Wish Joe Simon a Happy Birthday

Tuesday (October 11)* will be Joe Simon’s 98th birthday. What with an autobiography, a new Simon and Kirby Library book (crime) and a Captain America movie we have a lot to be grateful to Joe about. I once provided Joe’s email address so that readers could send their best wishes but that turned out to be one of my greatest blunders (despite my asking to keep the information restricted to this blog, it was immediately published on other lists). I am not going to make that mistake again. However I encourage readers to send their greetings to Joe. If you are on Facebook Joe can be reached at here. If you would like to send him an email I will forward any that you send to my email address (hmendryk at yahoo dotcom). If you will be attending the New York Comic Con on Friday (October 14) Joe will be doing a signing at the Titan booth after his panel is over (that starts at 3:45 so I expect Joe to be at the booth after 5:00). Or if you want to leave a video greeting Joe is now on You Tube.

* I originally got the day and year mixed up and wrote Thursday as Joe’s birthday. But it turns out that Joe was born on Yom Kippur so by the Jewish calender perhaps today (Saturday) is his birthday.