More on Joanquin Albistur or is that Joe Albistur?

I hope he does not mind but Rodrigo Baeza has placed a comment on my post on the subject of Joanquin Albistur an illustrator from Argentina who may have been the same person as Joe Albistur a comic book artist that did some work for Simon and Kirby. Such help is much appreciated and I wanted to highlight it in case anyone else has some information on this subject.

Harry, another Argentine artist who did work for S&K was Bruno Premiani, maybe Simon’s thinking of him.

However, the following article about Argentine artists working in the U.S. comic-book industry briefly mentions (near the end) that Joaquin Albistur did some work for “Classics Ilustrated”, so it’s not unconceivable that he’s the same “Joe Albistur” that worked for S&K.

I have already seen references to Joe Albistur as an artist for “Classics Illustrated”. But this page attributes it to Joanquin Albistur. More evidence that they may be the same person.