Joaquin Albistur the Same As Joe Albistur?

Previously I posted about the forgotten comic book artist Joe Albistur. Joe worked for S&K from September 1954 to October 1955 (cover dates). Unfortunately I really had no information on him other then the various features he worked on and further Joe Simon was unable to place his name.

Joaquin Albistur
Joaquin Albistur

Well after that post I got a comment and from Toni Rodrigues suggesting that the comic book artist may have been the same as Joaquin Albistur an illustrator from Argentina. Toni was kind enough to forward to me a scan of his photograph (above) as well as some examples of Joaquin’s work. Comparing illustration art to comic book work can be misleading, they are two different media. Plus I do not know when the Joaquin art examples were created. Nonetheless I find some resemblance of Joe’s romance work with one of Joaquin’s drawings (see below).

Joaquin Albistur
by Joaquin Albistur

I showed Joe Simon the Joaquin photo hoping it would help his memory. Joe said the man look familiar but he could not be sure. However Joe also said that there was an artist from Argentina who did work for S&K that had a very illustrative look. That is a pretty good description of Joe Albistur’s romance work. So although it is not certain, it is likely that Joe and Joaquin are one and the same individual.

Of course it would be nice to get more information about Joaquin particularly about his work in Argentina and when that was done. That could help to confirm or eliminate him as the same artist who worked for S&K. And if he is the same artist it would be nice to learn more about him since we know little about him at the present. So if anyone has more more information please let me know.

5 thoughts on “Joaquin Albistur the Same As Joe Albistur?

  1. Ger Apeldoorn

    I saw this a bit late, but did you know Albister also did a lot of cartoons for Humorama (and possibly other venues) after working for S&K? The autograph he used on that is copletely similar tot the one used in the Argentinian illustration.

  2. Harry Post author


    Better late then never. This is the first I heard of a contribution, thanks loads I’ll try to check it out.

  3. Carlos

    I send two scans whit works of Joaquin Albistur. The page whit your foto belong to a folder from Panamerican Schools of Arts (Argentina). This school release a course by mail called “Course of the 12 Famous Artists”, and Albistur (was born in 1915) was one of de first teachers

  4. Carlos

    Excuse me by the mistake,

    I must say: If you want scans of Albistur’s works I can send them, but needed a e-mail.


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