif on the top. Captions are generally done in italics while balloons remain standard lettering. Oddly the first person singular lacks serifs when used in a contraction.

Justice Traps the Guilty #75 (June 1955) “Tragic Circle” by Ben Oda

Oda lettering remains very similar to Ferguson but the upper and lower arm of his question marks remain horizontal or with a little upward tilt. Standard lettering is used in captions.

Lettering S&K Chapter 1 The Beginning
Lettering S&K Chapter 2 Timely, DC and the War
Lettering S&K Chapter 3 Return from the War
Lettering S&K Chapter 4 The Oda Monopoly

Lettering S&K Chapter 6 Post Studio
Lettering S&K Chapter 7 Conclusion

Lettering Checklists:

Draut, Bill
Ferguson, Howard
Kirby, Jack
Oda, Ben
Simon, Joe

Lettering S&K Chapter 4 The Oda Monopoly

Simon and Kirby studio Left to right: Joe Genalo, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Mort Meskin, Jimmy Infantino and Ben Oda. Caricatures (probably drawn by Joe Simon) of Marvin Stein and Jimmy Infantino.

September 1947 saw the launch of a new comic book produced by Simon and Kirby for Prize, Young Romance. From this point on until they launched Mainline Comics, Simon and Kirby would concentrate their efforts on producing comics for Prize. Work for Hillman would continue but in lesser numbers until finally being finished with My Date #4 (cover dated January 1948). More importantly for the topic of this post, Ben Oda would become the chief letterer for Simon and Kirby productions. And there were a lot of comic features to letter. For the period covered in this chapter (September 1947 to July 1954) and excluding titles that Simon and Kirby or their studio artists had no hand in there were 1757 features to be lettered for a total of 11,281 pages. While my calling this period an Oda monopoly is not literally true, Ben would letter at least 10,718 of these pages which is 95% of them. (Actually more because I no longer have access to a few Black Magic issues).

Which brings me to the question on how I am confident that Ben Oda lettered these pages given that lettering credits were never supplied in them. Fortunately there is a studio photo graph taken from this period (see above). In it we find all the people who worked in the bullpen with the exception of Marvin Stein who was probably the photographer. Among them is Ben Oda. The photograph is not dated but the art that Mort Meskin is working on can be identified as “His Dancing Teacher” which would end up with an October 1951 cover date. As Oda is the only letterer in the photograph we can be pretty certain he would do the lettering for that feature. Using “His Dancing Teacher” as a base, I then worked both forward and backwards to establish what was lettered by Oda and how that lettering changed over time.

Justice Traps the Guilty #4 (May 1948) “Queen of the Speed-Ball Mob” by Ben Oda

The last example I provided of Ben Oda lettering was cover dated May 1947. In truth not much has changed. The horizontal stroke for ‘G’ barely goes to the right of the curved portion, if at all. The ‘J’ still has no serif on its top and the lower portion is wide with only a slight curve. The biggest change, and even there it is not much, is in the question mark where the bottom portion extends backward a little more to form almost a ‘2’ shape but with the upper region a little more angular. Standard lettering for both captions and balloons with italics limited to bold lettering. As a rule Oda does not use drop caps in his captions but there were some exceptions in Young Romance #1 (“Misguided Heart” “Summer Song”).

Young Romance #10 (March 1949) “Mama’s Boy” by Ben Oda

Almost a year later, the lettering largely has remained the same. The ‘U’ often shows a small serif by extending the right vertical arm just slightly below the bottom curve. I am convinced even in the earlier lettering by Oda he wrote ‘U’ as two strokes; a left one with a vertical bar curving into bottom section and a second vertical bar on right. However previously Oda was careful to end the right bar where it met the curve portion so that no serif was formed. Now Ben entered a period where he often provided a small serif on his ‘U’. Another slight change is to the letter ‘D’ where the lower portion curves up more than the upper portion curves down. However experience has shown me that this is not unusual for letterers besides Oda. So it must be used with caution and never used by itself to identify Oda. The most significant change is in the question mark which as progress from an almost ‘2’ shape to become more angular to approach more of a ‘Z’ with the lower bar sloping down. But Oda is not a machine and this description is for the mean of the examples. Some still look like the shape seen a year ago and some with a form that will be found later.

Young Romance #19 (March 1950) “That Kind of Girl” by Ben Oda

Yet another year later Oda’s serif on the bottom of the right vertical bar on the ‘U’ has become even more obvious. The difference in slopes of the lower and upper curved portions for ‘D’ have become more extreme so that the rightmost portion is higher up. Most significantly the question mark has become more like a ‘Z’ with very angular transitions and an almost horizontal lower bar. But again there is some variations in Oda’s question marks.

Young Romance #30 (February 1951) “Weekend For 3” by Ben Oda

At this point the serif on ‘U’ has all but disappeared. A small serif can be formed by extending the horizontal bar of ‘G’ slightly to the right, but it is so small it probably was not intentional. I have provided an single example of ‘G’ on the bottom line that shows how Oda executed it as two separate strokes. The question mark has become even more angular and more like a ‘Z’ with the bottom sloping down slightly.

Young Romance #38 (October 1951) “His Dancing Teacher” by Ben Oda

We have now reached the lettering for the Mort Meskin art that I used to start my investigation of Ben Oda lettering. By coincidence it is here that Oda’s question mark is most like a ‘Z’. The difference between the upper and lower portions seen in ‘D’ can also be seen in ‘P’ and ‘R’.

Young Romance #45 (May 1952) “The Things I Didn’t Know About Him” by Ben Oda

Not much change but I just wanted to provide another later example of Ben Oda lettering.

Young Romance #53 (January 1953) “That Girl In My Corner” by Ben Oda

One final example of Ben Oda during the period covered by this chapter. Not much has changed except ‘U’ often has a bottom portion that is almost flat.

As mentioned previously, Ben Oda lettered 95% of the pages for Prize during the period covered by this chapter. He also lettered almost all of the pages for Boys’ Ranch that Simon and Kirby produced to Harvey in 1950 and 1951. But It pays to examine some of the letterers who did the other 5%.

Young Romance #2 (November 1947) “My Broken Heart” by Bill Draut

Like he did earlier for Harvey, Bill Draut would do his own lettering for the features he drew for Young Romance #1 and #2 along with Justice Traps the Guilty #1, all from late 1947. Draut’s lettering really has not change much from the work he did for Harvey. It’s most distinctive feature remains the hook shaped lower portion of ‘J’. Bill is erratic in whether he supplies a serif to the upper part of ‘J’ but he usually is consistent within a story. Draut’s ‘S’ is also somewhat distinctive with is straight and horizontal middle portion. Note the shape used for ‘D’, ‘P’ and ‘R’. As I mentioned before a number of letterers exhibit this feature. At least in “My Broken Heart” Draut seems undecided as to which for of ‘Y’ to use. After these startup issues were done, Draut’s art would usually be lettered by Ben Oda and we will not see him letter his own work again for some time.

Prize Comics Western #77 (September 1949) “Black Bull Bulldogs a Bandit” by Dick Briefer

Dick Briefer was another artist who would letter his own work. Mostly Briefer worked on Frankenstein Comics and the Frankenstein features from Prize Comics. Those were not Simon and Kirby productions and will not be discussed here. Prize Comics would turn into Prize Comics Western and while it is not clear if Simon and Kirby were its editors they were examined as part of my investigation. Briefer did some art and letters for Prize Comic Western #69 (May 1948 “Rod Roper”), #71 (September 1948) and #77 (September 1949 “Black Bull Bulldogs a Bandit”). He also drew and lettered three features for Charlie Chan #5 (February 1949 “The Antique Burglar”, “Murder On Ice” and “The Dude Ranch Hold-Up”) which was a Simon and Kirby production. Briefer is a very inconsistent letterer. In the example above balloons are done in italics while captions are not. In some others he did everything in italics and in others all in standard lettering. His variations for individual lettering and over all appearance makes it easy to distinguish Briefer from Oda.

Young Romance #26 (October 1950) “Hired Wife” by Sir

Justice Traps the Guilty and Headline from issue #23 were Simon and Kirby productions. But at some point it seems to have been passed on to others. The postal statement for Headline #49 (March 1950) and Justice Traps the Guilty #25 (April 1950) lists Nevin Fiddler as the editor. Except for the initial Simon and Kirby issues of Headline and Guilty, Ben Oda would dominate the lettering as he did in the other Simon and Kirby titles. However under the new editors other letterers would make appearances. I will not be discussing all of them, some came and went quickly. Others were around for more features and one I nick-named Sir would even letter a Simon and Kirby production, the “Hired Wife” that I use for the letter set above. Sir shares Oda’s tendency to push ‘D’, ‘P’ and ‘R’ up, as well as providing a serif to the bottom right of ‘U’ (which Ben was also doing at this time). Sir can be distinguished from Oda by his more angular ‘G’ were the horizontal stroke meets with the lower right portion with no sign of a vertical. Sir is a little erratic on whether he supplied a small serif to the top of ‘J’ but in any case his has a distinct hook. Finally the question mark do not have the more distinctive ‘Z’ shape of Oda’s with the lower stroke is much shorter than Oda from this same time.

Justice Traps the Guilty #31 (October 1951) “335 Days of Terror” by Georgie

Georgie is another unidentified letterer found in Justice Traps the Guilty from July 1951 to April 1952 (oddly he was never used for Headline). The hook provided to ‘J’ is distinctive from Oda while the small vertical serif at its end is distinctive from Sir. Even more significant is the question mark which lacks a lower vertical or horizontal portion. Georgie usually supplied a serif to the top of ‘J’ but not always. Georgie used simple drop caps in his captions that were only slightly larger and bolder than the rest of the letters.

Young Romance #55 (March 1953) “The Other Woman” by Sid

Sid only did the lettering for two Simon and Kirby features both appearing in Young Romance #55 (“Heartless” and “The Other Woman”). Because he worked on so few Simon and Kirby productions, I would certainly have neglected writing about Sid if he lettered at a time covered by other chapters of this series. But during this time of Oda predominance, it is worth pondering why Sid was used. The two features Sid lettered were not only used in the same issue but were also done by the same artist who was not one of Simon and Kirby’s regulars. This suggest that the work was picked up by Simon and Kirby already lettered. Possibly some unused art from another publisher’s discontinued title or perhaps something lettered by the artist himself.

Sid has the same upward tilting for ‘D’, ‘P’ and ‘R’ and although I had not mentioned it before the longest axis of ‘O’ sloping upward is also often found in other letterers. One thing more distinctive for Sid is his ‘J’ with a unusually shorter lower portion that in itself has only a slight curve but which is attached to the vertical at an acute angle. Sid usually provides a serif to the top of ‘J’ but not always. His ‘G’ has a small but distinct vertical portion with a right angle attachment to the horizontal bar. The ‘S’ is similar to Bill Draut’s with a straight and horizontal mid section. The question mark is most distinctive having a shape almost like an ‘S’. Sid would use shadow and geometric drop caps.

Young Romance #39 (November 1951) “Marvin’s Pearl” by unidentified letterer

I have not bothered to provide a nick-name for the letterer used for “Marvin’s Pearl” as he was used only this one time. What is specially unusual here is the artist for this piece as a Simon and Kirby regular, Mort Meskin. This is the only occasion where Meskin was not lettered by Oda in a Simon and Kirby production. Although there were a few times other letterers would be used for Meskin’s art in Justice Traps the Guilty after that title passed to other editors. It is possible that this is Meskin lettering himself. Mort sometimes got help from others so perhaps someone else lettered it for him directly. In any case with just a single example it is hard to be sure and so it remains an interesting anomaly.

Young Romance #63 (November 1953) “Mock Marriage” by unidentified letterer

There is another case similar to the previous one, that is a letterer who was not Oda who would letter just 2 features both drawn by artists regular to the studio (“Mock Marriage” by John Prentice from Young Romance #63 and “Speed” by Bob McCarty from Young Love #51 both November 1953). Since two different artists were involved we can be certain that they were not the letterer. This letterer’s most distinctive feature is his question mark. His horseshoe shaped ‘U’ is also distinctive and reminiscent of that by Jack Kirby.

Young Romance #63 (November 1953) “Good Manners” by Marty

There was one artist that drew a number of “fillers” for Simon and Kirby romances. Fillers are short pieces used when just a page or two is needed to complete a comic book. In the case of this artist many are half a page. All but one of these fillers was for “Good Manners” which almost but not quite became a regular feature. Since all this work is done by the same artist and all using the same letterer it might be thought that he was lettering his own work. However we will see in the next chapter the same letterer was used for the work by another artist. So I have supplied the nick-name Marty for this letterer and will explain what I think is going on in the next chapter.

Marty uses a ‘M’ with vertical outer strokes and the inner stokes not quite reaching the bottom of the letter. However towards the end of his work for Joe and Jack he adopted the more standard ‘M’ with sloped outer strokes and inner lines reaching the bottom. Marty also uses a ‘Y’ with a vertical lower portion, a ‘G’ with a distinctive vertical portion at right angles with the horizontal stroke, a ‘J’ with lower portion distinctly curved, a ‘S’ with a horizontal mid section, an angular exclamation point sometimes with an unfilled section and finally a question mark with a short but basically vertical lower section. Oddly Marty adds serifs to ‘I’ whenever it is the first letter of a word such as “IT”. Marty uses various drop caps some of which are quite distinctive.

Scanned by the Authentic History Center

Battle Cry #4 (November 1952) “The Treatment” by Howard Ferguson

We last saw Howard Ferguson doing work on Stuntman and Boy Explorers. His lettering continued to appear in various Harvey titles up to November 1948 but that was all inventoried features left over from the sudden cancelling of Stuntman and Boy Explorers. It is not known why Ferguson was not involved with Simon and Kirby’s earlier work for Hillman and Prize. Howard can be found lettering for Avon (March 1949 to October 1950) and later for Stanley Morse (May 1952 to February 1954). We can be especially sure this was Howard’s work because in some cases he actually signed it making it a rare example of golden age lettering credits. The GCD also has him doing some work for Gilberton and Seaboard Publishing but I have not been able to verify that. Unfortunately I cannot provide my usual letter sets because I do not have access to the comics and the scans in the Digital Comic Museum are of too low a resolution.

The GCD attributes to Ferguson some of the Hillman and Prize work that I credit to Ben Oda. This is understandable because their lettering is quite similar. As I mentioned earlier, I have traced Ben Oda’s lettering from a story that I can confidently credit to Oda. But the two can be distinguished. Both have a similar ‘J’ with the lower portion only slightly curved and at right angles to the vertical arm. Earlier in his lettering Ferguson would sometimes add a serif to the top of ‘J’ and sometimes did not. However at this stage a serif would consistently be supplied by Ferguson while Oda did not. Their question mark have a similar ‘Z’ shape but when the upper and lower arm deviate from the horizontal they slope down when done by Ferguson and slope upward when lettered by Oda. Finally Oda as a rule does not use drop caps or banner captions (except in Young Romance #1) while both are common in Ferguson lettering.

Mister Mystery #15 (February 1954) “Nightmare” by Howard Ferguson

Lettering S&K Chapter 1 The Beginning
Lettering S&K Chapter 2 Timely, DC and the War
Lettering S&K Chapter 3 Return from the War

Lettering S&K Chapter 5 Mainline and the Studio End
Lettering S&K Chapter 6 Post Studio
Lettering S&K Chapter 8 Conclusion

Lettering Checklists:

Draut, Bill
Ferguson, Howard
Kirby, Jack
Oda, Ben
Simon, Joe

Lettering S&K Chapter 3 Return from the War

Real Fact #1 (March 1946) “Pirate Or Patriot?” by Ray

The first post-war Simon and Kirby features to be published were possibly done while Jack Kirby was still in the Army and certainly while Joe Simon was in the Coast Guard. I have nick-named the letterer as Ray. Ray used vertical outer strokes for ‘M’ but his most distinguished feature is the curved provided to the diagonal lower stroke for ‘R’. Ray is a bit of an enigma. There was a time I thought Ray might actually be Simon. Both use the same type of ‘M’ and early in his career Joe sometimes used a similar ‘R’. Further Simon’s work on Adventure Is My Career and True Comics showed that he could letter without his classic ‘W’ and in a more professional and careful manner. However Ray would letter some Simon and Kirby work right up to cover date January 1947. This is well beyond Simon and Kirby’s work on Stuntman and Boy Explorers for Harvey that I will discuss below. It is hard to believe that Joe would sacrifice time on lettering better served for the Harvey features. The earliest lettering by Ray appears to be “Coast Guard Reconnaissance” that appeared in Boy Commandos #12 (September 1945). This was certainly done while Joe was still in the Coast Guard and Jack in Europe. Joe was not in a position to find someone new to do the lettering. Perhaps DC had the lettering done. This seems reasonable because Ray would not letter any of Simon and Kirby’s work for Harvey. The only problem with that idea is that Ray lettered “You Can’t Loose A Faithful Dog” from Picture News #1 published, not by DC but by Lafayette Street Corp.

With both Joe Simon and Jack Kirby back in civilian life a deal was made to produce Stuntman and Boy Explorer titles for Harvey. Whether it was a reaction that DC had because of this, or the general changes in comic books that followed the war, DC curtailed the work that Simon and Kirby did for them. Simon and Kirby’s Sandman would end with Adventure Comics #102 (February 1946). The Newsboy Legion would continue in Star Spangled Comics until issue #64 (January 1947). These would be lettered by Ray (#53, #54, #55, #59, #60, #63 and #64), Howard Ferguson (#61 and #62), and another unidentified letter (#56, #57 and #58). The Boy Commandos would last the longest with the last issue being #36 (November 1949). But Simon and Kirby would only provide story art for some of the issues (#15, #17, #19, #21, #23, #24, #29, #30, #31, #32 and #33). Unfortunately I no longer have access to any of these issues. Nor do I have access to Detective Comics #95, #110, #134, #136, #137, #140 and #150 which also had Boy Commando features done by Simon and Kirby. I do have scans for Detective Comics #128 (October 1947) and there the Boy Commandos lettering was done by Ben Oda. That however does not make up for all the DC work I am missing which would have shed light to an interesting aspect of Simon and Kirby history.

Stuntman Comics #1 (April 1946) “Killer in the Big Top” by Howard Ferguson

Howard Ferguson would return to working for Simon and Kirby for the comic titles Stuntman and Boy Explorers produced for Harvey. His lettering really has not changed much from the work he did for Joe and Jack at DC before they went to do their military service.

Boy Explorers #1 (May 1946) “Talent for Trouble” by Howard Ferguson

As work on the Harvey features progressed, Ferguson would change his style in one small but important way. In “Talent for Trouble” the serif on ‘C’ would be come smaller and some ‘C’ would lack it altogether.

Stuntman Comics #3 (October 1946) “Rest Home for Criminals” by Howard Ferguson (but the example above is actually from the reprint in Green Hornet #39)

Ferguson’s changing ‘C’ would continue so that only an occasional ‘C’ would exhibit a small serif an example shown above in the second from last line. Stuntman and Boy Explorers would be casualties of the post-war comic glut. However unused work for these titles would continue to appear in Harvey titles such as Green Hornet, Terry and the Pirates, Black Cat and Joe Palooka. But this provides a misleading indication of when Howard Ferguson lettered for Simon and Kirby as it was inventoried work published well after it was actually created.

