Art By Joe Simon, Chapter 2, Footnote

During a visit I gave Joe Simon copies of my restoration of the two stories in Daring Mystery #2. He had completely forgotten about both of them. Before he had begun to look at them I mentioned that he had signed one of them using a different name. Joe stopped and said “I bet you I know what name I used, Gregory G. Sykes”. Boy was I surprised, if he couldn’t remember the stories how could he remember the pseudonym? Sure he added a middle initial, but otherwise he got it right. Joe explained that in that in high school he and his friends sometimes used another name, his was Gregory G. Sykes.

He especially could not get over the ice bullets from the Phantom Bullets. As for Turjak Joe coyly wondered where he got that idea from. I went along with it and pointed out the subtitle “King of the Jungle”. Joe chuckled and admitted that as a kid he often went to the library to read Tarzan and had been a big fan.

Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 2, Before Kirby

Art by Joe Simon, Appendix 3, Daring Mystery Comics #3