“Simon and Kirby Library: Crime” Some More Reviews

I have come across some more reviews of Titan’s newly released “Simon and Kirby Library: Crime”. Once again they are all very favorable reviews but on a more personal note they all nicely give high praise for the restoration work on the volume. It is always pleasant to be recognized for one’s efforts. However I am not at all bothered by the fact that most reviewer’s have overlooked the restoration. To me it says that my restorations for the book have no serious flaws to distract the reader thereby focusing attention to the work of Simon and Kirby which is, after all, what this book is all about.

I did get a chuckle out of Kristian Horn’s review for Ain’t It Cool News. He remarks that the book is “straight on villainous fun ” “not meant to be taken seriously”. Which is of course true, Simon and Kirby produced great stories full of action. However one of the examples that he gives of a story “not meant to be taken seriously” is “a killer shooting people with a rigged up wooden leg in order to help solve the world’s overpopulation problem”. However while Joe and Jack always played a little loose with the facts this story is basically true (A Story too Incredible to be Real).

I really hope this book does well. Superheroes might be popular these days but the crime stories are my favorite Simon and Kirby productions. If this book sells well enough Titan may published the remaining crime material in another volume. Believe me, those stories are every bit as good as those included in this volume.

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