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Big Apple Con Vs New York Comic Con

I been attended Big Apple Con over a number of years. It was reasonably priced and attracted a number of useful comic dealers. It used to be held in the basement of St. Paul where it always was overcrowded. It since has changed venues but somehow the show never seemed to gain in actual space. In April Wizard bought the convention and last weekend was their first show. Now Big Apple Con was held on a pier and there seemed plenty of room. I wish I could say I was pleased.

My problem was not how the show was run but in the price of admission. Where once the single day fee was $7 it now has jumped to an outrageous $40. I was unsure what day I would attend so I could not order my ticket ahead but that would only have saved me $5. I thought the ticket would cost $35 but there turned out to be a $5 handling fee. Frankly I feel such practices border on the dishonest; ticket prices should include all cost up front.

I decided to try the show anyway to see if it was worth the extra money. Unfortunately it was not. As far as I could tell it was largely the same comic dealers that I used to see for one fifth the price.

My biggest surprise from the show was finding out that Wizard had scheduled a Big Apple Con on the same weekend as the next New York Comic Con (October 8 – 10, 2010). So we are now faced with a smack down between the two conventions. Big Apple Con at $40 for a single day and the NY Comic Con at $30. No contest, why pay more for much, much less? I predict Wizard is in for a big surprise.

Stan Lee Talking About Joe Simon

I mentioned Stan Lee’s statement about Joe Simon when I wrote about the 2008 New York Comic Con but I recently came across a short clip of it.

This was presented by YouTube user AstonishingTale’s. He also has a couple of other videos from the same Living Legends panel. One is a clip with Jerry Robinson and Stan Lee discussing the most creative individuals they ever meet. As much as I liked Lee’s choice, it was who Robinson praised that I really appreciated.