Joe Simon comments on the Harvey Covers

On I couple of visits to Joe’s place, I brought him printed copies of the pocket size Harvey covers (Pocket #1-4, Speed #14-16) as well as the regular size Speed #17.

Initially Joe commented that he only did a couple of pocket sized covers. But when he looked at the cover he said that Pocket #1, #2 and #4 were his. The only question was about Speed #16. Initially he said that he thought he did it, then latter he said he may not have done it. Joe commented that the feathering on the legs of Captain Freedom was not like he would do it. He also felt the drawing was rather poor. Joe also said he did Speed #17.

Joe also spotted the Jon Henri signature on Speed #17 and commented that his middle name was Henry. He also said that John Henry (I am assuming this spelling since this was an oral conversation) was a writer that he meet while serving in the Coast Guard. John Henry did some writing for the S&K after the war. But off course Joe was in the Coast Guard after the Jon Henri covers so that was just a coincidence.