The Art of Joe Simon, Appendix 1, Champ #22 Confirmed

Champ #22
Champ #22 (September 1942) by Joe Simon (signed Glaven)

When I last wrote about the cover to Champ #22 (Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 7, Glaven) all I had was a very low resolution scan from GCD. At that time I attributed it to Joe Simon because I suspected that the signature would be the same as on Speed #22 which was signed Glaven. Nelson Glaven was the alternate name for Ned Gibman, one of Joe Simon’s high school friends.

Well Terry O’Neill of Terry’s Comics was kind enough to send a scan of the cover. The resolution is too low for me to do my standard restoration so please excuse my use of an only slightly corrected cover. But the resolution is not too low to clearly show that the signature is in fact Glaven. So an attribution to Joe Simon is pretty certain.

Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 7, Glaven

Art by Joe Simon, Chapter 8, Off to War