Stuntman Comics #2 (June 1946) “Triangular Troubles” by Bill Draut

As in previous times, Howard Ferguson was the go to guy for lettering the Simon and Kirby Harvey productions done just after the war. Besides Joe and Jack, other artists did art for Simon and Kirby Harvey titles. One was Bill Draut, an artist Joe Simon met while serving in the Coast Guard. All the features that Draut did for the Simon and Kirby’s Harvey titles was lettered by himself. Actually there are a few of exceptions where the splash would be done by others. His ‘S’ has a almost straight and horizontal middle portion. Even more distinctive is the hook shape to his ‘J’. Generally Draut’s ‘J’ will have a small horizontal serif on the top, but sometimes this is left out. Bill’s art and lettering would continue to be found in Harvey’s other titles after Stuntman and Boy Explorers were cancelled. Once again this is inventory work and should not be used to establish dates.

Stuntman Comics #3 (October 1946) “Bust of Adonis” by unidentified letterer (example here from reprint in Green Hornet #37)

There is one other letterer who worked on a single Simon and Kirby’s Harvey feature. Normally I do not include such a letterer here because he only did this one lettering for Joe and Jack. However some of the ‘C’s that he used can appear to have an serif somewhat similar to Ferguson’s (see the text balloon in the image above). But this unidentified individual has a distinctive ‘J’ where the lower portion meets the vertical at an acute angle and his question mark is quite different from that used by Ferguson.

Clue Comics vol. 2 no. 1 (March 1947) “King of the Bank Robbers” by Wyatt

Having soured their relationship with DC by the Harvey deal and then having the Harvey titles cancelled, Simon and Kirby had to search elsewhere for work. Initially they would produce comic book features for Hillman and Prize. One might have expected the lettering for this work would be done by Howard Ferguson but that was not the case. We will return to what happened to Ferguson in a later chapter but for now the lettering would be done by others we have not previously encountered. The first published post-Harvey work would be cover dated March 1947 and all but one of the eight features that included would be done by one letterer, nick-named Wyatt. I have not found any previous lettering by Wyatt in \neither comics by Hillman or Prize. Wyatt’s lettering is very professional; clear letters with good and even line spacing. He can easily be distinguished from either Howard Ferguson or Ben Oda by his ‘M’ with vertical outer strokes and his ‘Y’ with a vertical lower branch. In his earlier lettering the top of ‘J’ lacks a serif.

Headline Comics #24 (May 1947) “Trapping New England’s Chain Murderer” by Wyatt

While the previous example showed standard lettering in the captions, in all other lettering by Wyatt he used italics in the captions. Bold lettering would also be italicized but that was pretty common. Unlike Ferguson, Wyatt does not use drop caps or banners in his captions to panel art. Wyatt would also do all the lettering for Headline #24 (May 1947) but his other work for Simon and Kirby would be more sporadic.

Prize Comics #63 (March 1947) “Romania’s Strangest Killer” by Ben Oda?

The one initial feature from post-Harvey that was not done by Wyatt was questionably lettered by Ben Oda. Like Wyatt I have not been able to find any previous lettering by Oda in either Hillman or Prize comics. As previously mentioned, Oda can easily be distinguished from Wyatt by the letters ‘M’ and ‘Y’. However Oda’s letters are very similar to those by Howard Ferguson. Unlike Ferguson, Ben did not use drop caps or banners in the panel art for Simon and Kirby productions. Oda used italics only for bold lettering and not in captions like Wyatt. The only reason I question that Oda lettered “Romania’s Strangest Killer” is that there is a small serif on the top of the ‘J’s while typically Ben’s ‘J’ lack such a serif.

Golden age comics rarely include credits and I have never seen any for Ben Oda. Therefore one might reasonably wonder why this and others lettering I will be discussing should not be credited to Ferguson. The answer is that I had to work backwards from a period where I am confident that the lettering was done by Oda. Why I am confident in this will be discussed when I reach that time period. What I can say for now is that Ben’s lettering for Simon and Kirby can be traced with numerous examples from this point on. While Oda’s lettering does change over time the changes are small and gradual. And they reach a point where Oda can be compared to Ferguson’s work at the same dates and while close, they can be distinguished.

Clue Comics vol. 2 no. 3 (May 1947) “The Case of the Superstitious Slayers” by Ben Oda

Because my previous Ben Oda example was questionable, I thought I would provide an early lettering that I am more confidently attribute to him. While Wyatt would be used a lot for Simon and Kirby’s initial post-Harvey lettering, as time went on Ben Oda would be used more frequently until he would dominate.

Headline Comics #25 (July 1947) “Death Takes a Honeymoon” by Fred

Headline Comics #25 (July 1947) had seven features, four of which were lettered by yet another letterer I call Fred. Fred’s ‘M’ and ‘Y’ have the same form used by Wyatt but Fred’s question marks are quite different from Fred’s. Further captions by Fred use standard lettering unlike the italics that Wyatt preferred (except for one early work). Fred had captions that included outline drop caps, a feature not used by Wyatt.

Punch & Judy Comics vol. 2 no. 12 (August 1947) “The Mystery Crooner” by Wyatt

I want to close this chapter with one final example by Wyatt. Wyatt’s lettering had not change much over the time being discussed here, not surprising because it is only a mater of five months. But the question mark has become like a squat ‘2’.

Simon and Kirby was about to introduce a new comic book title for Prize after which their work for Hillman would dwindle to end shortly later.

Lettering S&K Chapter 1 The Beginning
Lettering S&K Chapter 2 Timely, DC and the War

Lettering S&K Chapter 4 The Oda Monopoly
Lettering S&K Chapter 5 Mainline and the Studio End
Lettering S&K Chapter 6 Post Studio
Lettering S&K Chapter 7 Conclusion

Lettering Checklists:

Draut, Bill
Ferguson, Howard
Kirby, Jack
Oda, Ben
Simon, Joe

Dating a Simon and Kirby Studio Photograph

Simon and Kirby studio Left to right: Joe Genalo, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Mort Meskin, Jimmy Infantino and Ben Oda. Caricatures (probably drawn by Joe Simon) of Marvin Stein and Jimmy Infantino.

I have seen a number of photographs of the Simon and Kirby studio but the one above is my favorite. One reason is that it shows more of the individuals who worked there than any other photo I have seen. But also I just enjoy the camaraderie that is depicted. Jack Kirby seems ready to leap at the viewer, Mort Meskin raises his leg to, shall we say, pass gas and Joe Simon looks amused by it all. The two caricatures in front of Joe were not meant for publication but were executed for the shear pleasure of it. Because of the limitations of the photograph it is hard to be certain but the caricatures look like Joe’s work. The fact that one of them is Marvin Stein who is not present in the image leads me to believe that Marvin was the photographer.

The original print for this photograph was severely damaged. I restored a scan of it using Photoshop some years ago and saved it on a CD. I have made a lot of scans for material from Joe Simon’s collection and the CD with this photo got lost among the numerous CDs and DVDs that I have accumulated. I had low resolution copies of it and knew I had a high resolution version somewhere but I just could not locate it. Sometime ago I discovered that CDs and DVDs are really poor for archival storage. With my recent completion of work on “Simon and Kirby Superheroes” I decided it would be best to transfer all my CDs and DVDs to hard disks with USB interfaces. Fortunately I had made two copies for every disk I saved and I was able (with much work) to retrieve almost all the archived files (I lost a very few files but nothing that could not be replaced). In the process I finally came across my original high resolution file for the studio photograph.

There was nothing written on the original photograph to indicate when it was made. The photo included Jim Infantino and judging from his rather limited appearance in Simon and Kirby romance comics I earlier concluded this photo was probably taken in either 1951 or 1952. However there was a lot of uncertainty in that estimate and in any case a more accurate one would be desirable. Now that I had recovered the detailed scan I resolved to see what I could do about it.

Joe Genola is shown coloring a comic cover. I was pretty certain that the cover was for the Prize Comics Western title. Unfortunately the viewing angle is so severe that it is impossible to make out exactly what the cover looked like.

Close-up of studio photograph
Close-up of the studio photograph

There are a couple pages of unfinished art behind Mort Meskin; one on his drawing table and the other propped up next to Kirby. When enlarged the photo shows this art to have been done by Mort. The art revealed in the detail of this photograph is of interest in and of itself because it shows a stage in the art production that I have not seen before for either Meskin or the Simon and Kirby studio. We can see a penciled but as yet an uninked page. The speech balloons and the accompanying text are all penciled in.

Young Romance #38
Young Romance #38 (October 1951) “His Dancing Teacher” page 2, art by Mort Meskin

After much searching I managed to locate Meskin’s two art pages. The easiest one to identify was the more vertical one beside Mort’s drawing table. It was page 2 of “His Dancing Teacher” from Young Romance #38 (October 1951). The pencils look pretty tight with no indication of where spotting should be added.

Young Romance #38
Young Romance #38 (October 1951) “His Dancing Teacher” page 5, art by Mort Meskin

While the page that Mort is currently working on is a little harder to see I am still very confident it is page 5 from the same story. The pencils for panel three seem tight. It is harder to make out the other panels but they really seem to be little more than outlines. It would appear that Mort laid out the entire page then went back and finished it off with some more detailed penciling.

There is another page of art on the floor that also appears to have been drawn by Meskin. Unfortunately only a single panel can be made out and I have so far not been able to identify it. But I do not believe it is from the same “His Dancing Teacher” story.

Because comics were typically cover dated a couple of months later then the actually release and because time also has to be allocated for printing and distribution of the comic, cover dates have to be adjusted to indicate the calendar date for when the art was created. This adjustment would date this photograph to about May 1951. Happily this is well within the range of my original estimate (1951 or 1952).

I had hoped that I would be able to even more closely date this photograph. In the lower left corner by Joe Genola there is a tabloid sized newspaper. It shows two lines of a headline but I can only make out the first line which I believe reads “Beat Red China” although I am not certain about the China word. Still it makes sense since during this time the Korean war was being waged. It is still harder to make out the paper’s name but the first part looks like “Daily”. Two logical candidates are the Daily News and the Daily Mirror. A check of the microfilm of the Daily Mirror from that period pretty much rules it out; the Mirror included a black band at the top of the title page that is clearly not present in the close-up of the photograph. The top of the Daily News does look very much like the paper in the studio. Unfortunately hours of searching through microfilm failed to disclose a matching headline.

Ben Oda Lettering Checklist

Last update 6/4/2020

   ?:  = questionable attribution

48 Famous Americans (J.C. Penny)
         1947  48p

Airboy (Hillman)
    (v.4, n.5)   June      1947   8p      "The Flying Fool"
    (v.4, n.6)   July      1947   8p      "Dynamite"
    (v.4, n.7)   August    1947   8p      "You Can't Beat Cupid"
    (v.4, n.8)   September 1947   8p      "His Brother's Keeper"
    (v.4, n.9)   October   1947   8p      "Larceny Is Old Lace"
    (v.4, n.10)  November  1947   8p      "Face In The Storm"
    (v.4, n.11)  December  1947   8p      "Peril Paradise"

All For Love (Prize)
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     April     1957   6p      "Dream Wedding"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     April     1957   6p      "Hollow Triumph"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     April     1957   6p      "I Was Only Cheating Myself"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     April     1957   6p      "My Wishful Heart"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     June      1957   7p      "Loving Is Believing"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     June      1957   6p      "Leading Man"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     June      1957   6p      "His Other Love"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     June      1957   6p      "My Destiny"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     August    1957   6p      "I am Eternally Yours"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     August    1957   7p      "The Voice of Love"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     August    1957   6p      "The Match"

Black Magic (Prize)
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   10p     "Last Second Of Life"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   6p      "The Woman In The Mirror"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   5p      "His Father's Footsteps"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   6p      "Don't Look Now"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   6p      "When You  Were Alive"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1950   7p      "My Dolly Is The Devil"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1950   10p     "The Scorn Of The Faceless People"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1950   7p      "The Cheerful Old Lady In Black"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1950   7p      "The Cloak"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1950   6p      "I've Seen You Before"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1950   8p      "Yesterday You Died"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     February  1951   11p     "A Silver Bullet For Your Heart"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     February  1951   8p      "A Curse On You"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     February  1951   7p      "Satan's Sister"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     February  1951   6p      "The World Of Shadows"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     February  1951   6p      "The Voices In The Night"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   9p      "Voodoo On Tenth Avenue"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   8p      "Hideout"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   8p      "A Man's Last Dream"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   1p      "The Strangest Facts"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   6p      "The Dead Don't Really Die"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     April     1951   7p      "The Jonah"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   8p      "Who Walks In My Dream"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   7p      "Justice For The Dead"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   9p      "Sleep, Perchance To Die"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   2p      "The World Of Spirits"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   6p      "Follow Me"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     June      1951   7p      "The Face From The Future"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     August    1951   6p      "The Masterpiece"
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    #6  (v.1, n.6)     August    1951   5p      "The Girl The Earth Ate Up"
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    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   4p      "Faith Healer"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   7p      "Mark Of Evil"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   1p      "Usnea, Moss Of Death"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   5p      "The Ghost Of Chateau Bois"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   5p      "The Man In The Judge's Chair"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   3p      "The Crusaders In No Man's Land"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     February  1952   5p      "You Should Live So Long"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1952   8p      "Dead Man's Lode"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1952   3p      "Memory House"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1952   3.5p    "The World Beyond Reality"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1952   7.5p    "Seven Years Bad Luck"
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    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1952   7p      "The Assassin"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    April     1952   6p      "The Girl Who Walked On Water"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    April     1952   4.5p    "Drop Me Of At The Cemetery"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    April     1952   7p      "The Thirteenth Floor"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    April     1952   4p      "Room For One More"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    April     1952   7.5p    "Through All Eternity"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    May       1952   8p      "It's Your Funeral"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    May       1952   6.5p    "Contact"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    May       1952   7p      "Say the Magic Words"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    May       1952   7.5p    "A Giant Walks The Earth"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   6p      "Up There"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   3p      "The Handwriting On The Wall"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   7p      "A Rag, A Bone And A Hank Of Hair"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   3p      "Visions Of Nostradamus"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   6.5p    "When I Live Again"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    June      1952   5p      "Where Is Alfred Weeks"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    July      1952   8p      "Choose A Face"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    July      1952   4.5p    "The Courts Of Sleep"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    July      1952   7p      "Witch Girl"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    July      1952   4p      "The Mailed Fist Of McGonigle"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    July      1952   7p      "The Voice Of The Dead"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    August    1952   7p      "The Angel Of Death"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    August    1952   6p      "Dead Ringer"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    August    1952   6p      "Ashes To Ashes"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    August    1952   3.5p    "Shades Of Rex"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    August    1952   7p      "The Promised Land"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   September 1952   4.5p    "The Sniper"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   September 1952   7p      "Possessed"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   September 1952   7p      "Fly By Night"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   September 1952   7p      "The End Of His Rope"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   September 1952   4p      "Number 23"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   8p      "Freak"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   6p      "Guardian Angel"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   4p      "Hoof Beats Of The Devil's Horse"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   1p      "The Mary Celeste: Ship Of Evil"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   8p      "The Soul Of A Man"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   October   1952   4p      "The Boy Who Was 2000 Years Old"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   8p      "Nasty Little Man"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   6p      "You'll Die Laughing"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   6p      "The Horror That Came Out Of The Sea"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   2p      "Come Claim My Corpse"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   1p      "The Poltergeist"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   2p      "A Deadly Dream"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   November  1952   5p      "Detour, Lorelei On Highway 52"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    December  1952   8p      "Sammy's Wonderful Glass"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    December  1952   7p      "Dead Man's Isle"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    December  1952   4p      "Return From The Grave"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    December  1952   4.5p    "The Man Eater"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    December  1952   7p      "This'll Kill You"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   3p      "Birth After Death"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   5p      "Hatchet Man"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   4p      "Pied Piper Of Flame"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   7p      "The Patter Of Little Feet"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   1p      "The Strangest Stories Ever Told"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   1p      "The Malay Boot"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    January   1953   5p      "Crash Report"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   7p      "The Feathered Serpent"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   3p      "Warning Voice"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   4p      "The Practical Joker"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   7p      "Valley Of Phantoms"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   2p      "The Mind Reader"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    February  1953   7p      "A Ghost Story"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   9p      "The Monsters On The Lake"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   1p      "Death By Magic"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   5p      "Fletcher's Talent"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   6p      "Stanwick's Theory"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   4p      "Horrible Herman"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   2p      "Barbados Burial Vault"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    March     1953   4p      "The Soul Catcher"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    April     1953   5p      "Those Who Are About To Die"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    April     1953   5.67p   "The Faces Of Death"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    April     1953   6p      "Land Of The Dead"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    April     1953   5p      "Evil Spirit"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    May       1953   5.67p   "The Changeling"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    May       1953   3.5p    "After I'm Gone"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    May       1953   6p      "The Lady Is A Ghost"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    May       1953   6p      "As Real As Life"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   6p      "Strange Old Bird"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   3p      "The Human Cork"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   6p      "The Romantic Souls"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   1p      "Human Bloodhound"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   1p      "Escape From The Coffin"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    July      1953   7p      "A Beast Is In The Streets"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    September 1953   6p      "Fool's Paradise"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    September 1953   5p      "The Beast In You"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    September 1953   4p      "The Sting Of Scorpio"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    September 1953   3p      "The Strange Antics Of The Mystic Mirror"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    September 1953   6p      "Demon Wind"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "The Cat People"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "A Hole In His Head"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1953   5p      "The Merry Ghosts Of Campbell Castle"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "Don't Call On The Dead"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    January   1954   5p      "An Eye For An Eye"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    January   1954   5p      "Screaming Doll"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    January   1954   5p      "Alive After Five Thousand Years"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    January   1954   6p      "Buried Alive"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    January   1954   2p      "Miss Fancher's Living Death"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    March     1954   5p      "The Greatest Horror Of Them All"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    May       1954   8p      "The Head Of The Family"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    May       1954   6p      "Lover, Come Back To Me"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    July      1954   6p      "Gargoyle"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    July      1954   6p      "Slaughter-House"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    July      1954   6p      "The Half-Men"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    July      1954   6p      "Hungry As A Wolf"
    #32  (v.5, n.2)    September 1954   8p      "Maniac"
    #33  (v.5, n.3)    November  1954   7p      "Lone Shark"
    #33  (v.5, n.3)    November  1954   4p      "Wake Up The Dead"

Boys' Ranch (Harvey)
    #1    October   1950   17p     "The Man Who Hated Boys"
    #1    October   1950   1p      "How To Ride a Horse, Lesson 1"
    #1    October   1950   1p      "Now You Can Make Your Pair of Western Moccasins"
    #1    October   1950   2p      "Boys' Ranch"
    #1    October   1950   5p      "Meet Wee Willie Weehawken"
    #1    October   1950   9p      "A Very Dangerous Dude"
    #1    October   1950   1p      "Western Lore"
    #2    December  1950   1p      introduction
    #2    December  1950   15p     "Lead Will Fly At Sunset"
    #2    December  1950   1p      "How To Make Your Spinning Rope"
    #2    December  1950   1p      "How Cowboys Say It"
    #2    December  1950   1p      "How To Ride a Horse, Lesson 2"
    #2    December  1950   1p      "The Original Cowboys"
    #2    December  1950   7p      "Apache Justice"
    #2    December  1950   8p      "The Clay Duncan Story"
    #3    February  1951   1p      introduction
    #3    February  1951   20p     "Mother Delilah"
    #3    February  1951   7p      "The Legend Of Alby Fleezer"
    #3    February  1951   1p      "How To Ride A Horse, Lesson 3"
    #3    February  1951   1p      "How Cowboys Say It"
    #3    February  1951   1p      "The Texas Rangers"
    #3    February  1951   6p      "I'll Fight You For Lucy"
    #4    April     1951   1p      introduction
    #4    April     1951   12p     "The Bugle Blows At Bloody Knife"
    #4    April     1951   6p      "Fight To The Finish"
    #4    April     1951   1p      "How Cowboys Say It"
    #4    April     1951   1p      "How To Spin A Rope, Lesson 4, Handshaking"
    #4    April     1951   1p      "How To Make Your Own Tom-Tom"
    #4    April     1951   1p      "How To Ride A Horse, Lesson 4, Behavior of Horses"
    #5    June      1951   1p      introduction
    #5    June      1951   12p     "Last Mail To Red Fork"
    #5    June      1951   2p      "The Riders Of The Pony Express"
    #5    June      1951   8p      "Bandits, Bullets And Wild Wild Women"
    #6    August    1951   1p      introduction
    #6    August    1951   13p     "Teeth For The Iron Horse"
    #6    August    1951   2p      "Remember The Alamo"
    #6    August    1951   6p      "Happy Boy Carries The Ball"
    #6    August    1951   1p      "How To Ride A Horse, Lesson 6, The Gaits of a Horse"
    #6    August    1951   1p      "How Cowboys Say It"

