Not Kirby, Young Love #8 “Danger, Soft Shoulder”

Young Love #8
Young Love #8 (April 1950) “Danger, Soft Shoulder” by Mort Meskin

The Jack Kirby Checklist was originally published in 1998 but it was updated in issue #32 (July 2001) of The Jack Kirby Collector. The Checklist is a marvelous resource. Probably the only real problem I have with it is that is not clear how or who finally makes the attributions. But no matter how it is done disagreements are bound to happen. Nonetheless I plan to occasionally post what I consider errors in the Checklist. But I do not want to just list my corrections, I want to provide a scan example and some discussion.

My first subject will be the story “Danger, Soft Shoulder” from Young Love #8 (April 1950). Originally the listing was Kirby as penciler and Simon as inker. In the update Simon is removed as inker. I have to admit that I am unclear on the notation and do not understand the significance of “a(1)”. Does that mean Kirby did both pencil and inks? In any case to me both the penciling and inking for this story was actually done by Mort Meskin. Mort had a distinct style that seems to clearly show up in this work. But the real clincher is that the splash panel is signed “Mort”. I do not believe Mort would have done so if he was only the inker.

2 thoughts on “Not Kirby, Young Love #8 “Danger, Soft Shoulder”

  1. nick caputo

    The only trace of “possible” Kirby is of the woman in the splash berating the couple. Her figure and face have a Kirby look, perhaps an alteration. Otherwise I’m in complete agreement that this is obviously the work of Mort Meskin.

  2. Harry Post author

    I understand what you mean that the woman is a possible Kirby. Since they worked in the same studio it cannot be ruled out that perhaps Kirby acted as art editor. But Mort was an excellant artists in his own right and was admired by both Jack and Joe. My belief is that touches like that woman are really due to Kirby’s influence on Mort. Anyway keep both viewpoints in mind because I believe most of the “not Kirby” that I will be doing were actually done by Mort.

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