Negro Romance Comic on NPR’s History Detective

PBS has a weekly show where the show’s detectives try to uncover the history behind various artifacts. Last week they were presented with a coverless copy of Negro Romance Comics. I had known about the existence of this comic but because comics specifically aimed at African-Americans were so rare and are now so sought after, […]

The Captain Aero Connections

There was no true connection between the team of Simon and Kirby and Captain Aero Comics. Captain Aero was just one of a number of wartime publications (lasting from December 1941 until August 1946). Holyoke is usually said to be the publisher for this comic but the indicia from later issues list Continental Magazines. This […]

It’s A Crime, Chapter 7, A Studio With Many Artists

(Justice Traps the Guilty #6 – #8, Headline #33 – #34) This chapter will cover the Prize crime comics from the period September 1948 until February 1949. Young Romance was also published throughout this period and the first Young Love issue would be cover dated February 1949. Charlie Chan, which featured covers by Jack Kirby […]

It’s A Crime, Chapter 6, Forgotten Artists

(Justice Traps the Guilty #3 – #5, Headline #29 – #31) Jack Kirby remains the principal artist for the six crime issues discussed in this chapter. All 6 covers were drawn by Jack as well all the lead stories. Kirby’s did 10 stories with a total of 117 pages (including the covers). However Bill Draut […]

Justice Traps the Guilty Checklist

Last update: 6/6/2020 Codes: r: = reprint s: = script l: = layout p: = pencils i: = inks name = signed <name> = signed with an alias {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby [name] = unsigned attribution Justice Traps the Guilty (Prize) #1 (v.1, n.1) October 1947 (cover) 1 pg P:{Kirby} “I Was […]