Bullseye (Mainline)
    #2    October   1954   6p      "Grand Prize"

Charlie Chan (Prize)
    #1    June      1948   10p     "Land Of The Leopard Men"
    #1    June      1948   8p      "The Weasel Of Wall Street"
    #1    June      1948   5p      "The Train Robber's Last Trip"
    #2    August    1948   13p     "Number One Trouble"
    #2    August    1948   9p      "The Vanishing Jewel Salesman"
    #2    August    1948   8p      "Murder On The Midway"
    #2    August    1948   7p      "The Toledo Terror"
    #2    August    1948   6p      "Hocus-Pocus Hearse"
    #3    October   1948   10p     "The Secret Of The Smuggled Silk"
    #3    October   1948   11p     "The Mystery Of The Phantom Killer"
    #3    October   1948   10p     "Charlie Chan"
    #4    December  1948   10p     "The Burial-At-Sea Murder Mystery"
    #4    December  1948   10p     "The Model Murder Case"
    #4    December  1948   9p      "The Case Of The Missing Planet"
    #5    February  1949   5p      "The Fox Of Paris"
    #5    February  1949   6p      "Floating Mine Racket"

Clue (Hillman)
   (v.2, n.2)   April     1947   4p      "On Stage For Murder"
   (v.2, n.3)   May       1947   15p     "The Battle For Packy Smith"
   (v.2, n.3)   May       1947   8p      "Flowers For Roma"
   (v.2, n.3)   May       1947   6p      "The Case Of The Superstitious Slayers"

Detective (National/DC)
    #128  September 1942   12p     "Rip Carter, Killer"

Fighting American (Prize)
    #1    April     1954   10p     "Break The Spy-Ring"
    #1    April     1954   6p      "Baby Buzz Bombs"
    #1    April     1954   7p      "Duel To The Finish Line"
    #2    June      1954   9p      "The League Of The Handsome Devils"
    #2    June      1954   7p      "Meet Doubleheader"
    #2    June      1954   7p      "City of Ghouls"
    #3    August    1954   6p      "The Man Who Sold Out Liberty"
    #3    August    1954   2p      "Stranger From Paradise"
    #3    August    1954   8p      "Poison Ivan"
    #3    August    1954   7p      "Z-Food"
    #4    October   1954   8p      "Tokyo Runaround"
    #4    October   1954   9p      "Homecoming: Year 3000"
    #4    October   1954   5p      "Operation Wolf"
    #5    December  1954   8p      "Jiseppi, The Jungle Boy"
  ? #5    December  1954   8p      "The Year Bender"

Foxhole (Mainline)
    #1    October   1954   6p      "Brain Wash"
    #1    October   1954   4p      "Causality"
  ? #1    October   1954   4p      "A Day At The Beach"
    #1    October   1954   5p      "Eight Ball Hero"
    #1    October   1954   6p      "Fruit Salad"

Frankenstein (Prize)
    #18  (v.3, n.1)   March     1952   8p      "The Rebirth of the Monster"
    #18  (v.3, n.1)   March     1952   6p      "The Monster and the Statue"
    #18  (v.3, n.1)   March     1952   5p      "The Spirit of the Leopard"
    #18  (v.3, n.1)   March     1952   7p      "Voyage of Death"
    #19  (v.3, n.3)   Summer    1952   6.67p   "Nightmare"
    #20  (v.3, n.4)   August    1952   6.67p   "Rest In Peace"
    #20  (v.3, n.4)   August    1952   6p      "The Man Who Died Twice"
    #21  (v.3, n.5)   October   1952   5.67p   "Satan and the Sailor"
    #22  (v.3, n.6)   December  1952   13p     "Mask of the Werewolf"
    #22  (v.3, n.6)   December  1952   5p      "Retribution"
    #22  (v.3, n.6)   December  1952   7p      "Drums of Voodoo"
    #23  (v.4, n.1)   February  1953   13p     "The Monster's Mate"
    #23  (v.4, n.1)   February  1953   6p      "The Carved Initial"
    #23  (v.4, n.1)   February  1953   5.67p   "Nightmare Statue"
    #24  (v.4, n.2)   April     1953   6p      "Tomb of Ice"
    #24  (v.4, n.2)   April     1953   .67p    "Oddly Enough"
    #24  (v.4, n.2)   April     1953   6p      "Spirit World"
    #25  (v.4, n.3)   June      1953   12p     "The Ghoul"
    #25  (v.4, n.3)   June      1953   6p      "The Spectacles"
    #25  (v.4, n.3)   June      1953   6p      "The Spectacles"
    #25  (v.4, n.3)   June      1953   6p      "Cursing Skulls"
    #26  (v.4, n.4)   August    1953   12p     "The Battle of the Monsters"
    #26  (v.4, n.4)   August    1953   6p      "Moon Madness"
    #26  (v.4, n.4)   August    1953   7p      "Four Wishes"
    #27  (v.4, n.5)   October   1953   12p     "Frozen Alive"
    #27  (v.4, n.5)   October   1953   6p      "So Red My Roses"
    #27  (v.4, n.5)   October   1953   7p      "Flight Unknown"
    #28  (v.4, n.6)   December  1953   12p     "She-Monster"
    #28  (v.4, n.6)   December  1953   7.5p    "Crystal Ball"
    #28  (v.4, n.6)   December  1953   5p      "The Monster"
    #29  (v.5, n.1)   February  1954   10p     "Entranced"
    #29  (v.5, n.1)   February  1954   6p      "Modern Achilles"
    #29  (v.5, n.1)   February  1954   4p      "Clinging Corpse"
    #29  (v.5, n.1)   February  1954   5p      "Death in Reflection"
    #30  (v.5, n.2)   April     1954   9p      "The Monster of Frankenstein"
    #30  (v.5, n.2)   April     1954   6p      "Electronic Brain"
    #30  (v.5, n.2)   April     1954   1p      "The Hitchhiker"
    #30  (v.5, n.2)   April     1954   9p      "The Mark of the Skull"
    #31  (v.5, n.3)   June      1954   10p     "The Tree of Death"
    #31  (v.5, n.3)   June      1954   2p      "Into the 4th Dimension"
    #31  (v.5, n.3)   June      1954   3p      "Premonition of Death"
    #31  (v.5, n.3)   June      1954   10p     "Three-Fold Horror and Revenge"
    #32  (v.5, n.4)   August    1954   10p     "The Battle of the Monsters"
    #32  (v.5, n.4)   August    1954   9p      "The Beautiful Dead"
    #33  (v.5, n.5)   October   1954   10p     "Death O'Clock"
    #33  (v.5, n.5)   October   1954   3p      "Small Fry"
    #33  (v.5, n.5)   October   1954   3p      "Doorway to the Future"
    #33  (v.5, n.5)   October   1954   9p      "The Plant"

Headline (Prize)
    #25  (v.3, n.1)    July      1947   4p      "Case Of The Forgetful Killer"
    #26  (v.3, n.2)    September 1947   10p     "The Life And Death Of Public Enemy Number One"
    #26  (v.3, n.2)    September 1947   6p      "You Can't Fool A G-Man Twice"
    #26  (v.3, n.2)    September 1947   8p      "The Strange Aftermath Of The Kansas City Massacre"
    #26  (v.3, n.2)    September 1947   8p      "Bullets For The Bogus G-Man"
    #27  (v.3, n.3)    November  1947   13p     "Stella Mae Dickson, The Bobby Sox Bandit Queen"
    #27  (v.3, n.3)    November  1947   8p      "The Guns Of Jesse James"
    #27  (v.3, n.3)    November  1947   7p      "The Death Of The Gambler King"
    #27  (v.3, n.3)    November  1947   4p      "Bring Me His Corpse"
    #27  (v.3, n.3)    November  1947   11p     "Spirit Swindlers"
    #28  (v.3, n.4)    February  1948   13p     "I Worked For The Fence"
    #28  (v.3, n.4)    February  1948   8p      "Trapping Chicago's Speed-Demon Mob"
    #28  (v.3, n.4)    February  1948   7p      "Postage Stamp Swindle"
    #28  (v.3, n.4)    February  1948   7p      "Machine-Gun Kelly, Kidnapper"
    #28  (v.3, n.4)    February  1948   8p      "Murder Makes Bad Medicine"
    #29  (v.3, n.5)    April     1948   14p     "Insurance Reward Racket"
    #29  (v.3, n.5)    April     1948   8p      "Don't Let Wilber Squeal"
    #29  (v.3, n.5)    April     1948   8p      "The Night Of The Freak Murder"
    #29  (v.3, n.5)    April     1948   5p      "Hide-Away Town"
    #29  (v.3, n.5)    April     1948   8p      "Sisters Of Satan"
    #30  (v.3, n.6)    June      1948   15p     "Numbers Racket"
    #30  (v.3, n.6)    June      1948   7p      "The Witch Murders"
    #30  (v.3, n.6)    June      1948   5p      "Pistol-Packin' Playgirl"
    #30  (v.3, n.6)    June      1948   7p      "Menace In The Making"
    #30  (v.3, n.6)    June      1948   9p      "Bullet-Proof Bad Man"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    August    1948   14p     "Pickpocket Gang"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    August    1948   8p      "Perfect For Murder"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    August    1948   6p      "A Gangster Dies"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    August    1948   7p      "The Female Furies Of The Old West"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    August    1948   8p      "They Kidnapped The Parole Board"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    October   1948   12p     "Counterfeit Team"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    October   1948   8p      "The Mystery Of Room 712"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    October   1948   8p      "The Clue Of The Horoscope"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    October   1948   7p      "G Man Blitz"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    October   1948   8p      "Terror Of The Everglades"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    December  1948   15p     "Premeditated Homicide"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    December  1948   6p      "The Man Who Stole An Ocean Liner"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    December  1948   6p      "A Mother's Ominous Dream"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    December  1948   7p      "The Shattered Alibi"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    December  1948   7p      "Underworld Parasite"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    February  1949   8p      "Blackhearted Tony"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    February  1949   8p      "Outlaw Down-Under"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    February  1949   9p      "Twenty Second Story Man"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    February  1949   9p      "Double-Cross"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    February  1949   8p      "The Medium Done Murder Case"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   8p      "Dead Or Alive"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   7p      "The Deadly Gilas"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   7p      "The Great Mouthpiece"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   7p      "Georgie's Last Ride"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   5p      "The Golf Links Murder"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    May       1949   7p      "The Fabulous Baldwins"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    July      1949   9p      "Odds Against Murder"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    July      1949   7p      "The Masquerading Bandits"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    July      1949   8p      "Shoe-Box Annie"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    July      1949   8p      "Dutch Joe Cretzer's Other Business"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    July      1949   8p      "Hip Sing Tong"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   8p      "Death Of A Menace"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   7p      "Unlucky In Crime"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   8p      "The Threat Of The Clan"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   1p      "The Accusing Match"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   8p      "One-Man Posse"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1949   8p      "The Artistic Swindler"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    November  1949   10p     "Train Robbery Of 1949"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    November  1949   8p      "The Clue That Stuck"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    November  1949   5p      "No Escape"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    November  1949   10p     "Rat Trap"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    November  1949   7p      "The Dog-Nappers"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    January   1950   10p     "The Boiler Room Racket"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    January   1950   8p      "The Cheapest Thief in the World"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    January   1950   8p      "Author of Violence"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    January   1950   7p      "Arctic Ambush"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    March     1950   9.67p   "The Case Of Joe Andrews"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    March     1950   6.67p   "Counterfeit Winners"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    March     1950   7p      "Justice Has Icy Fingers"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    March     1950   7.67p   "Inside Information"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    March     1950   8p      "The Man Of Many Faces"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    May       1950   7.67p   "Octopus of the Underworld"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    May       1950   7.67p   "Reservation for Death"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    May       1950   7.67p   "J. Edgar Takes a Hand"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    May       1950   7p      "Guns for Sale"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    July      1950   10p     "Ghost Racket"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    July      1950   6.67p   "Jewels of Death"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    July      1950   7.67p   "Diary of a Lawbreaker"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   10p     "Shakedown"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   7.67p   "Dig Your Own Grave"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   1p      "Scales Of Justice"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   6.67p   "Hit Of The Show"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   6.67p   "Ticket To Alcatraz"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    September 1950   7p      "Our Swords Will Find You"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1950   10p     "Racket Empire"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1950   7.67p   "Feathered Serpent"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1950   6.67p   "Too Many Corpses"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1950   6.67p   "Demon Ship"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1950   7p      "Dynamite"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    January   1951   10p     "Penny Shakedown"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    January   1951   7.67p   "City In Terror"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    January   1951   5.67p   "Eddie Was No Gent"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    January   1951   6.67p   "Homocide- C.O.D."
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    January   1951   7p      "Name Your Assassin"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    March     1951   10p     "Enemy Of Reform"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    March     1951   6.67p   "Beyond The Grave"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    March     1951   6.67p   "Buried Alive"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    March     1951   6.67p   "Death Flight"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    March     1951   7p      "Jungle Sleuth"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    May       1951   10p     "The Fixer"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    May       1951   6.67p   "Deadly Double-Cross"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    May       1951   6.67p   "The Living Dead"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    May       1951   6.67p   "A Dead Man's Shadow"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    July      1951   10p     "This Match For Hire"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    July      1951   7p      "Leech Of The Underworld"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    July      1951   6.67p   "Racket Squad"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    July      1951   7p      "Loophole"
    #49  (v.7, n.1)    September 1951   10p     "Speedway Racketeers"
    #49  (v.7, n.1)    September 1951   7.67p   "Come Share My Tomb"
    #49  (v.7, n.1)    September 1951   7p      "Female Of The Species"
    #50  (v.7, n.2)    November  1951   10p     "Muscle Man"
    #50  (v.7, n.2)    November  1951   6.67p   "Legacy of Death"
    #50  (v.7, n.2)    November  1951   5.67p   "Time to Kill"
    #50  (v.7, n.2)    November  1951   7p      "Cross and Double Cross"
    #51  (v.7, n.3)    January   1952   10p     "King Of The Stool Pigeons"
    #51  (v.7, n.3)    January   1952   6.67p   "Passport To The Grave"
    #52  (v.7, n.4)    March     1952   10p     "The Hideout Racket"
    #52  (v.7, n.4)    March     1952   4.67p   "Voyage of Vengeance"
    #52  (v.7, n.4)    March     1952   6.67p   "You Only Die Once"
    #52  (v.7, n.4)    March     1952   1p      "Dope, Teen-Age Menace"
    #52  (v.7, n.4)    March     1952   7p      "Coffin for a Killer"
    #53  (v.7, n.5)    May       1952   10p     "The Business Buccaneers"
    #53  (v.7, n.5)    May       1952   5.67p   "The Perfect Master-Mind"
    #53  (v.7, n.5)    May       1952   5.67p   "Getaway"
    #53  (v.7, n.5)    May       1952   7p      "The Accusing Corpse"
    #54  (v.7, n.6)    July      1952   10p     "Homicide Peddlers"
    #54  (v.7, n.6)    July      1952   6.67p   "Shadow of the Gallows"
    #54  (v.7, n.6)    July      1952   6.67p   "Twice Dead"
    #55  (v.8, n.1)    September 1952   10p     "The Grab-Bag King"
    #55  (v.8, n.1)    September 1952   7p      "Mr. Underground"
    #56  (v.8, n.2)    November  1952   10p     "The Charity Chiselers"
    #56  (v.8, n.2)    November  1952   6.67p   "The Has-Been"
    #57  (v.8, n.3)    January   1953   10p     "Counterfeit"
    #57  (v.8, n.3)    January   1953   7p      "The Deadly Alibi"
    #57  (v.8, n.3)    January   1953   7p      "See No Evil"
    #58  (v.8, n.4)    March     1953   10p     "Merchant of Death"
    #58  (v.8, n.4)    March     1953   6p      "Hex Marks the Spot"
    #58  (v.8, n.4)    March     1953   .67p    "Crime Oddities"
    #58  (v.8, n.4)    March     1953   7p      "Blazing Justice"
    #59  (v.8, n.5)    May       1953   8p      "Getaway Mob"
    #59  (v.8, n.5)    May       1953   6p      "The Lines on the Map"
    #59  (v.8, n.5)    May       1953   5p      "Killers Are Never Alone"
    #59  (v.8, n.5)    May       1953   5p      "Find the Corpse"
    #60  (v.8, n.6)    July      1953   8p      "Finger Man"
    #60  (v.8, n.6)    July      1953   1p      "F.B.I. Radio Broadcast"
    #60  (v.8, n.6)    July      1953   7p      "G-Man Payoff"
    #60  (v.8, n.6)    July      1953   1p      "Curious Crime Facts"
    #60  (v.8, n.6)    July      1953   7p      "Circle of Death"
    #61  (v.9, n.1)    September 1953   8p      "Moonshine"
    #61  (v.9, n.1)    September 1953   2p      "The Homicide that Wasn't"
    #61  (v.9, n.1)    September 1953   6p      "Brain of the Underworld"
    #61  (v.9, n.1)    September 1953   1p      "Murder Solved By Mud"
    #61  (v.9, n.1)    September 1953   7p      "First Mistake"
    #62  (v.9, n.2)    November  1953   8p      "Espionage"
    #62  (v.9, n.2)    November  1953   6p      "Efficiency System"
    #62  (v.9, n.2)    November  1953   5p      "Blind Alley"
    #62  (v.9, n.2)    November  1953   6p      "Kiss Of Death"
    #63  (v.9, n.3)    January   1954   8p      "The Slave Peddlers"
    #63  (v.9, n.3)    January   1954   4p      "Time To Kill"
    #63  (v.9, n.3)    January   1954   6p      "Counterfeit G-Man"
    #63  (v.9, n.3)    January   1954   1p      "The Too Perfect Getaway"
    #63  (v.9, n.3)    January   1954   6p      "The Perfect Hideout"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   8p      "The Black Hand"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   1p      "Red Roses in Kerosene"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   6p      "Savage Circle"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   3p      "Double Play"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   1p      "Innocent Murderer"
    #64  (v.9, n.4)    March     1954   5p      "The Big Pay-Off"
    #65  (v.9, n.5)    May       1954   8p      "Syndicate Boss"
    #65  (v.9, n.5)    May       1954   6p      "Appointment with Death"
    #65  (v.9, n.5)    May       1954   4.67p   "Home to Homicide"
    #65  (v.9, n.5)    May       1954   5p      "Gift for a Killer"
    #66  (v.9, n.6)    July      1954   8p      "Ransom"
    #66  (v.9, n.6)    July      1954   3p      "Murder Will Out"
    #66  (v.9, n.6)    July      1954   6p      "Manhunt"
    #66  (v.9, n.6)    July      1954   2p      "Soft Touch"
    #66  (v.9, n.6)    July      1954   6p      "G-Men Are Poison"
    #67  (v.10, n.1)   September 1954   8p      "The River Pirates"
    #67  (v.10, n.1)   September 1954   3p      "Death Trap"
    #67  (v.10, n.1)   September 1954   6p      "Chain Reaction"
    #67  (v.10, n.1)   September 1954   1p      "The Egotist"
    #67  (v.10, n.1)   September 1954   6p      "The Witness"
    #68  (v.10, n.2)   November  1954   8p      "The Charity Racketeers"
    #68  (v.10, n.2)   November  1954   6p      "Road To Alcatraz"
    #68  (v.10, n.2)   November  1954   4p      "Grim Lesson"
    #68  (v.10, n.2)   November  1954   6p      "Speed Merchant"
    #69  (v.10, n.3)   January   1955   8p      "Homicide In The Headlines"
    #69  (v.10, n.3)   January   1955   6p      "Freezeout"
    #69  (v.10, n.3)   January   1955   4p      "The Old Gun"
    #69  (v.10, n.3)   January   1955   6p      "The Honorable Way"
    #70  (v.10, n.4)   March     1955   8p      "The Roller Derby Racketeers"
    #70  (v.10, n.4)   March     1955   4.5p    "Smart Guy"
    #70  (v.10, n.4)   March     1955   6p      "Face of Death"
    #70  (v.10, n.4)   March     1955   6p      "Flames of Destruction"
    #71  (v.10, n.5)   May       1955   8p      "The Hot Ice Heisters"
    #71  (v.10, n.5)   May       1955   6p      "The Crusader"
    #71  (v.10, n.5)   May       1955   4p      "There's Always A Way"
    #71  (v.10, n.5)   May       1955   6p      "Double Play"
    #72  (v.10, n.6)   July      1955   8p      "Jig-Saw"
    #72  (v.10, n.6)   July      1955   6p      "Ordeal By Fire"
    #72  (v.10, n.6)   July      1955   4p      "Puzzle"
    #72  (v.10, n.6)   July      1955   1p      "Police Procedure in Crime"
    #72  (v.10, n.6)   July      1955   6p      "My Beat"
    #73  (v.11, n.1)   September 1955   8p      "Prison Riot"
    #73  (v.11, n.1)   September 1955   5p      "Circumstantial Evidence"
    #73  (v.11, n.1)   September 1955   6p      "Final Winner"
    #73  (v.11, n.1)   September 1955   6p      "Big Man"
    #74  (v.11, n.2)   January   1956   6p      "Brainwash at Hong Kong"
    #74  (v.11, n.2)   January   1956   6p      "'Flash'Cameron, Photographer"
    #74  (v.11, n.2)   January   1956   6p      "Never See Morning"
    #74  (v.11, n.2)   January   1956   7p      "Money From Nowhere"
    #75  (v.11, n.3)   March     1956   6p      "Curse of the River Diamonds"
    #75  (v.11, n.3)   March     1956   6p      "Duke Kennedy"
    #75  (v.11, n.3)   March     1956   6p      "Hot Stuff"
    #75  (v.11, n.3)   March     1956   6p      "The Fight Fan"
    #76  (v.11, n.4)   May       1956   6p      "Democratic Victory at Venice"
    #76  (v.11, n.4)   May       1956   6p      "Flash Cameron Investigates a Disaster"
    #76  (v.11, n.4)   May       1956   6p      "The Grafters"
    #76  (v.11, n.4)   May       1956   6p      "Channel for Trouble"
    #77  (v.11, n.5)   September 1956   6p      "Flying Saucers"
    #77  (v.11, n.5)   September 1956   6p      "Fast Finish"
    #77  (v.11, n.5)   September 1956   6p      "Snap Decision"
    #77  (v.11, n.5)   September 1956   1p      "Pen and Ink"
    #77  (v.11, n.5)   September 1956   6p      "Hide and Seek"

