The Jack Kirby “Pop-Up” Museum

There is a new addition to the Simon and Kirby Blog sidebar. The button is not for donations to this blog but for a special project, a Jack Kirby Pop-up Museum. There is a link that provides further explanation on what this project is all about but I would like to make a few comments. Comic books have had a significant impact on our culture. And nobody had more of an impact on comic books than Jack Kirby. Despite the success of some big budget movies based on comic book characters, often ones that he co-created, the public remains largely ignorant of Kirby and his contributions. Jack deserves a permanent museum but that is a probably too ambitious a goal for right now. But a “pop-up” museum is a very realistic objective, with sufficient help. A Jack Kirby Museum open to the public for a period of a few months would attract a lot of attention and also provide the opportunity for an unprecedented display of Kirby art. So please support this effort with generous contributions.

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