Champ #23 (October 1942)

Champ #23
Champ #23 (October 1942) by Jack Kirby

The Liberty Lads in action one last time, at least as done by S&K. Some of the forced perspective, especially in the thrown Japanese soldier, have the distinct Kirby touch. So he is probably the primary penciler. A good compositional touch of contrasting the foreground with the background. The Japanese soldiers with their pistols and rifles do not stand a chance against the Liberty Lads with their tank and machine gun, not to mention their most powerful weapon of all, the American flag. The US tank has just demolished the Japanese vehicle so badly that it one can no longer make out what it was. Even the cloud of smoke raised by the tank and machine gun completely overpowers the puny gun smoke of the only Japanese soldier still fighting. The Japanese do not stand a chance against the might of the US. Of course this comic came out in August 1942 at a point where America was doing rather poorly against the military forces of Japan.