In Love (Mainline)
    #1   September 1954   6p      "The First Pang Of Love"
    #1   September 1954   7p      "Falling Star"
    #1   September 1954   7p      "The Challenge"
    #1   September 1954   2p      "After The Honey-Moon"
    #1   September 1954   3p      "Marriage Or A Love Affair"
    #2   November  1954   7p      "Secret Meeting"

Justice Traps the Guilty (Prize)
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1947   8p      "I Was A Come-On Girl For Broken Bones, Inc."
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1947   6p      "The Trial Of San Francisco's Strangest Killer"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1947   4p      "Firebug"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     October   1947   7p      "The Head In The Window"
    #1  (v.1, n.2)     October   1947   8p      "The Case Against Scarface"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1947   11p     "Gun Moll"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1947   7p      "The Killer Thought He Was Satan"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1947   6p      "You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Trap A Criminal"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1947   7p      "The Murdering Bender Family"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     December  1947   12p     "The True Life Story Of Alvin Karpis"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     March     1948   12p     "Buried Treasure Fraud"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     March     1948   8p      "So Many Ways To Die"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     March     1948   8p      "The Capture Of Night-Club-Nick"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     March     1948   7p      "My Strangest Crime Case"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     March     1948   8p      "Ask Eddie Green, Consultant to Crime"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     May       1948   13p     "Queen Of The Speed-Ball Mob"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     May       1948   7p      "The Lincoln Tomb Thieves"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     May       1948   9p      "Guilty Boys"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     May       1948   6p      "The Half-Pint Killer"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     May       1948   8p      "Counterfeit Cash"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     July      1948   13p     "Fight Fix"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     July      1948   8p      "Murder Special Delivery"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     July      1948   7p      "Al Spencer, Last Of The Old West Bandits"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     July      1948   7p      "Held For Ransom"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     July      1948   8p      "A Fortune In Slugs"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     September 1948   14p     "Money-Making Machine Swindlers"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     September 1948   8p      "Mind Over Murder"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     September 1948   7p      "The Amazing 3 Sinister Salesmen"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     September 1948   6p      "The Capture Of One-Eye"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     September 1948   8p      "Gerald Woodworth, The Vanishing Bandit"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     November  1948   15p     "Phony Check Racketeers"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     November  1948   7p      "Burke And Hare"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     November  1948   7p      "Desperate Bad Man"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     November  1948   6p      "Paris Manhunt"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     November  1948   8p      "The Man Who Died Twice"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     January   1949   7p      "Underworld Snob"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     January   1949   10p     "The Violent Mr. Peace"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     January   1949   8p      "First Great Detective"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     January   1949   7p      "End Of A Blackmailer"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     January   1949   9p      "Joe Slade, Wild West Jekyll And Hyde Desperado"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     April     1949   10p     "This Way To The Gallows"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     April     1949   8p      "The Hot Car Thugs"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     April     1949   7p      "The Plot Against Old Moneybags"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     April     1949   7p      "The Last Mistake Of Fatal Louise"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     April     1949   10p     "Willie The Actor"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1949   10p     "The Man Who Stole A Train"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1949   8p      "Hot Ice"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1949   7p      "Counterfeit"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1949   10p     "Death Played Second Fiddle"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1949   9p      "Confidence Man"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   8p      "Small-Time Crooks"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   8p      "Shoulders' Malone, The Chopper"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   6p      "Amateur Hypnotist"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   5p      "Insurance Sleuth"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   6.5p    "Hijackers"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    August    1949   9p      "The Tragedy Of Tom Horn"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    October   1949   8p      "Air Cop"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    October   1949   8p      "The Keeper Of The Blood-Hound"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    October   1949   8p      "Madam Monster"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    October   1949   7p      "The Nightmare Murder Mystery"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   10p     "Slot Machine Payoff"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   8p      "Two-Bit Touch Off"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   1p      "How the G-Men Got Their Name"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   7p      "Bite of Death"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   7p      "The Last Ride"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    December  1949   9p      "One Way Willie"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    February  1950   10p     "Knockout Racket"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    February  1950   8p      "Seven Keys To Sing Sing"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    February  1950   7p      "The Masquerader"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    February  1950   8p      "Sawney - King Of The Villains"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    April     1950   9.67p   "Basketball Bribe"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    April     1950   7.67p   "Master Of Flim-Flam"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    June      1950   6.67p   "Death Knows No Depth"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    June      1950   6.67p   "Petty Case"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    June      1950   8p      "One-Man Mob"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   10p     "Loan Shark"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   6.67p   "Best Seller"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   1p      "The Mystery of the Accusing Stains"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   6.67p   "No Place To Hide"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   1p      "It's Against The Law"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   6.67p   "Too Perfect"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    August    1950   7p      "The Statue Screams"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    September 1950   10p     "Pirates Of The Poor"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    September 1950   6.67p   "Optical Illusion"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    September 1950   6.67p   "The Way To Prison"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    September 1950   6p      "Silent Witness"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    September 1950   9p      "Fall Guy"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   10p     "Alibi Guy"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   6.67p   "The 7th Day"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   1p      "The Self-Made Mouthpiece"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   7.67p   "Fortune In Furs"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   6.67p   "The Big Idea Man"
    #19  (v.4, n.1)    October   1950   7p      "Deadlier Than The Male"
    #20  (v.4, n.2)    November  1950   10p     "Payoff In Pain"
    #20  (v.4, n.2)    November  1950   7.67p   "Curse Of Me-Meb"
    #20  (v.4, n.2)    November  1950   7.67p   "Two Dollars Too Much"
    #20  (v.4, n.2)    November  1950   7.67p   "Cops Don't Cry"
    #20  (v.4, n.2)    November  1950   7p      "Human Cargo"
    #21  (v.4, n.3)    December  1950   10p     "Counterfeit"
    #21  (v.4, n.3)    December  1950   6.67p   "You Can't Kill Me"
    #21  (v.4, n.3)    December  1950   6.67p   "O'Hara Had A Heart"
    #21  (v.4, n.3)    December  1950   7.67p   "G.I. Housing Swindle"
    #21  (v.4, n.3)    December  1950   7p      "The Dead Can't Sleep"
    #22  (v.4, n.4)    January   1951   10p     "The Talent Fakers"
    #22  (v.4, n.4)    January   1951   6.67p   "Dead Proof"
    #22  (v.4, n.4)    January   1951   6.67p   "Brute Force"
    #22  (v.4, n.4)    January   1951   7.67p   "Bad Medicine"
    #22  (v.4, n.4)    January   1951   7p      "Hideout"
    #23  (v.4, n.5)    February  1951   10p     "Terror Mob"
    #23  (v.4, n.5)    February  1951   7.67p   "Prevue Of Death"
    #23  (v.4, n.5)    February  1951   5.67p   "Deaf, Dumb & Doomed"
    #23  (v.4, n.5)    February  1951   5.67p   "The Death Stone"
    #23  (v.4, n.5)    February  1951   7p      "Bullets For Christmas"
    #24  (v.4, n.6)    March     1951   10p     "Big Time Fence"
    #24  (v.4, n.6)    March     1951   7.67p   "A Day of Reckoning"
    #24  (v.4, n.6)    March     1951   5.67p   "The Jackpot"
    #24  (v.4, n.6)    March     1951   5.67p   "A Very Unusual Gent"
    #24  (v.4, n.6)    March     1951   7p      "A Handful of Death"
    #25  (v.4, n.7)    April     1951   10p     "Hijackers"
    #25  (v.4, n.7)    April     1951   6.67p   "Menace at Large"
    #25  (v.4, n.7)    April     1951   6.67p   "Death Trap"
    #25  (v.4, n.7)    April     1951   6.67p   "Recoil"
    #25  (v.4, n.7)    April     1951   7p      "House of Terror"
    #26  (v.4, n.8)    May       1951   10p     "Hot Car Racket"
    #26  (v.4, n.8)    May       1951   6.67p   "His Own Executioner"
    #26  (v.4, n.8)    May       1951   7.67p   "No Way Out"
    #26  (v.4, n.8)    May       1951   6p      "Fool's Gold"
    #26  (v.4, n.8)    May       1951   7p      "On The Record"
    #27  (v.4, n.9)    June      1951   10p     "Sky Smugglers"
    #27  (v.4, n.9)    June      1951   6.67p   "Death By Proxy"
    #27  (v.4, n.9)    June      1951   7p      "T-Man Blitz"
    #27  (v.4, n.9)    June      1951   6.67p   "Mail Fraud"
    #27  (v.4, n.9)    June      1951   7p      "Houdini of the Underworld"
    #28  (v.4, n.10)   July      1951   10p     "I Was a Counterfeiter"
    #28  (v.4, n.10)   July      1951   6.67p   "The Superstitious Bandit"
    #28  (v.4, n.10)   July      1951   7p      "Foto Frame-Up"
    #29  (v.4, n.11)   August    1951   10p     "Extortion"
    #29  (v.4, n.11)   August    1951   6.67p   "Willie The Whiz"
    #29  (v.4, n.11)   August    1951   7p      "Rat Hole"
    #30  (v.4, n.12)   September 1951   10p     "Heist Mob"
    #30  (v.4, n.12)   September 1951   6.67p   "Monster In The Parlor"
    #30  (v.4, n.12)   September 1951   1p      "The Garlic Trail"
    #30  (v.4, n.12)   September 1951   7p      "Dead Man's Debt"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    October   1951   10p     "Big Time Mobster"
    #31  (v.5, n.1)    October   1951   1p      "The Grudge Killer"
    #32  (v.5, n.2)    November  1951   10p     "Shoplifting Syndicate"
    #33  (v.5, n.3)    December  1951   10p     "The Fake Heir Swindle"
    #33  (v.5, n.3)    December  1951   7p      "Monster On The Midway"
    #34  (v.5, n.4)    January   1952   10p     "Million Dollar Medicine Racket"
    #34  (v.5, n.4)    January   1952   6.67p   "Dead Man's Double"
    #35  (v.5, n.5)    February  1952   10p     "Alien Blackmail Ring"
    #35  (v.5, n.5)    February  1952   5.67p   "The Outcast"
    #35  (v.5, n.5)    February  1952   6p      "Fall Guy"
    #36  (v.5, n.6)    March     1952   10p     "Hot Freight Mob"
    #36  (v.5, n.6)    March     1952   5.67p   "Blackmail in Reverse"
    #36  (v.5, n.6)    March     1952   7p      "Find the Woman"
    #37  (v.5, n.7)    April     1952   10p     "The Head-Hunters"
    #37  (v.5, n.7)    April     1952   1p      "Photo Finish"
    #37  (v.5, n.7)    April     1952   7.67p   "Dead Weight"
    #37  (v.5, n.7)    April     1952   6p      "No Escape"
    #38  (v.5, n.8)    May       1952   10p     "One Way Payoff"
    #38  (v.5, n.8)    May       1952   6.67p   "Stone Wall"
    #38  (v.5, n.8)    May       1952   6.67p   "Mr. Double Cross"
    #38  (v.5, n.8)    May       1952   5p      "14 Carat Payoff"
    #39  (v.5, n.9)    June      1952   10p     "The Food Profiteers"
    #39  (v.5, n.9)    June      1952   6.67p   "Born Bad"
    #39  (v.5, n.9)    June      1952   6.67p   "Terror"
    #39  (v.5, n.9)    June      1952   5p      "Paid In Full"
    #40  (v.5, n.10)   July      1952   10p     "King of the Dock Rackets"
    #40  (v.5, n.10)   July      1952   7p      "One Way to the Chair"
    #40  (v.5, n.10)   July      1952   6.67p   "Backfire"
    #41  (v.5, n.11)   August    1952   8p      "The Protection Racket"
    #41  (v.5, n.11)   August    1952   7.67p   "No Place To Hide"
    #41  (v.5, n.11)   August    1952   1p      "The Flames Of Hate"
    #41  (v.5, n.11)   August    1952   6.67p   "Big Job"
    #42  (v.5, n.12)   September 1952   10p     "Scandal Sheet Shakedown"
    #42  (v.5, n.12)   September 1952   6.67p   "Diamonds Are Poison"
    #42  (v.5, n.12)   September 1952   1p      "It's Against The Law"
    #42  (v.5, n.12)   September 1952   7.67p   "The Arbiter"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    October   1952   10p     "The Twentieth Century Pirates"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    October   1952   3p      "The Perfect Setup"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    October   1952   5.67p   "Restless Dead"
    #43  (v.6, n.1)    October   1952   6.67p   "Too Smart to Burn"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1952   10p     "Babies on the Block"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1952   5p      "Hide-Out"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1952   6p      "The Hard Way"
    #44  (v.6, n.2)    November  1952   5.67p   "Gallows Bait"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    December  1952   10p     "The Framer"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    December  1952   6p      "Destined To Kill"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    December  1952   6p      "Embezzlement"
    #45  (v.6, n.3)    December  1952   5p      "Hoodlums Must Die"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    January   1953   10p     "KO Syndicate"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    January   1953   2p      "Ears Of Justice"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    January   1953   1p      "A Murder Solved By Fate"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    January   1953   6p      "Modus Operandi"
    #46  (v.6, n.4)    January   1953   6p      "Too Smart"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    February  1953   10p     "The Taxi Tricksters"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    February  1953   5p      "Payoff"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    February  1953   7p      "Hard Luck Guy"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    February  1953   3p      "Too Perfect"
    #47  (v.6, n.5)    February  1953   7p      "Caught"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    March     1953   10p     "The Hockey Fixers"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    March     1953   .67p    "Strange Facts About Crime"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    March     1953   6p      "Face of Death"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    March     1953   1p      "West Meets West"
    #48  (v.6, n.6)    March     1953   6p      "Web of Pain"
    #49  (v.6, n.7)    April     1953   8p      "Duel Passports"
    #49  (v.6, n.7)    April     1953   4p      "Senor Wise Guy"
    #49  (v.6, n.7)    April     1953   5p      ".38 Caliber Casanova"
    #49  (v.6, n.7)    April     1953   1p      "Closeups"
    #49  (v.6, n.7)    April     1953   7p      "Too Smart To Live"
    #50  (v.6, n.8)    May       1953   8p      "Ex-Con Shakedown"
    #50  (v.6, n.8)    May       1953   6p      "The Weak Link"
    #50  (v.6, n.8)    May       1953   5p      "No Escape"
    #50  (v.6, n.8)    May       1953   5p      "Death Warrant"
    #51  (v.6, n.9)    June      1953   8p      "Mob Rule"
    #51  (v.6, n.9)    June      1953   3p      "TheTwo-Way Con"
    #51  (v.6, n.9)    June      1953   6p      "The Third Strike"
    #51  (v.6, n.9)    June      1953   7p      "The Great Strongo"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   8p      "The Vandals"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   1p      "Con Game"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   6p      "Organized for Arson"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   1p      "Fake Alibi"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   2p      "Justice Laughs"
    #52  (v.6, n.10)   July      1953   6p      "Gang Doctor"
    #53  (v.6, n.11)   August    1953   8p      "The Wreckers"
    #53  (v.6, n.11)   August    1953   5p      "The Victim"
    #53  (v.6, n.11)   August    1953   6p      "Boomerang"
    #53  (v.6, n.11)   August    1953   5p      "Present for Pop"
    #54  (v.6, n.12)   September 1953   8p      "Racket Guy"
    #54  (v.6, n.12)   September 1953   5p      "The Panhandler"
    #54  (v.6, n.12)   September 1953   6p      "Hoods Die Young"
    #54  (v.6, n.12)   September 1953   5p      "Fatal Mistake"
    #55  (v.7, n.1)    October   1953   8p      "Inheritance Payoff"
    #55  (v.7, n.1)    October   1953   4p      "Rebound"
    #55  (v.7, n.1)    October   1953   6p      "The Miser"
    #55  (v.7, n.1)    October   1953   6p      "The Ape Man Crimes"
    #56  (v.7, n.2)    November  1953   8p      "The Hitch Heisters"
    #56  (v.7, n.2)    November  1953   5p      "G-Man Payoff"
    #56  (v.7, n.2)    November  1953   6p      "Tropical Alibi"
    #56  (v.7, n.2)    November  1953   6p      "Side-Liner"
    #57  (v.7, n.3)    December  1953   8p      "Salvage Sharks"
    #57  (v.7, n.3)    December  1953   4p      "Dead Wrong"
    #57  (v.7, n.3)    December  1953   7p      "Big Loser"
    #57  (v.7, n.3)    December  1953   6p      "The Tri-State Terror"
    #58  (v.7, n.4)    January   1954   8p      "The Swindler"
    #58  (v.7, n.4)    January   1954   3p      "Something to Kill For"
    #58  (v.7, n.4)    January   1954   1p      "The Last Laugh"
    #58  (v.7, n.4)    January   1954   7p      "Desert Justice"
    #58  (v.7, n.4)    January   1954   1p      "Two-Gun Crowley"
    #59  (v.7, n.5)    February  1954   8p      "Stick-Up Mob"
    #59  (v.7, n.5)    February  1954   6p      "Deadly Circle"
    #59  (v.7, n.5)    February  1954   5p      "Homicide By Proxy"
    #59  (v.7, n.5)    February  1954   6p      "Cyanide Is For Saps"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   8p      "Body Snatchers"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   3p      "Voice From The Dead"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   4p      "Tomb For Two"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   1p      "The Fight Against Crime"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   1p      "Death Mask"
    #60  (v.7, n.6)    March     1954   6.67p   "Benny Goes Straight"
    #61  (v.7, n.7)    April     1954   8p      "The Safecrackers"
    #61  (v.7, n.7)    April     1954   6p      "Pretty Boy Floyd"
    #61  (v.7, n.7)    April     1954   5p      "Legacy of Doom"
    #61  (v.7, n.7)    April     1954   5p      "Boomerang"
    #62  (v.7, n.8)    May       1954   8p      "King of the Beggers"
    #62  (v.7, n.8)    May       1954   3p      "Ricochet"
    #62  (v.7, n.8)    May       1954   6p      "The Last Leap"
    #62  (v.7, n.8)    May       1954   1p      "Case of the Double Identity"
    #62  (v.7, n.8)    May       1954   1p      "The Fall Guy"
    #63  (v.7, n.9)    June      1954   8p      "Highway Pirates"
    #63  (v.7, n.9)    June      1954   6p      "Deadly Detour"
    #63  (v.7, n.9)    June      1954   5p      "The Deadly Gimmick"
    #63  (v.7, n.9)    June      1954   5p      "Big Wheel"
    #64  (v.7, n.10)   July      1954   8p      "Gangland Regime"
    #64  (v.7, n.10)   July      1954   6p      "The Gentleman Farmer"
    #64  (v.7, n.10)   July      1954   5p      "The Big Break"
    #64  (v.7, n.10)   July      1954   6p      "Double-Crosser"
    #65  (v.7, n.11)   August    1954   8p      "Blind Man's Bluff"
    #65  (v.7, n.11)   August    1954   4p      "Double Take"
    #65  (v.7, n.11)   August    1954   6p      "One Slug Short"
    #65  (v.7, n.11)   August    1954   1p      "Secret Seeds"
    #65  (v.7, n.11)   August    1954   6p      "Deadly Reunion"
    #66  (v.7, n.12)   September 1954   8p      "Always A Cop"
    #66  (v.7, n.12)   September 1954   4p      "The Green-Eyed Monster"
    #66  (v.7, n.12)   September 1954   6p      "V.I.P."
    #66  (v.7, n.12)   September 1954   6p      "Moment Of Decision"
    #67  (v.8, n.1)    October   1954   8p      "Tough Cop"
    #67  (v.8, n.1)    October   1954   6p      "Feud"
    #67  (v.8, n.1)    October   1954   5p      "Once a Cop, Always a Cop"
    #67  (v.8, n.1)    October   1954   5p      "Two in the Grave"
    #68  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   8p      "T-Man Trap"
    #68  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   4p      "Flatfoot"
    #68  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   6p      "A Cop Gone Wrong"
    #68  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   6p      "Not Fit for Duty"
    #69  (v.8, n.3)    December  1954   8p      "The Pawn"
    #69  (v.8, n.3)    December  1954   5p      "Flames Of Sabotage"
    #69  (v.8, n.3)    December  1954   5p      "Find The Corpse"
    #69  (v.8, n.3)    December  1954   6p      "Small Town Cop"
    #70  (v.8, n.4)    January   1955   8p      "Feud"
    #70  (v.8, n.4)    January   1955   6p      "The Fix"
    #70  (v.8, n.4)    January   1955   3p      "Dead Man's Gold"
    #70  (v.8, n.4)    January   1955   1p      "There's Always a Clue"
    #70  (v.8, n.4)    January   1955   6p      "A Day's Work"
    #71  (v.8, n.5)    February  1955   8p      "Federal Manhunt"
    #71  (v.8, n.5)    February  1955   6p      "The Insider"
    #71  (v.8, n.5)    February  1955   4p      "Escape"
    #71  (v.8, n.5)    February  1955   6p      "The Long Chance"
    #72  (v.8, n.6)    March     1955   8p      "The Spirit Swindlers"
    #72  (v.8, n.6)    March     1955   6p      "The Saucer Man"
    #72  (v.8, n.6)    March     1955   5.67p   "Close Shave"
    #72  (v.8, n.6)    March     1955   4.5p    "Bluff"
    #73  (v.8, n.7)    April     1955   8p      "The Traitors"
    #73  (v.8, n.7)    April     1955   6p      "Moral Victory"
    #73  (v.8, n.7)    April     1955   4p      "Treasure Hunt"
    #73  (v.8, n.7)    April     1955   6p      "The Post of Honor"
    #73  (v.8, n.7)    April     1955   .5p     "Police Patrol"
    #74  (v.8, n.8)    May       1955   8p      "Hood"
    #74  (v.8, n.8)    May       1955   4p      "Stakeout"
    #74  (v.8, n.8)    May       1955   6p      "Frameup"
    #74  (v.8, n.8)    May       1955   6p      "Bold Deception"
    #74  (v.8, n.8)    May       1955   .5p     "Oddities in Crime News"
    #75  (v.8, n.9)    June      1955   8p      "Tragic Circle"
    #75  (v.8, n.9)    June      1955   6p      "The Misfit"
    #75  (v.8, n.9)    June      1955   3.5p    "Sentence"
    #75  (v.8, n.9)    June      1955   2p      "Jackpot"
    #75  (v.8, n.9)    June      1955   5p      "Police Custody"
    #76  (v.8, n.10)   July      1955   8p      "River Rats"
    #76  (v.8, n.10)   July      1955   5p      "Two Old Friends"
    #76  (v.8, n.10)   July      1955   6p      "Savvy"
    #76  (v.8, n.10)   July      1955   6p      "Tour of Duty"
    #77  (v.8, n.11)   August    1955   8p      "The Counterfeit Pushers"
    #77  (v.8, n.11)   August    1955   6p      "Double Trouble"
    #77  (v.8, n.11)   August    1955   6p      "Hand of Fate"
    #77  (v.8, n.11)   August    1955   5p      "Harbor Patrol"
    #78  (v.8, n.12)   September 1955   8p      "Undercover Man"
    #78  (v.8, n.12)   September 1955   6p      "Suicide Mission"
    #78  (v.8, n.12)   September 1955   5p      "Old Timer"
    #78  (v.8, n.12)   September 1955   6p      "The Motorcycle"
    #79  (v.9, n.1)    December  1955   8p      "Skin Game"
    #79  (v.9, n.1)    December  1955   6p      "Ace in the Hole"
    #79  (v.9, n.1)    December  1955   6p      "Blackmailers"
    #79  (v.9, n.1)    December  1955   5p      "Firebug"
    #80  (v.9, n.2)    February  1956   8p      "Shadow of Doom"
    #80  (v.9, n.2)    February  1956   1p      "A Dollar Bill with Character"
    #80  (v.9, n.2)    February  1956   6p      "Double Play"
    #80  (v.9, n.2)    February  1956   5p      "Silent Witness"
    #80  (v.9, n.2)    February  1956   5p      "Skin Deep"
    #81  (v.9, n.3)    April     1956   8p      "Secret Agent"
    #81  (v.9, n.3)    April     1956   4p      "Pitfall"
    #81  (v.9, n.3)    April     1956   5p      "Debt Of Honor"
    #81  (v.9, n.3)    April     1956   6p      "Country Cop"
    #81  (v.9, n.3)    April     1956   .67p    "The Hit-And-Run Driver"
    #82  (v.9, n.4)    May       1956   7p      "The Payroll Pirates"
    #82  (v.9, n.4)    May       1956   6p      "Fatal Error"
    #82  (v.9, n.4)    May       1956   6p      "Doomsday"
    #82  (v.9, n.4)    May       1956   6p      "Face To Face"
    #83  (v.9, n.5)    October   1956   6p      "Big Failure"
    #83  (v.9, n.5)    October   1956   6p      "Policeman's Holiday"
    #83  (v.9, n.5)    October   1956   6p      "The Masqueraders"
    #83  (v.9, n.5)    October   1956   6p      "Duty Bound"
    #84  (v.9, n.6)    December  1956   6p      "Stakeout"
    #84  (v.9, n.6)    December  1956   7p      "The Fickle Lady Luck"
    #84  (v.9, n.6)    December  1956   6p      "The Peaceful Man"
    #84  (v.9, n.6)    December  1956   6p      "The Wreckers"
    #85  (v.10, n.1)   February  1957   7p      "The Head Man"
    #85  (v.10, n.1)   February  1957   6p      "The Coffee Man"
    #85  (v.10, n.1)   February  1957   6p      "Coward's Brand"
    #85  (v.10, n.1)   February  1957   6p      "Eight Hours To Alcatraz"
    #86  (v.10, n.2)   April     1957   7p      "The Traitors"
    #86  (v.10, n.2)   April     1957   6p      "Cancelled"
    #86  (v.10, n.2)   April     1957   6p      "The Decoy"
    #86  (v.10, n.2)   April     1957   5.67p   "Paid in Full"
    #87  (v.10, n.3)   June      1957   7p      "The Payroll Bandits"
    #87  (v.10, n.3)   June      1957   6p      "Wall Of Silence"
    #87  (v.10, n.3)   June      1957   6p      "Skin Game"
    #87  (v.10, n.3)   June      1957   6p      "Moment Of Decision"
    #88  (v.10, n.4)   August    1957   7p      "The Spoilers"
    #88  (v.10, n.4)   August    1957   6p      "The Iron Man"
    #88  (v.10, n.4)   August    1957   5p      "Mister Somebody"
    #88  (v.10, n.4)   August    1957   6p      "Message from Beyond"
    #89  (v.10, n.5)   October   1957   6p      "The Printed Word"
    #89  (v.10, n.5)   October   1957   5.67p   "The Watchman"
    #89  (v.10, n.5)   October   1957   6p      "Trial by Fire"

