Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 4, Footnote

FG pose 3 ed
Flash Gordon (7/3/38) by Alex Raymond

Stan Taylor has sent me some scans of panels from Flash Gordon done by Alex Raymond. Four of these have figures that so closely match work by Joe Simon as to leave no doubt that they were used as sources for swiping. I include one here because it is such a good example of Joe’s working method. For the cover of Blue Bolt #3 Joe made significant changes but we shall see later that he used this same figure again this time with only a little modification.

Please excuse the odd coloring on this image. Stan remarked to me about the similarity of the holster but his scan was a little dark for me to see it. So I did some Photoshop adjustments to make it clearer. But these adjustments brought out artifacts of the jpeg compression used. The original does not have all the odd rectangular color areas.

Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 4, Transition

Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 5, Side by Side