“Simon and Kirby Library: Crime” Has Been Released

While some individuals were fortunate enough to be able to pick up a copy of Titan’s latest release, “Simon and Kirby Library: Crime”, at the New York Comic Con it has not been available to the general public until this last week. I have seen a number of books reviews including one by USA Today (see links below) all of which are very favorable. Four of the links provide sample stories from the book and I will put them at the top of the list of links and provide the title of the story previewed.

I hope this book does well. As I mentioned previously crime and romance are my favorite Simon and Kirby genre. If this books sells well enough Titan may publish a second crime book that would include all the rest of S&K crime stories.

USA Today (“Queen of the Speed-Ball Mob”)

Crave On Line (“A Phantom Pulls the Trigger”)

boingboing (“Burned at the Stake”)

IGN (“The Life and Death of Public Enemy Number One”)

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  1. Harry Post author

    Thanks. I think Titan will shortly be announcing schedules for the next two books but after that who knows? Volume two? I sure hope so.

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