My Date (Hillman)
    #1   July      1947   14p     "My Date With Swifty Chasef" pages 2-14
    #2   September 1947   14p     "My Problem Date"
    #2   September 1947   1p      "Lindy Hopp Dancing Lessons"
    #3   November  1947   13p     "My Date With Swifty Chase"
    #3   November  1947   1p      pin-up
    #4   January   1948   12p     "The Lonesome Wolf"
    #4   January   1948   5p      "My Date"
    #4   January   1948   3p      "A Rainy Day With Housedate Harry"
    #4   January   1948   8p      "Ultra Violet"

Police Trap (Mainline)
    #1   September 1954   5p      "Masher"
    #1   September 1954   5p      "Beer Party"
    #1   September 1954   5p      "The Grafter"
    #1   September 1954   6p      "The Beefer"
    #2   November  1954   5p      "The Patsy"
    #2   November  1954   1p      "Desk Sergeant"

Prize (Prize)
  ? #63  (v.6, n.3)   March     1947   5.5p      "Romania's Strangest Killer"

Prize Comics Western (Prize)
    #70   (v.7, n.3)    July      1948   8p      "The Noose Hangs High"
    #72   (v.7, n.5)    November  1948   8p      "The Grinning Hole in the Wall"
    #74   (v.8, n.1)    March     1949   14p     "Buffalo Killers Are Loose"
    #74   (v.8, n.1)    March     1949   7p      "The Lumber Bandit"
    #74   (v.8, n.1)    March     1949   8p      "Prairie Schooner Ahoy"
    #74   (v.8, n.1)    March     1949   7p      "The Fur Pirates of the North Woods"
    #75   (v.8, n.2)    April     1949   7p      "The Six-Gun Showdown at Rattlesnake Gulch"
    #75   (v.8, n.2)    April     1949   8p      "Black Bull Clears a Ranch Woman's Name"
    #76   (v.8, n.3)    July      1949   7p      "The Events on the Little Big Horn"
    #77   (v.8, n.4)    September 1949   14p     "The Wagons Roll Westward"
    #78   (v.8, n.5)    November  1949   10p     "Showdown on the Chisholm Trail"
    #78   (v.8, n.5)    November  1949   7p      "The Ghost of Marales"
    #78   (v.8, n.5)    November  1949   9p      "The Poisoned Water Hole"
    #80   (v.9, n.1)    March     1950   7.67p   "Robin Hood of the Sierras"
    #80   (v.9, n.1)    March     1950   7p      "Gunsmoke Justice"
    #80   (v.9, n.1)    March     1950   9.67p   "Trial By Six-Gun"
    #80   (v.9, n.1)    March     1950   7.67p   "Brand of Death"
    #80   (v.9, n.1)    March     1950   6.67p   "Border Menace"
    #81   (v.9, n.2)    May       1950   7.67p   "Sheriff Pat Garrett"
    #81   (v.9, n.2)    May       1950   8p      "Ghost Riders"
    #81   (v.9, n.2)    May       1950   6.67p   "Border Badmen"
    #82   (v.9, n.3)    July      1950   8p      "The Preacher"
    #82   (v.9, n.3)    July      1950   7.67p   "Buzzards' Roost"
    #83   (v.9, n.4)    August    1950   9p      "The Danger Trail"
    #83   (v.9, n.4)    August    1950   7.67p   "War on the Range"
    #83   (v.9, n.4)    August    1950   7.67p   "The Last Battle"
    #83   (v.9, n.4)    August    1950   6.67p   "Younger Brothers"
    #83   (v.9, n.4)    August    1950   6.67p   "Lava Creek"
    #84   (v.9, n.5)    November  1950   9p      "Lynch Law"
    #84   (v.9, n.5)    November  1950   7.67p   "Paradise Vally"
    #84   (v.9, n.5)    November  1950   6.67p   "Border Smugglers"
    #84   (v.9, n.5)    November  1950   7.67p   "Apache Ambush"
    #85   (v.9, n.6)    January   1951   8p      "American Eagle"
    #85   (v.9, n.6)    January   1951   9p      "Dead Man's Gold"
    #85   (v.9, n.6)    January   1951   7.67p   "One-Man Posse"
    #85   (v.9, n.6)    January   1951   6.67p   "The Prairie Badman"
    #85   (v.9, n.6)    January   1951   6.67p   "The Trail North"
    #86   (v.10, n.1)   March     1951   10p     "Savage Fury"
    #86   (v.10, n.1)   March     1951   6.67p   "Desert Gold"
    #86   (v.10, n.1)   March     1951   7.67p   "Six-Gun Savvy"
    #86   (v.10, n.1)   March     1951   5.67p   "War Party"
    #86   (v.10, n.1)   March     1951   7p      "Range War"
    #87   (v.10, n.2)   May       1951   10p     "War Fever"
    #87   (v.10, n.2)   May       1951   6.67p   "The Sheriff's Son"
    #87   (v.10, n.2)   May       1951   6.67p   "Cloudburst"
    #87   (v.10, n.2)   May       1951   5.67p   "Vengeance Trail"
    #88   (v.10, n.3)   July      1951   10p     "Rebellion"
    #88   (v.10, n.3)   July      1951   6.67p   "Death Came too Soon"
    #89   (v.10, n.4)   September 1951   9p      "The Last of the Crazy Dogs"
    #89   (v.10, n.4)   September 1951   6.67p   "Doom for the Wagon Trains"
    #89   (v.10, n.4)   September 1951   6.67p   "Ghost Town Gold"
    #90   (v.10, n.5)   November  1951   7p      "Threat of the Iron Horse"
    #90   (v.10, n.5)   November  1951   6.67p   "Oil Crazy"
    #90   (v.10, n.5)   November  1951   6.67p   "Danger in Mexico"
    #91   (v.10, n.6)   January   1952   10p     "Buffalo Stampede"
    #91   (v.10, n.6)   January   1952   5.67p   "Arrows of Treason"
    #91   (v.10, n.6)   January   1952   6.67p   "The Gold Express"
    #91   (v.10, n.6)   January   1952   7p      "Avalanche"
    #92   (v.11, n.1)   March     1952   9p      "Renegades on the Yellowstone"
    #92   (v.11, n.1)   March     1952   6.67p   "The Flight of the Eagle"
    #92   (v.11, n.1)   March     1952   6.67p   "Buffalo Stampede"
    #92   (v.11, n.1)   March     1952   1p      "Dope Teen-Age Menace"
    #92   (v.11, n.1)   March     1952   6p      "Flames of Treachery"
    #93   (v.11, n.2)   May       1952   9p      "Sioux War Party"
    #93   (v.11, n.2)   May       1952   7p      "Wolf Pack"
    #93   (v.11, n.2)   May       1952   6.67p   "Hootowls of Cactus Gap"
    #93   (v.11, n.2)   May       1952   1p      "The South Plains Indians"
    #93   (v.11, n.2)   May       1952   5.67p   "Smoke Signals"
    #94   (v.11, n.3)   July      1952   10p     "Ride with the Redcoats"
    #94   (v.11, n.3)   July      1952   6.67p   "Night Raiders"
    #94   (v.11, n.3)   July      1952   6.67p   "Hidden Gold"
    #95   (v.11, n.4)   September 1952   9p      "Follow the Eagle"
    #95   (v.11, n.4)   September 1952   7p      "The Coming of the Eagle"
    #95   (v.11, n.4)   September 1952   1p      "The Southwest Indians"
    #95   (v.11, n.4)   September 1952   6.67p   "Body in the Desert"
    #96   (v.11, n.5)   November  1952   9p      "Cheyenne on the Warpath"
    #96   (v.11, n.5)   November  1952   6.67p   "Rustlers' Trap"
    #96   (v.11, n.5)   November  1952   5.67p   "Rescue of the Eagle"
    #97   (v.11, n.6)   January   1953   8p      "The Maverick"
    #97   (v.11, n.6)   January   1953   6.67p   "Grand Canyon"
    #97   (v.11, n.6)   January   1953   1p      "Indians of the United States"
    #97   (v.11, n.6)   January   1953   7p      "Stampede at Dawn"
    #98   (v.12, n.1)   March     1953   8p      "Half-Breed Rebellion"
    #98   (v.12, n.1)   March     1953   2p      "Sitting Bull"
    #98   (v.12, n.1)   March     1953   6.67p   "Army Beef"
    #98   (v.12, n.1)   March     1953   7p      "Deserter"
    #99   (v.12, n.2)   May       1953   8p      "Hidden Gold Mine"
    #99   (v.12, n.2)   May       1953   3p      "Two-Barrelled Gun"
    #99   (v.12, n.2)   May       1953   6p      "Blood Indians"
    #99   (v.12, n.2)   May       1953   1p      "Broken Hand"
    #99   (v.12, n.2)   May       1953   7p      "Broken Hand"
    #100  (v.12, n.3)   July      1953   9p      "The Wolf of the Prairies"
    #100  (v.12, n.3)   July      1953   2p      "General Philip Henry Sheridan 1831 - 1888"
    #100  (v.12, n.3)   July      1953   6p      "Six Gun Showdown"
    #100  (v.12, n.3)   July      1953   6.5p    "Rocking Chair Rustlers"
    #101  (v.12, n.4)   September 1953   6p      "Puk Wudgies"
    #101  (v.12, n.4)   September 1953   3p      "Double Barrelled Peace Treaty"
    #101  (v.12, n.4)   September 1953   7p      "Loot At Dead Man's Gap"
    #101  (v.12, n.4)   September 1953   8p      "The Invaders"
    #102  (v.12, n.5)   November  1953   9p      "The Losts Ones"
    #102  (v.12, n.5)   November  1953   1p      "Famous Gun Fighters"
    #102  (v.12, n.5)   November  1953   7p      "Plunder of the Rio Puerco"
    #102  (v.12, n.5)   November  1953   1p      "Buffalo Bill Cody"
    #102  (v.12, n.5)   November  1953   7p      "Horse Thieves"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   7p      "Avenger"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   3p      "The Texas Border and the Six Shooter"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   3p      "Lee Hall"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   7p      "Pony Express Robber"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   1p      "Bill Langry's Long Shot"
    #103  (v.12, n.6)   January   1954   7p      "Storm In Port"
    #104  (v.13, n.1)   March     1954   8p      "Surprise Attack"
    #104  (v.13, n.1)   March     1954   7p      "Mal Hombres of Loma Escondida"
    #104  (v.13, n.1)   March     1954   2p      "Wild Bill"
    #104  (v.13, n.1)   March     1954   7p      "Missing Calumet"
    #105  (v.13, n.2)   May       1954   8p      "American Eagle"
    #105  (v.13, n.2)   May       1954   2p      "Cochise"
    #105  (v.13, n.2)   May       1954   6.67p   "Deadline at Bountiful Basin"
    #105  (v.13, n.2)   May       1954   1p      "Chief Gall"
    #105  (v.13, n.2)   May       1954   5p      "Massacre at Blue Creek"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   6p      "Wildcat Hunters"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   1p      "The Medicine Man"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   7p      "The Salt War"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   1p      "Horses of the Western Plains"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   1p      "The Evolution of Western North America Beef"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   1p      "The Indian Tipi"
    #106  (v.13, n.3)   July      1954   8p      "The City of Death"
    #107  (v.13, n.4)   September 1954   10p     "The Wagon Trail"
    #107  (v.13, n.4)   September 1954   5p      "Desert Duel"
    #107  (v.13, n.4)   September 1954   3p      "Clay Allison"
    #107  (v.13, n.4)   September 1954   6p      "Spirit on Vengeance"
    #108  (v.13, n.5)   November  1954   8p      "The Medicine Stick"
    #108  (v.13, n.5)   November  1954   7p      "Stampede at Snake River"
    #108  (v.13, n.5)   November  1954   5p      "The Stench of Malice"
    #108  (v.13, n.5)   November  1954   4p      "Miracombo's Magic"
    #109  (v.13, n.6)   January   1955   6p      "The Ghost Bear"
    #109  (v.13, n.6)   January   1955   6p      "Trouble for Bard Grady"
    #109  (v.13, n.6)   January   1955   6p      "An Indian Hunch"
    #109  (v.13, n.6)   January   1955   1p      "Making Camp"
    #109  (v.13, n.6)   January   1955   5p      "Outrageous Redskins"
    #110  (v.14, n.1)   March     1955   8p      "Silent Murder"
    #110  (v.14, n.1)   March     1955   5p      "Red Slayers"
    #110  (v.14, n.1)   March     1955   7p      "The Barbwire War"
    #110  (v.14, n.1)   March     1955   4p      "Danger Stretch"
    #111  (v.14, n.2)   May       1955   6.5p    "A Life for a Life"
    #111  (v.14, n.2)   May       1955   .67p    "The Old West"
    #111  (v.14, n.2)   May       1955   6.67p   "Outlaw Trail"
    #111  (v.14, n.2)   May       1955   6p      "The Invisible Weapon"
    #111  (v.14, n.2)   May       1955   4p      "The Hostage"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   6p      "The Renegades"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   7p      "The Remuda Rustlers"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   5p      "Captives in the Wolf Country"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   1p      "Pistols of the West"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   6p      "The Weakling"
    #112  (v.14, n.3)   July      1955   6p      "T C Henry"
    #113  (v.14, n.4)   September 1955   6p      "Laughing Dog's Revenge"
    #113  (v.14, n.4)   September 1955   5p      "Mississippi Card Sharps"
    #113  (v.14, n.4)   September 1955   7p      "Claim Jumpers"
    #113  (v.14, n.4)   September 1955   1p      "Colt's That Won the West"
    #113  (v.14, n.4)   September 1955   6p      "The Iron Shirt"
    #114  (v.14, n.5)   November  1955   6p      "American Eagle Meets the Maverick"
    #114  (v.14, n.5)   November  1955   6p      "The Drifter"
    #114  (v.14, n.5)   November  1955   7p      "Rustlers"
    #114  (v.14, n.5)   November  1955   6p      "American Eagle Discovers a Secret Weapon"
    #115  (v.14, n.6)   January   1956   6p      "Bad Medicine"
    #115  (v.14, n.6)   January   1956   6p      "Bad Medicine"
    #115  (v.14, n.6)   January   1956   6p      "Arranges a Duel"
    #115  (v.14, n.6)   January   1956   7p      "Crisis at the Crossroads"
    #116  (v.15, n.1)   March     1956   6p      "Outsmarts the Cheyennes"
    #116  (v.15, n.1)   March     1956   6p      "Lighting Draw"
    #116  (v.15, n.1)   March     1956   6p      "Bad Men on the Border"
    #116  (v.15, n.1)   March     1956   6p      "The Home Thieves"
    #117  (v.15, n.2)   May       1956   6p      "Fury on the Plains"
    #117  (v.15, n.2)   May       1956   6p      "Weak Boy"
    #117  (v.15, n.2)   May       1956   6p      "The Acid Test"
    #117  (v.15, n.2)   May       1956   6p      "Posse of the Border"
    #118  (v.15, n.3)   July      1956   6p      "Liberty Belle"
    #118  (v.15, n.3)   July      1956   7p      "Mystery of the Calico Pony"
    #118  (v.15, n.3)   July      1956   6p      "American Eagle and the Sioux"
    #118  (v.15, n.3)   July      1956   6p      "Thirsty Mule"
    #119  (v.15, n.4)   September 1956   6p      "American Eagle Battles a Fanged Fury"
    #119  (v.15, n.4)   September 1956   6p      "Border Bandits"
    #119  (v.15, n.4)   September 1956   6p      "The Drifter"
    #119  (v.15, n.4)   September 1956   6p      "The Gift Horse"

Punch & Judy (Hillman)
    (v.2, n.10)   May       1947   7p      "Lockjaw The Alligator"
    (v.2, n.11)   June      1947   5p      "Lockjaw The Alligator"
