Featured Cover Contest

I plan to continue to do Featured Cover posts for a while. Hopefully I will do one every week or two. It occurred to me that perhaps some of my readers would be willing to say what their favorite Simon and Kirby cover is. I know that might be a hard decision, but if I can do it so can you. As a reward for letting me know your cover choice I will enter you into a contest. The prize will be a full color print of your favorite cover, fully restored free of any charge. If you like any of the restorations I posted in this blog I think you will love a full size print much more. Joe Simon has agreed to sign them.

It has to be a Simon and Kirby cover. Not that Jack did not do some great covers later in his career. But I do not have access to many silver age covers. Early Joe Simon covers (Centaur and Fox, before teaming up with Jack) are also acceptable. It does not matter whether the cover has appeared before in the Simon and Kirby Blog. Just one choice of a S&K cover, hey after all that is what favorite means! Also this is limited to one entry for each contestant.

I will accept contest entries for a week, November 22 will be the last day of the contest. After that I will randomly select 10 winners. Because I may not have restored all the winning covers, some winners may have to wait a few weeks until I am able to do the restoration.

So here is what you have to do:

  1. Email me at: hmendryk at yahoo dot com. (You know the drill, replace “at” and “dot” with the proper characters).
  2. Include “Featured Cover Contest in the email heading. (So I will know it is for the contest and is not spam).
  3. In the email state your favorite Simon and Kirby cover (Remember select only one S&K cover!).
  4. In the email include you home address. (This must be the address I will mail the print of the restored cover).

Don’t worry I will not be using this information for any lists, it will be used for the contest only and no other purpose.

Good luck.