Joe Simon’s New York Comic Con Appearance

Joe Simon made an appearance at the New York Comic Con on Saturday (October 9) as I had previously announced. It was not a well publicized event, in fact my report was the only announcement on the web. I believe Titan wanted to keep the crowds to a minimum. Not that there were any lack of fans. Joe was kept busy for the duration of the stay during which he had a continual line of fans seeking his autograph or just to shake his hand. There was a short intermission so that everyone there could sing Happy Birthday to Joe and present him with a cake. Both Jerry Robinson and Joe Kubert stopped by to say hello to Joe. I believe it was the first time that Simon and Kubert had ever met. All in all a very enjoyable event, particularly for Joe. Unfortunately I did not have my camera but if I am able to track down some of the photos that others took I will post them later.

Also of interest, Comic Riffs has written about a birthday interview with Joe.

3 thoughts on “Joe Simon’s New York Comic Con Appearance

  1. Rick

    Didn’t Joe Kubert, as a teenager, assist on Simon and Kirby’s NEWS BOYS LEGION? Hard to believe he could do that without meeting Joe.

  2. Harry Post author


    Some have suggested that Joe Kubert did some of the News Boy Legion stories published by DC while Joe and Jack were doing their war time military service. See the comments in my post:


    I cannot say one way or the other. But these News Boy stories were not done for Simon and Kirby, they were done for DC. Gil Kane appears to have been the only artist that drew some Boys Legion for Joe and Jack. I had discussed Joe Kubert with Joe Simon well before the Comic Con and Simon does not believe that Kubert ever worked for S&K.

  3. Ger Apeldoorn

    I should have been there. I would have been there too, if I hadn’t been moving my mom into a new flat. First thing I would have done is try and see if I could ask Joe Kubert about Al Gordon…

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