    (v.2, n.11)   June      1947   5p      "Earl The Rich Rabbit"
    (v.2, n.12)   August    1947   5p      "Lockjaw The Alligator"
    (v.3, n.1)    October   1947   5p      "Lockjaw Goes To College"
    (v.3, n.1)    October   1947   6p      "Earl the Rich Rabbit"
    (v.3, n.2)    December  1947   6p      "Earl the Rich Rabbit"

Real Clue Crime Stories (Hillman)
    (v.2, n.4)   June      1947   8p      "Mother Of Crime" pages 1, 4-10
    (v.2, n.4)   June      1947   8p      "The Trail Of The Gun-Loving Killer"
    (v.2, n.4)   June      1947   4p      "Come With Me And Die"
    (v.2, n.5)   July      1947   7p      "Gang Doctor"
    (v.2, n.5)   July      1947   8p      "The Terrible Whyos"
    (v.2, n.5)   July      1947   4p      "Wyatt Earp's Bluff"
    (v.2, n.5)   July      1947   15p     "The Dummies Died Screaming"
    (v.2, n.6)   August    1947   7p      "Let Me Plan Your Murder"
    (v.2, n.6)   August    1947   4p      "Jailbreak"
    (v.2, n.6)   August    1947   15p     "Get Me The Golden Gun"
    (v.2, n.7)   September 1947   8p      "Mr. Reed Waddell"
    (v.2, n.7)   September 1947   8p      "Gang War"

Real Fact (National/DC)
    #9  July      1947   4p      "Backseat Driver"

Real West Romances (Prize)
    #1  April     1949   8p      "Wild Hoses and Ornery Gals"
    #1  April     1949   9p      "Miss Nell Of The Medicine Show"
    #1  April     1949   9p      "Chuck Wagon Jane"
    #1  April     1949   7p      "The Cowboy And The Debutante"
    #1  April     1949   9p      "Heart Rustler"
    #2  July      1949   8p      "To Fight for Her Man"
    #2  July      1949   8p      "Heart Broken Bronco Buster"
    #2  July      1949   8p      "Dead-Game Dude"
    #2  July      1949   8p      "Rough-House Annie"
    #2  July      1949   9p      "Family Feud"
    #3  August    1949   8p      "In Love With His Ranch Boss"
    #3  August    1949   8p      "Desperado's Lady"
    #3  August    1949   8p      "Love At The County Fair"
    #3  August    1949   8p      "The Cowgirl And The Sheepherder"
    #3  August    1949   9p      "Our Love Wore Six-Guns"
    #4  October   1949   8p      "The Perfect Cowboy"
    #4  October   1949   8p      "Lovin' Or Feudin'"
    #4  October   1949   8p      "Cupid's Corral"
    #4  October   1949   8p      "Bartered"
    #4  October   1949   8p      "The Yearling Years"
    #5  December  1949   9p      "Mail-Order Romance"
    #5  December  1949   8p      "Tenderfoot In Love"
    #5  December  1949   8p      "Bordertown Lover"
    #5  December  1949   1p      "Glamour In The Great Outdoors"
    #5  December  1949   7p      "Gun-Totin' Bride"
    #5  December  1949   9p      "Yellow"
    #6  February  1950   8p      "I'm Goin' a' Cortin' Ella Mae"
    #6  February  1950   8p      "A' Killin', a' Curin', or a Lovin'"
    #6  February  1950   7p      "Six-Gun Serenade"
    #6  February  1950   9p      "Lies, Love and Hoss Liniment"
    #6  February  1950   9p      "The Broadway Buckaroo"
    #7  April     1950   8p      "The Girl From No Man's Land"
    #7  April     1950   8p      "The Widder"
    #7  April     1950   8p      "A Gal For Goliath"
    #7  April     1950   8p      "Love Of A Navojo Princess"
    #7  April     1950   9p      "Cowboy With A Complex"

Strange World of Your Dreams (Prize)
    #1  August    1952   7p      "I Talked With My Dead Wife"
    #1  August    1952   1.5p    "You Sent Us This Dream"
    #1  August    1952   7p      "Don't Wake The Sleeper"
    #1  August    1952   2.5p    "Send Us Your Dreams"
    #1  August    1952   7p      "The Dreaming Tower"
    #2  September 1952   5p      "The Girl In The Grave"
    #2  September 1952   1.5p    "You Sent Us This Dream (Betty L.)"
    #2  September 1952   2p      "You Sent Us This Dream (Miss Ellen K.)"
    #2  September 1952   7p      "I Lived 200 Years Ago"
    #2  September 1952   2p      "Send Us Your Dreams"
    #2  September 1952   7p      "A Dream Saved His Life"
    #3  November  1952   4p      "The Woman In The Tower"
    #3  November  1952   4p      "Send Us Your Dreams"
    #3  November  1952   8p      "Edge Of Madness"
    #3  November  1952   1.5p    "You Sent Us This Dream (Patricia S.)"
    #3  November  1952   1p      "How The Stars Affect Your Job"
    #3  November  1952   2p      "You Sent Us This Dream (Thomas R.)"
    #3  November  1952   1p      "Vision Of Doom"
    #3  November  1952   2.5p    "You Sent Us This Dream (John W.)"
    #4  January   1953   7p      "Show Your Face"
    #4  January   1953   2p      "The Moon And You"
    #4  January   1953   3p      "Romance In The Stars"
    #4  January   1953   2p      "Send Us Your Dreams"
    #4  January   1953   3p      "The Skeleton In Your Closet"
    #4  January   1953   2p      "You Sent UsThis Dream (Paul R.)"
    #4  January   1953   5p      "4L-523"

Superman (DC)
    #327  September 1978   17p      "The Sandstorm That Swallowed Metropolis"

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (Prize)
    #1  May       1955   7p      "The Spaceship of Doom"
    #1  May       1955   8p      "Octopus Tree"
    #1  May       1955   1p      "Time Scope"
    #1  May       1955   2p      "The Mystery On The Moons Of Mars"
    #1  May       1955   7p      "The Spaceways of Peril"
    #2  July      1955   9p      "The Outlaws of Uranus"
    #2  July      1955   1p      "Space Academy Test"
    #2  July      1955   7p      "The Invaders"
    #2  July      1955   2p      "Captain Quick and the Space Scouts"
    #2  July      1955   6p      "Wolf Planet"
    #3  September 1955   8p      "Dangerous Cargo"
    #3  September 1955   7p      "The Drifter"
    #3  September 1955   2p      "The Hermits of Callisto"
    #3  September 1955   7p      "The Craters of Mercury"

Western Love (Prize)
    #1  July      1949   7p      "Equal Of Any Man"
    #1  July      1949   8p      "Gambler's Girl"
    #1  July      1949   8p      "Kate And The Coyote"
    #1  July      1949   3p      "Weddin' At Red Rock"
    #1  July      1949   7p      "The Tonto Express"
    #1  July      1949   9p      "A Gal, A Guy And A Gelding"
    #2  September 1949   9p      "Sworn Enemies In Love"
    #2  September 1949   8p      "Kissless Cowboy"
    #2  September 1949   8p      "Love-Sick Weakling"
    #2  September 1949   8p      "Troublemaker"
    #2  September 1949   9p      "Kathy And The Merchant"
    #3  November  1949   8p      "Wife Wanted"
    #3  November  1949   9p      "Romance In Robber's Roost"
    #3  November  1949   8p      "A Man To Handle Belle"
    #3  November  1949   9p      "The Blue Blood And The Bum"
    #3  November  1949   1p      "Dude Ranch Diplomancy"
    #3  November  1949   8p      "Gunman's Shadow"
    #4  January   1950   8p      "The Girl from Ghost Town"
    #4  January   1950   8p      "Cowtown Casanova"
    #4  January   1950   8p      "Bodyguard for Betsy"
    #4  January   1950   1p      "How to Corral Your Man"
    #4  January   1950   8p      "The Rancher's Daughter"
    #4  January   1950   8p      "Six-Gun Serenade"
    #5  March     1950   9p      "Dead Ringer"
    #5  March     1950   8p      "Survival"
    #5  March     1950   8p      "The Rangers And The Fire-Maiden"
    #5  March     1950   1p      "Cowboy Romeo Or City Slicker"
    #5  March     1950   5p      "Two Can Play The Game"
    #5  March     1950   9p      "Lilly's Last Stand"

Win A Prize (Charlton)
  ? #1  February  1955   3p      "That Giveaway Guy"
  ? #1  February  1955   6p      "War Diary"

Young Brides (Prize)
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1952   8p      "Teen-Age Mother"
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1952   2p      "Man About Woman"
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1952   8p      "My Hero"
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1952   7p      "Surprise, Surprise"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1952   6p      "The Luckiest Guy In The World"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1952   3p      "Lights Out, Love's In"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1952   7p      "Give And Take"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1952   2p      "Man About Woman"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1952   7p      "Wait For The Doctor"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1953   6.5p    "Dear John, I Love Someone Else"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1953   2.5p    "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1953   8p      "Bride And Broom"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1953   7p      "Strange Honeymoon"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1953   7.5p    "Under 21"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1953   1.5p    "Man About Women"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1953   8p      "Here Cries The Bride"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1953   8p      "Stop At Nothing"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1953   8p      "Let's Change Places"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1953   4.5p    "Stepchild"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1953   4p      "Too Young To Be Married"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1953   7p      "Don't Cry On My Shoulder"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1953   6p      "My Secret, My Baby"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1953   6p      "Run Out Of Town"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1953   4.5p    "Bored With My Husband"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1953   7p      "Imperfect Marriage"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1953   7.5p    "A Husband For Tracy"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1953   8p      "Mind Your Own Marriage"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1953   2p      "Man About Women"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1953   6p      "The Man Who Shamed Me"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    October   1953   6p      "Once A Mother"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    October   1953   6p      "Little Helpmate"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    October   1953   6p      "After School Wife"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    October   1953   6p      "Married Strangers"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "Home-Wrecker"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "Find Me A Bride"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "Love Thief"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    November  1953   6p      "Share And Share Alike"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    December  1953   6p      "Working Wife"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    December  1953   6p      "My Mistake, Lady"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    December  1953   6p      "Country Cousin"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    December  1953   1p      "How He Proposed"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    December  1953   6p      "The Stranger In His Heart"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    January   1954   6p      "Too Beautiful To Be True"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    January   1954   6p      "Ghost Wife"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    January   1954   6p      "Practically Married"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    January   1954   6p      "The Bachelor And The Baby Sitter"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    February  1954   6p      "Big Baby"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    February  1954   6p      "Nightmare Honeymoon"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    February  1954   6p      "Father Under Protest"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    February  1954   6p      "Don't Take My Child From Me"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    March     1954   8p      "The Bride Wore Hand Me-Downs"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    March     1954   4p      "The Other Woman"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    March     1954   6p      "Little Coquette"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    March     1954   6p      "Revenge With Kisses"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    April     1954   6p      "Half A Wife"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    April     1954   6p      "Faithless"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    April     1954   7p      "Take Me As I Am"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    April     1954   6p      "Crazy Streak"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    May       1954   6p      "Dancing Doll"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    May       1954   6p      "Slum Girl"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    May       1954   7p      "Husband At Large"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    May       1954   6p      "Lavender And Old Lies"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   July      1954   7p      "Act Of Faith"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   July      1954   6p      "Thrill Wedding"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   July      1954   6p      "Mother To All"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   September 1954   6p      "Sister Of The Bride"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   September 1954   6p      "My Cheating Heart"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   September 1954   6p      "Haunted Love"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    November  1954   6p      "Taste For Thrills"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    November  1954   8p      "The Locket"

