Artist and Model

The Jack Kirby Comics Weblog has posted a real nice My Own Romance and made the comment

I think there was some rule that said Kirby had to do at least one artist/model themed romance cover for every publisher he did romance comics for

So I checked and I am sad to say Jack did no artist/model theme cover for Harvey. I have already posted the first issue of Young Romance for Prize which does have that theme. Simon and Kirby used the theme again for Young Love #72 also published by Prize

Young Love #72

But for a short time Joe and Jack had their own publishing company Mainline with a romance title In Love. The third issue of In Love had, surprise, surprise, an artist/model theme cover. In fact the contents was a story about a comic book artist and model. I ask Joe about it once and he commented that they always like that theme. Apparently they liked the idea so much that made a proposal for a comic book or oneshot called “Artist and Model”. Two covers were made for that proposal, one by Kirby and the other by Bill Draut. Jack’s cover was used for the In Love #3 but Draut’s was never published.

Artists and Models

Artists and Models

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  1. bob

    Cool, I hadn’t seen a good sized version of that YOUNG LOVE #72 cover before. It’s a nice one.

    By the way, the story for IN LOVE #3 was apparently partly recycled from a comic strip proposal, which I wrote about here.
    Also, the cover of the unpublished SOUL LOVE lists a story called “The Model”, so there might be a DC version of the artist/model story at well (or maybe photographer/model?).

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