Featured Cover, Fighting American #4

Fighting American #4
Fighting American #4 (October 1954) by Jack Kirby

Another great FA cover done during the period when this title was more about humor then about being the typical superhero. In common with the cover for Fighting American #3 we find our hero about to spring a surprise on his clueless foes. I love the line “let me kill Speedboy just this once”. It is a great cover filled with Kirby’s unique humor touches such as the absurdity of Rhode Island Red lighting her cigar with a torch. I find that Jack had his own way of humor which includes the physical appearance of the subjects. To me it is very different then what Joe Simon did for the covers of Sick. It is also why I am always surprised that many still think that Guys and Dolls was done by Jack when its visual humor is so much like Joe’s.

I am rather surprised about the green face that the colorist provided for Yuscha Liffso. It makes him look not so much funny as weird. I guess it is the only thing about the cover that I find objectionable.

There were three more issues to Fighting American, not including the Harvey issue. Unfortunately these later covers just do not have the “punch” found on the first four issues. These last issues came out at the same time as the Mainline titles so I suspect Jack’s creative energies were going there instead.

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