Young Love (Prize)
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     February  1949   10p     "The Man I Loved Was A Woman-Hater"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     February  1949   12p     "The Plumber And Me"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     February  1949   7p      "Fickle"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     February  1949   7p      "Two Loves"
    #1  (v.1, n.1)     February  1949   7p      "Lady Luck"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     April     1949   12p     "Too Wise For Romance"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     April     1949   9p      "A Very Young Bride"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     April     1949   8p      "Girl Or Goddess"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     April     1949   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #2  (v.1, n.2)     April     1949   8p      "Old Maid"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   9p      "Wallflower"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   7p      "Look Before You Love"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   8p      "Headstrong"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   8p      "Match Makers"
    #3  (v.1, n.3)     June      1949   8p      "Clinging Vine"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   8p      "In Love With A Memory"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   7p      "Best Friend's Sweetheart"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   8p      "My Strange Fear"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   8p      "Show Off"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #4  (v.1, n.4)     August    1949   8p      "Two-Timer"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   8p      "Too Many Boy Friends"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   9p      "Long Engagement"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   6p      "The Love I Didn't Want"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   9p      "For Sale: One Dream"
    #5  (v.1, n.5)     October   1949   8p      "Discovered"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   7p      "For Handsome Men Only"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   8p      "Taken For A Ride"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   10p     "The Life Of The Party"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   1p      "The Beauty Salon"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   8p      "My Promise"
    #6  (v.1, n.6)     December  1949   8p      "The Boarder And Baby Sitter"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   8p      "The Carnival Girl"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   9p      "Give Me Your Kisses"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   8p      "A Secret Affair"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   6p      "Love Him Or Leave Him"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #7  (v.2, n.1)     February  1950   7p      "Let's Change Partners"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   8p      "Every Man I Meet"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   8p      "Danger, Soft Shoulder"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   8p      "Code For Women"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   1p      "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   5p      "The Man In My Dreams"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   1p      "Which Is Your Dream Man?"
    #8  (v.2, n.2)     April     1950   8p      "Marriage Of Convenience"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   8p      "A Man In Her Room"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   8p      "Carbon Copy"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   8p      "The Romance Peddlers"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   1p      "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   7p      "Second-Hand Sweetheart"
    #9  (v.2, n.3)     May       1950   7p      "Anybody's Girl"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   10p     "Untouched"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   8p      "At Your Own Risk"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   3.67p   "The Girl I Picked From The Phone Directory"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   8p      "My Backwoods Love"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   1p      "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    June      1950   8p      "Common"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   7p      "Let's Try Again"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   7p      "A Match For Any Man"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   7p      "Little White Lies"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   8p      "I'll Never Get Married"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   .67p    "Dress Right For Spring"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    July      1950   8p      "The Girl I'm Looking For"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   8p      "Smooth Operator"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   8p      "The Love Fakers"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   8p      "One Mad Moment"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   8p      "Because You Look Like Him"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    August    1950   7p      "Her Kind Of A Man"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   9p      "Everybody Wants My Girl"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   8p      "In Trouble"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   8p      "The Woman Across The Hall"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   6p      "Two Can Play The Game"
    #13  (v.2, n.7)    September 1950   7p      "Recipe For Love"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   9p      "I'll Tell You No Lies"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   7p      "A Family Affair"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   8p      "You'll Never Replace Helen"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   1p      "Problem Clinic"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   8p      "Stay Out Of My Life"
    #14  (v.2, n.8)    October   1950   8p      "Girls Like Her"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   9p      "Love Isn't  Enough"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   9p      "Man Wanted"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   2p      "Will You Help Me?"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   9p      "Lover Boy"
    #15  (v.2, n.9)    November  1950   9p      "Beauty And The Benefactor"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   8p      "The Reformer"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   5p      "Will You Help Me"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   7p      "Bring A Friend"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   7p      "The Upstairs Maid"
    #16  (v.2, n.10)   December  1950   9p      "Huntress"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   5p      "The Quiet One"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   3p      "Will You Help Me?"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   8p      "I Saw Him First"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   8p      "Go Home And Grow Up"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   6p      "She Loves Too Wisely"
    #17  (v.2, n.11)   January   1951   7p      "I Promised Never To Marry"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   8p      "Unwilling Bride"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   8p      "The Cave Man Type"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   1p      "Let's Talk Clothes"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   8p      "He's So Refined"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   3p      "Will You Help Me?"
    #18  (v.2, n.12)   February  1951   8p      "I Won't Leave Mother"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   9p      "High School Honeymoon"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   6p      "Later Then You Think"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   3p      "Will You Help Me?"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   8p      "The Girl Who Loves Him"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   3p      "Only Human"
    #19  (v.3, n.1)    March     1951   9p      "Love Song In Blue"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   8p      "The Cinderella Girl"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   8p      "Love Parasite"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   3p      "Will You Help Me"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   8p      "Big Bertha"
    #20  (v.3, n.2)    April     1951   9p      "Yours For The Asking"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    May       1951   11p     "All Work And No Love"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    May       1951   9p      "Get Rid Of That Woman"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    May       1951   3p      "Will You Help Me"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    May       1951   8p      "Marry Me Mister"
    #21  (v.3, n.3)    May       1951   8p      "Second Try"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   10p     "Meet The Folks"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   1p      "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   8p      "Like All The Rest"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   3p      "Will You Help Me?"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   8p      "Cry Baby"
    #22  (v.3, n.4)    June      1951   9p      "The Breakup"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   9p      "Maid To Order"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   1p      "Does He Treat You Right"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   3p      "Will You Help Me"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   8p      "Cradle Robber"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   8p      "Wrong Number"
    #23  (v.3, n.5)    July      1951   8p      "Nag, Nag, Nag"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    August    1951   10p     "I'll Bet My Love"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    August    1951   3p      "If Your Thinking Of Eloping"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    August    1951   8p      "Left At The Alter"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    August    1951   8p      "Don't Tell On Me"
    #24  (v.3, n.6)    August    1951   8p      "Native Wedding"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   10p     "Off Limits To Love"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   8p      "Alice Finds Her Wonderland"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   1p      "How Can You Tell It's Love"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   5.5p    "My Old Flame"
    #25  (v.3, n.7)    September 1951   9p      "Marriage Bargain"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   8p      "Let's Keep It Gay"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   7p      "Bad Penny"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   6p      "Not The Type"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   6p      "Polly Wants A Boy Friend"
    #26  (v.3, n.8)    October   1951   8p      "I Was A Fugitive's Sweetheart"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   8p      "The Brush Off"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   7p      "Save Me, Lose Me"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   1p      "You Can Look Like A Glamour Girl"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   8p      "Love Proof"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   1p      "The Way They Met"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #27  (v.3, n.9)    November  1951   9p      "Fresh As Daisy"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   8p      "Never Been Kissed"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   1p      "How He Proposed"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   7p      "Love Without Logic"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   8p      "The Pest"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   2p      "The Way They Met"
    #28  (v.3, n.10)   December  1951   8p      "The Other Woman"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   8p      "Love 'Em And Leave 'Em Guy"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   7p      "Heavy Date"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   7p      "My Conscience"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   5p      "The Sensible Thing To Do"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #29  (v.3, n.11)   January   1952   8p      "Dumb Blonde"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   8.5p    "Easy Prey"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   1p      "The Way They Met"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   6p      "Mel-Vin"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   2.5p    "Problem Clinic"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   8p      "Tired Of Her"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   2p      "The Way They Met"
    #30  (v.3, n.12)   February  1952   9p      "Learn To Love"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   6p      "Be My Valentine"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   6p      "The Great Indoors"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   6p      "Razzle Dazzle Romance"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   8p      "House Of Your Dreams"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   1p      "How He Proposed"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   2p      "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #31  (v.4, n.1)    March     1952   8p      "Baby Doll"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   9.5p    "Can't Help Wanting That Man"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   6p      "Three Day Pass"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   8.5p    "Love or Goulash"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   1p      "How He Proposed"
    #32  (v.4, n.2)    April     1952   9p      "His Lucky Number"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   8p      "The Legs Are Familiar"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   6p      "Temper, Temper"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   7p      "Under My Skin"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   7p      "The Pretenders"
    #33  (v.4, n.3)    May       1952   7p      "The Man Around Her Home"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   8p      "Out Of Control"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   1p      "The Way They Met"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   8.5p    "Left-Over Love"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   6p      "Live It Up"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   4.5p    "Sweet, But Not So Simple"
    #34  (v.4, n.4)    June      1952   8p      "The Watchdog"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    July      1952   8p      "The Lonely"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    July      1952   5p      "Mind Your Manners"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    July      1952   6p      "Heart Of Gold"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    July      1952   3p      "Problem Clinic"
    #35  (v.4, n.5)    July      1952   8p      "Fast Crowd"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    August    1952   8p      "Two-Faced Woman"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    August    1952   6p      "Run From Romance"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    August    1952   8p      "Mister Fix-It"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    August    1952   2p      "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #36  (v.4, n.6)    August    1952   7p      "Man Of Mystery"
    #37  (v.4, n.7)    September 1952   8p      "Young Man With Tuxedo Will Marry"
    #37  (v.4, n.7)    September 1952   7p      "Tell Your Fortune"
    #37  (v.4, n.7)    September 1952   8p      "Mr. Know-It-All Falls In Love"
    #37  (v.4, n.7)    September 1952   1p      "The Way They Met"
    #37  (v.4, n.7)    September 1952   6p      "Helpmate"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   7p      "Jay's Protege"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   7p      "Let Your Hair Down"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   8p      "Take Care Of My Sweetheart"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   .67p    "How He Proposed"
    #38  (v.4, n.8)    October   1952   6p      "What's Mine Is Yours"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   7p      "Each Day I Die"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   1p      "Problem Clinic"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   7p      "Marriage On The Rocks"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   6p      "Lovers Quarrel"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   2.5p    "Will You Help Me?"
    #39  (v.4, n.9)    November  1952   7p      "My Fear Of Men"
    #40  (v.4, n.10)   December  1952   9p      "Fallen Idol"
    #40  (v.4, n.10)   December  1952   6p      "Love Me On My Terms"
    #40  (v.4, n.10)   December  1952   7p      "In Hot Water"
    #40  (v.4, n.10)   December  1952   1.5p    "Problem Clinic"
    #40  (v.4, n.10)   December  1952   7p      "Cold, Cold Heart"
    #41  (v.4, n.11)   January   1953   8p      "Forget Me, Fraulein"
    #41  (v.4, n.11)   January   1953   2p      "Problem Clinic"
    #41  (v.4, n.11)   January   1953   8p      "Poor Risk For Marriage"
    #41  (v.4, n.11)   January   1953   5p      "Part Time Charmer"
    #41  (v.4, n.11)   January   1953   7p      "Loving Is Believing"
    #42  (v.4, n.12)   February  1953   8p      "Girl Hitchhiker"
    #42  (v.4, n.12)   February  1953   7.67p   "Scarlet Sister"
    #42  (v.4, n.12)   February  1953   7.5p    "The Outsider"
    #42  (v.4, n.12)   February  1953   7p      "The Creep"
    #43  (v.5, n.1)    March     1953   12p     "Teen-Aged Widow"
    #43  (v.5, n.1)    March     1953   8p      "The Wonderful Person"
    #43  (v.5, n.1)    March     1953   2.5p    "Problem Clinic"
    #43  (v.5, n.1)    March     1953   7p      "Girl Friday"
    #44  (v.5, n.2)    April     1953   9p      "Unspoken For"
    #44  (v.5, n.2)    April     1953   6p      "What's Mine Is Yours"
    #44  (v.5, n.2)    April     1953   8p      "Once A Champion"
    #45  (v.5, n.3)    May       1953   8p      "Terrible Secret"
    #45  (v.5, n.3)    May       1953   2.5p    "The Mean Little Cupid"
    #45  (v.5, n.3)    May       1953   5.5p    "I Like It Here"
    #45  (v.5, n.3)    May       1953   8p      "Stab In The Back"
    #46  (v.5, n.4)    June      1953   6p      "Ashamed To Face Him"
    #46  (v.5, n.4)    June      1953   6p      "The Perfect Setup"
    #46  (v.5, n.4)    June      1953   5p      "Out Of The Blue"
    #46  (v.5, n.4)    June      1953   7p      "The Hard Guy"
    #47  (v.5, n.5)    July      1953   6p      "Too Late To Tell Him"
    #47  (v.5, n.5)    July      1953   .5p     "Fashion Corner"
    #47  (v.5, n.5)    July      1953   4p      "Farewell Note"
    #47  (v.5, n.5)    July      1953   6p      "The Web We Weave"
    #47  (v.5, n.5)    July      1953   7p      "Out All Hours"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   5.5p    "Don't Wait For Me"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   3.67p   "The Marrying Kind"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   3p      "Cold Shoulder For Two"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   1.5p    "Problem Clinic"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   4p      "How Can You Pretend About Love"
    #48  (v.5, n.6)    August    1953   6p      "Love, Honor And Betray"
    #49  (v.5, n.7)    September 1953   8p      "Riff-Raff"
    #49  (v.5, n.7)    September 1953   6p      "Highway Of Dreams"
    #49  (v.5, n.7)    September 1953   4p      "The Doormat"
    #49  (v.5, n.7)    September 1953   6p      "Ghost Of His First Love"
    #50  (v.5, n.8)    October   1953   6p      "Wedding Present"
    #50  (v.5, n.8)    October   1953   4p      "Norma, Queen Of The Hot Dogs"
    #50  (v.5, n.8)    October   1953   6p      "Two Kisses For Your Anniversary"
    #50  (v.5, n.8)    October   1953   6p      "Miss Puritan"
    #51  (v.5, n.9)    November  1953   6p      "To Marry For Money"
    #51  (v.5, n.9)    November  1953   4p      "The Will To Love"
    #51  (v.5, n.9)    November  1953   6p      "Give Me Your Blessing"
    #51  (v.5, n.9)    November  1953   2p      "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #52  (v.5, n.10)   December  1953   6p      "Hush-Hush Marriage"
    #52  (v.5, n.10)   December  1953   6p      "Worthless"
    #52  (v.5, n.10)   December  1953   6p      "Loving Sister"
    #52  (v.5, n.10)   December  1953   6p      "Summer Replacement"
    #53  (v.5, n.11)   January   1954   6p      "Smother Love"
    #53  (v.5, n.11)   January   1954   6p      "You'll Be Sorry"
    #53  (v.5, n.11)   January   1954   6p      "Love Isn't Enough"
    #53  (v.5, n.11)   January   1954   6p      "Sweet Talking Man"
    #54  (v.5, n.12)   February  1954   6p      "I'll Make You Pay"
    #54  (v.5, n.12)   February  1954   6p      "Kisses For A Stranger"
    #54  (v.5, n.12)   February  1954   6p      "Shameless"
    #54  (v.5, n.12)   February  1954   6p      "Love Me, Love My Family"
    #55  (v.6, n.1)    March     1954   6p      "The Guilt In My Heart"
    #55  (v.6, n.1)    March     1954   6p      "Another Girl's Engagement Ring"
    #55  (v.6, n.1)    March     1954   7p      "Love War"
    #55  (v.6, n.1)    March     1954   6p      "Bad Penny"
    #56  (v.6, n.2)    April     1954   6p      "I'll Buy Your Love"
    #56  (v.6, n.2)    April     1954   6p      "Stage Door Johnny"
    #56  (v.6, n.2)    April     1954   6p      "Stage Door Johnny"
    #56  (v.6, n.2)    April     1954   6p      "Lola's Other Life"
    #56  (v.6, n.2)    April     1954   6p      "Two Sides To Love"
    #57  (v.6, n.3)    May       1954   6p      "A Happy Ending"
    #57  (v.6, n.3)    May       1954   4p      "Hurry Up Marriage"
    #57  (v.6, n.3)    May       1954   7p      "Another Woman's Baby"
    #57  (v.6, n.3)    May       1954   8p      "Beaten Woman"
    #58  (v.6, n.4)    June      1954   6p      "The Unblessed Events"
    #58  (v.6, n.4)    June      1954   4p      "A Man To Marry"
    #58  (v.6, n.4)    June      1954   6p      "Perfect Lady"
    #58  (v.6, n.4)    June      1954   6p      "Live, Love And Be Married"
    #59  (v.6, n.5)    July      1954   6p      "Neglected Wife"
    #59  (v.6, n.5)    July      1954   6p      "Woman Driver"
    #59  (v.6, n.5)    July      1954   6p      "Little Cheat"
    #59  (v.6, n.5)    July      1954   6p      "Little Miss Know-It-All"
    #60  (v.6, n.6)    August    1954   6p      "Outcast"
    #60  (v.6, n.6)    August    1954   6p      "I'll Tell On You"
    #60  (v.6, n.6)    August    1954   6p      "Desparate To Marry"
    #60  (v.6, n.6)    August    1954   1p      "Penny Wise"
    #60  (v.6, n.6)    August    1954   6p      "One Woman Man"
    #61  (v.6, n.7)    September 1954   6p      "Just For Kicks"
    #61  (v.6, n.7)    September 1954   6p      "Mother Never Told Me"
    #61  (v.6, n.7)    September 1954   6p      "Miss Moneybags"
    #61  (v.6, n.7)    September 1954   6p      "Tragedy For Three"
    #62  (v.6, n.7)    October   1954   6p      "Cinderella's Sisters"
    #62  (v.6, n.7)    October   1954   6p      "Teen-Age Temptress"
    #62  (v.6, n.7)    October   1954   5p      "Too Darned Innocent"
    #63  (v.6, n.9)    December  1954   6p      "Another Love"
    #67  (v.7, n.1)    October   1955   7p      "Hazardous Honeymoon"
    #67  (v.7, n.1)    October   1955   6p      "Change Of Heart"
    #67  (v.7, n.1)    October   1955   6p      "Our Summer Song"
    #67  (v.7, n.1)    October   1955   6p      "The Desperate Time"
    #68  (v.7, n.2)    December  1955   6p      "No One To Marry"
    #68  (v.7, n.2)    December  1955   7p      "The Language Of Love"
    #68  (v.7, n.2)    December  1955   6p      "Echo Of A Dream"
    #68  (v.7, n.2)    December  1955   6p      "Mad About The Girl"

