I purposely limit my posting on the Simon and Kirby blog to writings about comic book artists and their art. This just does not seem to be the place to discuss topics like my political views or personal opinions. I have made an exception to commemorate the lives lost in the terrorist attach on this day now six years ago. I trust my readers will forgive me this deviation from my normal writings. This year has brought some people calling for us to put this annual memorial behind us. They say that enough time has past to put an end to our collective mourning. One writer provide examples of other national calamities that we no longer pay an annual tribute to, such as the sinking of the Maine or Pearl Harbor. The irony for me was although I have no idea when the Maine sank, every December 7th I do think about the Japanese attack and the U.S. participation in the war that followed. I think this is because it had such a big impact on the lives of my parents, aunts and uncles. Nonetheless it is expected that the pain we feel will diminish with the passing of time and I have no problem with those who have already reached that point about the events of 9/11. However I do call for them to be tolerant of those of us who have not yet made that transition. For now though this day continues to brings a touch a sadness to me each year. I am not a vengeful person, but I suspect I would find it easier to put 9/11 behind me were it not for the fact that so many of the perpetrators of that crime are still at large with the full intent of inflicting further atrocities against us.