Young Romance (Prize)
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1947   13p    "I Was A Pick-Up"
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1947   7p     "Misguided Heart"
    #1   (v.1, n.1)    September 1947   8p     "Summer Song"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1947   13.67p "Boy Crazy"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1947   7p     "Dangerous Romance"
    #2   (v.1, n.2)    November  1947   8p     "Her Tragic Love"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1948   13p    "Marriage Contract"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1948   7p     "Campus Outcast"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1948   8p     "Her Best Friend's Sweetheart"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1948   8p     "Love Or A Career"
    #3   (v.1, n.3)    January   1948   7p     "Man-Hater"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1948   11p    "Blind Date"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1948   8p     "Guilty"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1948   8p     "I Love You Frank Gerard"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1948   7p     "Her Rival"
    #4   (v.1, n.4)    March     1948   9p     "Fraulein Sweetheart"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1948   13p    "I Fell In Love With My Star Pupil"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1948   7p     "Substitute Sweetheart"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1948   7p     "Shame"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1948   7p     "Jealousy"
    #5   (v.1, n.5)    May       1948   8.67p  "Gold Digger"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1948   14p    "Disgrace"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1948   7.67p  "Friend Of The Family"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1948   6.67p  "The Love That Might Have Been"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1948   8p     "The Inferior Male"
    #6   (v.1, n.6)    July      1948   7p     "Gossip"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1948   13p    "War Bride"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1948   8p     "I'll Get Him Back"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1948   6p     "Mother Said No"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1948   8p     "I Stole For Love"
    #7   (v.2, n.1)    September 1948   8p     "Love On The Rebound"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    November  1948   14p    "Love Or Pity"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    November  1948   6p     "Fortune Hunter"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    November  1948   6p     "My Big Sister's Beau"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    November  1948   8p     "To Love Again"
    #8   (v.2, n.2)    November  1948   9p     "Love Can Strike So Suddenly"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    January   1949   15p    "Was Love To Be My Sacrifice"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    January   1949   9p     "The Lie I Lived"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    January   1949   8p     "The Easy Life"
    #9   (v.2, n.3)    January   1949   9p     "Last Chance For Love"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   13p    "Mama's Boy"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   8p     "Shadows"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   8p     "Unwanted"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   1p     "Hip, Hip, Away"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   7p     "Heart's Desire"
    #10  (v.2, n.4)    March     1949   8p     "Husband Hunter"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    May       1949   15p    "The Town And Toni Benson"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    May       1949   8p     "The Language Of Love"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    May       1949   7p     "My Father's New Wife"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    May       1949   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #11  (v.2, n.5)    May       1949   8p     "Big City Girl"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   8p     "The Man I Kept On A String"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   11p    "If You Want Me"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   6p     "For Somebody Else"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   8p     "Girl Shy"
    #12  (v.2, n.6)    July      1949   7p     "Undesirable"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    September 1949   14p    "Sailor's Girl"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    September 1949   8p     "Daughter Of Misfortune"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    September 1949   9p     "Friends, Lovers No More"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    September 1949   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #13  (v.3, n.1)    September 1949   8p     "Good Scout"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    October   1949   12p    "Runaway Bride"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    October   1949   9p     "No Prescription For Love"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    October   1949   8p     "The Man For Us"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    October   1949   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #14  (v.3, n.2)    October   1949   8p     "The Barrier Between Us"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    November  1949   14p    "Back Door Love"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    November  1949   7p     "Lady, I'll Break You"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    November  1949   9p     "Deathfed Vow"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    November  1949   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #15  (v.3, n.3)    November  1949   10p    "Merciless"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   11p    "Dance Hall Pick-Up"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   8p     "The Wolves Of The City"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   7p     "The Girl I Left Behind"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   7p     "Janet Loves Janet"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   1p     "Good Manners"
    #16  (v.3, n.4)    December  1949   7p     "His Engagement Ring"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   15p    "The Girl Who Tempted Me"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   8p     "I Want Him Back"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   1p     "Glamour Can Be Yours"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   8p     "When A Puppy Love Grows Up"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #17  (v.3, n.5)    January   1950   8p     "Love's Little Teacher"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    February  1950   14p    "Just No Good"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    February  1950   8p     "Make Believe Lover"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    February  1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    February  1950   8p     "I Own This Man"
    #18  (v.3, n.6)    February  1950   9p     "Mother Tags Along"
    #19  (v.3, n.7)    March     1950   13p    "That Kind Of Girl"
    #19  (v.3, n.7)    March     1950   8p     "The Misfit"
    #19  (v.3, n.7)    March     1950   9p     "Tainted"
    #19  (v.3, n.7)    March     1950   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #19  (v.3, n.7)    March     1950   8p     "The Fisherman's Daughter"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   14p    "Hands Off Lucy"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   8p     "Mad About The Boy"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   1p     "Do You Know Your Wolves"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   6p     "The Prophecy"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   1p     "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #20  (v.3, n.8)    April     1950   10p    "No Girl Loves A Phony"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   14p    "I Want Your Man"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   8p     "The Woman Who Lost Him"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   8p     "Let's Pretend"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   1p     "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #21  (v.3, n.9)    May       1950   8p     "With All My Love"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   14p    "The Savage In Me"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   7p     "Sister Was A Stinker"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   8p     "Child Bride"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   4p     "Change Your Name To Mine"
    #22  (v.3, n.10)   June      1950   7p     "I Never See Helen Alone"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   15p    "Gang Sweetheart"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   8p     "A Woman's Honor"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   7p     "One Last Fling"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   .67p   "Dress Right For Spring"
    #23  (v.3, n.11)   July      1950   7p     "Love On A Budget"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   14p    "Buy Me That Man"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   7p     "Man Bait"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   1p     "The Little Things Remind Him Of You"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   1p     "Danger, Man Trap"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   8p     "Take A Chance"
    #24  (v.3, n.12)   August    1950   8p     "Portrait Of A Lady"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   12p    "The Only Man Who Could Thrill Me"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   7p     "Gentleman For Hire"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   1p     "Are You A Gold Digger"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   8p     "The Doctor's Love"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   3p     "Will You Help Me?"
    #25  (v.4, n.1)    September 1950   7p     "Out Of The Running"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    October   1950   12p    "Your Money Or Your Love"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    October   1950   8p     "The Last Man On Earth"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    October   1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    October   1950   1p     "Do Something Nice For Your Sweetheart"
    #26  (v.4, n.2)    October   1950   10p    "Simpson And Delilah"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   12p    "No Man Would Have Me"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   1p     "Let's Make One Outfit Do The Work Of Four"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   6p     "Monahan's Madonna"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   1p     "Stay As Sweet As You Are"
    #27  (v.4, n.3)    November  1950   8p     "Chase Me Till I Catch You"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   12p    "Hot Rod Crowd"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   7p     "His Father's Son"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   2p     "Will You Help Me?"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   9p     "Not Worth The Price"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   1p     "Problem Clinic"
    #28  (v.4, n.4)    December  1950   8p     "A Shattered Dream"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   10p    "You're Not The First"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   3p     "Will You Help Me?"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   7p     "Diagnosis: Love"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   8p     "Love Also Ran"
    #29  (v.4, n.5)    January   1951   8p     "Three's A Crowd"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    February  1951   14p    "Different"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    February  1951   2p     "Will You Help Me"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    February  1951   8p     "Not Good For Anyone"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    February  1951   6p     "Weekend For 3"
    #30  (v.4, n.6)    February  1951   9p     "My Lord And Master"
    #31  (v.4, n.7)    March     1951   12p    "One Way To Hold Him"
    #31  (v.4, n.7)    March     1951   9p     "Raw Deal"
    #31  (v.4, n.7)    March     1951   3p     "Will You Help Me"
    #31  (v.4, n.7)    March     1951   6p     "My Last Blind Date"
    #31  (v.4, n.7)    March     1951   8p     "The Things You're Missing"
    #32  (v.4, n.8)    April     1951   12p    "Soldier's Girl"
    #32  (v.4, n.8)    April     1951   3p     "Will You Help Me?"
    #32  (v.4, n.8)    April     1951   9p     "Hand-Me-Down Love"
    #32  (v.4, n.8)    April     1951   8p     "Painted Woman"
    #32  (v.4, n.8)    April     1951   7p     "The Riddle That Was Gloria"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   10p    "What's In It For Me?"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   1p     "About That Kiss"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   8p     "Take A Letter, Darling"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   8p     "Not In The Act"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   3p     "Will You Help Me"
    #33  (v.4, n.9)    May       1951   9p     "Charity Case"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   12p    "Old Fashioned Girl"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   3p     "Will You Help Me"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   8p     "The Other Woman"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   1p     "There's Romance In The Stars"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   7p     "Whistle Bait"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   1p     "Are You A Selfish Girl Friend"
    #34  (v.4, n.10)   June      1951   7p     "Girl Friday"
    #35  (v.4, n.11)   July      1951   12p    "Temptations Of A Car Hop"
    #35  (v.4, n.11)   July      1951   7p     "The Man Who Loves Shabby Sally"
    #35  (v.4, n.11)   July      1951   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #35  (v.4, n.11)   July      1951   9p     "The Man I Married"
    #35  (v.4, n.11)   July      1951   9p     "The Catskill Man-Chasers"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   8p     "Yesterday's Romance"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   3p     "Love At Stake"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   9p     "Married In Haste"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   8p     "Just Good Friends"
    #36  (v.4, n.12)   August    1951   7p     "Big Brother Blues"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1951   10p    "I'll Never Set You Free"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1951   9p     "Just To Be Near Him"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1951   5.5p   "These Foolish Things"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1951   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #37  (v.5, n.1)    September 1951   9p     "The Last Stages Of Love"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    October   1951   10p    "Family Trouble"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    October   1951   7p     "His Dancing Teacher"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    October   1951   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    October   1951   8p     "One Tragic Mistake"
    #38  (v.5, n.2)    October   1951   9p     "Cagey Mary"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    November  1951   9.5p   "Too Sweet To Be True"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    November  1951   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    November  1951   8p     "Destination Love"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    November  1951   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #39  (v.5, n.3)    November  1951   9p     "The Wall Between Us"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   10p    "Nobody Owns Me"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   1p     "How He Proposed"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   8p     "Your Own Apartment"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   7p     "The Red Dress"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #40  (v.5, n.4)    December  1951   8p     "Marriage On A Shoestring"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   11.5p  "Dangerous Companion"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   3p     "Problem Clinic"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   8p     "Baby, It's Cold In Here"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   4p     "The Bashful Type"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   2p     "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #41  (v.5, n.5)    January   1952   7p     "Kill Her With Kindness"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   9.5p   "Miracle For Nancy"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   7p     "The Green-Eyed Monster"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   8p     "Marion's Husband"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   2p     "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #42  (v.5, n.6)    February  1952   9p     "Big Deal"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   9.5p   "Fool In Love"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   2.5p   "Problem Clinic"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   8p     "A Honey of a Sergeant"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   7p     "Say It With Kisses"
    #43  (v.5, n.7)    March     1952   9p     "Gentlemen Prefer Ladies"
    #44  (v.5, n.8)    April     1952   8p     "Forget Me Not"
    #44  (v.5, n.8)    April     1952   9.5p   "A Bride for Father"
    #44  (v.5, n.8)    April     1952   8.5p   "The Lady Says She's Innocent"
    #44  (v.5, n.8)    April     1952   9.5p   "Hired Girl"
    #45  (v.5, n.9)    May       1952   9.5p   "The Things I Didn't Know About Him"
    #45  (v.5, n.9)    May       1952   8p     "By Appointment Only"
    #45  (v.5, n.9)    May       1952   8p     "Let's Call It Off"
    #45  (v.5, n.9)    May       1952   2p     "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #45  (v.5, n.9)    May       1952   8p     "Treat 'Em Rough"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   8p     "We Only Have Today"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   1p     "How He Proposed"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   7p     "This Is My Punishment"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   6p     "The Gal On The Flying Trapeze"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   7p     "Little Busybody"
    #46  (v.5, n.10)   June      1952   7p     "A Knack For Writing"
    #47  (v.5, n.11)   July      1952   8p     "A Man For My Birthday"
    #47  (v.5, n.11)   July      1952   6p     "Drop The Handkerchief"
    #47  (v.5, n.11)   July      1952   7p     "Love Me, Love My Dog"
    #47  (v.5, n.11)   July      1952   2p     "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #47  (v.5, n.11)   July      1952   8p     "Tenement Girl"
    #48  (v.5, n.12)   August    1952   8p     "Love Is Poison"
    #48  (v.5, n.12)   August    1952   6.5p   "Martha Was A Lady"
    #48  (v.5, n.12)   August    1952   7p     "Everything But Love"
    #48  (v.5, n.12)   August    1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #48  (v.5, n.12)   August    1952   7p     "No Greater Love"
    #49  (v.6, n.1)    September 1952   8p     "Witch Girl"
    #49  (v.6, n.1)    September 1952   7p     "Honeymooners, Not Wanted"
    #49  (v.6, n.1)    September 1952   8p     "You'll Wish You'd Never Met Me"
    #49  (v.6, n.1)    September 1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #49  (v.6, n.1)    September 1952   6p     "Prince Charmin' Himself"
    #50  (v.6, n.2)    October   1952   8p     "Money, Money, Money"
    #50  (v.6, n.2)    October   1952   6.3p   "Tag Along"
    #50  (v.6, n.2)    October   1952   8p     "A Terrific Guy"
    #50  (v.6, n.2)    October   1952   8p     "A Way With The Ladies"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   8p     "Cheap Kisses"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   6p     "Good Girl, Bad Girl"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   6p     "Partners"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   2p     "Problem Clinic"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   1p     "The Way They Met"
    #51  (v.6, n.3)    November  1952   7p     "Joe Barnes, Washout"
    #52  (v.6, n.4)    December  1952   8p     "Soldier On The Train"
    #52  (v.6, n.4)    December  1952   7p     "Secretly Married"
    #52  (v.6, n.4)    December  1952   8p     "Ne'er Do Well"
    #52  (v.6, n.4)    December  1952   8p     "Give UpYour Baby"
    #53  (v.6, n.5)    January   1953   10p    "That Girl In My Corner"
    #53  (v.6, n.5)    January   1953   5p     "Stars In Her Eyes"
    #53  (v.6, n.5)    January   1953   7p     "Bring A Girl"
    #53  (v.6, n.5)    January   1953   1p     "Problem Clinic"
    #53  (v.6, n.5)    January   1953   7p     "Pretty As Is Pretty Does"
    #54  (v.6, n.6)    February  1953   9p     "Double Wedding"
    #54  (v.6, n.6)    February  1953   8p     "Snowed In"
    #54  (v.6, n.6)    February  1953   7p     "Poison Pen"
    #54  (v.6, n.6)    February  1953   7p     "Come Into My Parlor"
    #55  (v.6, n.7)    March     1953   8p     "Afraid To Go Home"
    #55  (v.6, n.7)    March     1953   1.5p   "Problem Clinic"
    #55  (v.6, n.7)    March     1953   8p     "Tell It To The Judge"
    #56  (v.6, n.8)    April     1953   9p     "On Your Honor"
    #56  (v.6, n.8)    April     1953   8p     "Fight For Your Love"
    #56  (v.6, n.8)    April     1953   7p     "Rx For Romance"
    #57  (v.6, n.9)    May       1953   8p     "The Underdog"
    #57  (v.6, n.9)    May       1953   1.5p   "Problem Clinic"
    #57  (v.6, n.9)    May       1953   6p     "Peeping Tom"
    #57  (v.6, n.9)    May       1953   6p     "Little Flirt"
    #58  (v.6, n.10)   June      1953   11.5p  "Too Innocent To Love"
    #58  (v.6, n.10)   June      1953   6p     "Too Good For Me"
    #58  (v.6, n.10)   June      1953   6p     "Love That Landlady"
    #59  (v.6, n.11)   July      1953   5p     "You Stole My Girl"
    #59  (v.6, n.11)   July      1953   2.5p   "Borrow A Boy Friend"
    #59  (v.6, n.11)   July      1953   1p     "The Diplomatic Touch"
    #59  (v.6, n.11)   July      1953   6p     "Love Me, Don't Laugh At Me"
    #59  (v.6, n.11)   July      1953   9p     "A Family Affair"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   8p     "His Wife's People"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   4p     "First Kiss"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   4p     "Have Faith In Me"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   1.5p   "How Did You Meet Him"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   .5p    "Hey, Mindy! Ain't 'Cha Comin' Out?"
    #60  (v.6, n.12)   August    1953   6p     "So Charming, So False"
    #61  (v.7, n.1)    September 1953   8p     "Let Sleeping Love Lie"
    #61  (v.7, n.1)    September 1953   4p     "A Very Important Date"
    #61  (v.7, n.1)    September 1953   6p     "The Girl He Couldn't Forget"
    #61  (v.7, n.1)    September 1953   6p     "Tried And Untrue"
    #62  (v.7, n.2)    October   1953   6p     "The Mystery Blonde Of Lover's Lane"
    #62  (v.7, n.2)    October   1953   6p     "Using Me"
    #62  (v.7, n.2)    October   1953   6p     "Worlds Apart"
    #62  (v.7, n.2)    October   1953   6p     "Teen-Age Wildcat"
    #63  (v.7, n.3)    November  1953   8p     "A Matter Of Pride"
    #63  (v.7, n.3)    November  1953   1p     "How He Proposed"
    #63  (v.7, n.3)    November  1953   6.67p  "The Two Mrs. McGillicudys"
    #63  (v.7, n.3)    November  1953   2p     "What Advice Would You Have Given"
    #64  (v.7, n.4)    December  1953   6p     "Beautiful Friendship"
    #64  (v.7, n.4)    December  1953   6p     "Unkissed Bride"
    #64  (v.7, n.4)    December  1953   6p     "The Doctor Is In Love"
    #64  (v.7, n.4)    December  1953   6p     "The Heartbreaker"
    #65  (v.7, n.5)    January   1954   6p     "It's A Girl"
    #65  (v.7, n.5)    January   1954   6p     "Sick Of Men"
    #65  (v.7, n.5)    January   1954   7p     "The Wrong Mr. Right"
    #65  (v.7, n.5)    January   1954   6p     "Love Me, Or Else"
    #66  (v.7, n.6)    February  1954   6p     "I Want You For Christmas"
    #66  (v.7, n.6)    February  1954   6p     "Always Yours"
    #66  (v.7, n.6)    February  1954   6p     "Those We Love"
    #66  (v.7, n.6)    February  1954   6p     "Fools Rush In"
    #67  (v.7, n.7)    March     1954   6p     "Yesterday's Love"
    #67  (v.7, n.7)    March     1954   6p     "Little Troublemaker"
    #67  (v.7, n.7)    March     1954   6p     "Cute Trick"
    #67  (v.7, n.7)    March     1954   6p     "Love Thy Neighbor"
    #68  (v.7, n.8)    April     1954   6p     "High Class Trash"
    #68  (v.7, n.8)    April     1954   6p     "Bought"
    #68  (v.7, n.8)    April     1954   6p     "Brotherly Love"
    #68  (v.7, n.8)    April     1954   6p     "The Man I Couldn't Have"
    #69  (v.7, n.9)    May       1954   6p     "Added Attraction"
    #69  (v.7, n.9)    May       1954   6p     "A Man For Mother"
    #69  (v.7, n.9)    May       1954   6p     "I'll Never Let You Go"
    #69  (v.7, n.9)    May       1954   6p     "My Sister's Sweetheart"
    #70  (v.7, n.10)   June      1954   6p     "Gotta Get Married"
    #70  (v.7, n.10)   June      1954   6p     "Baby Me"
    #70  (v.7, n.10)   June      1954   6p     "Imitation Wife"
    #70  (v.7, n.10)   June      1954   6p     "Annie's Little Swindle"
    #71  (v.7, n.11)   July      1954   6p     "Only Love Endures"
    #71  (v.7, n.11)   July      1954   6p     "It's Mother's House"
    #71  (v.7, n.11)   July      1954   6p     "Beauty Loves The Beast"
    #71  (v.7, n.11)   July      1954   6p     "Forsaking All Others"
    #72  (v.7, n.12)   August    1954   6p     "Home Town Scandal"
    #72  (v.7, n.12)   August    1954   5p     "Soldier's Pickup"
    #72  (v.7, n.12)   August    1954   6p     "Reform School Babe"
    #73  (v.8, n.1)    September 1954   6p     "Girl From The Old Country"
    #73  (v.8, n.1)    September 1954   6p     "Afraid Of Marriage"
    #73  (v.8, n.1)    September 1954   6p     "Atoms And Eve"
    #73  (v.8, n.1)    September 1954   6p     "Marriageable Age"
    #74  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   6p     "The Kissoff"
    #74  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   6p     "Idol Worship"
    #74  (v.8, n.2)    November  1954   6p     "For Love Alone" pages 4-6