“Simon and Kirby Superheroes” a Big Hit at San Diego

I talked to Joe last night and he told me that Titan’s sold all their advance copies of “Simon and Kirby Superheroes” at San Diego. Friday was the first day of the convention so it seems the book was well received. Sounds to me that the Superhero book will be an even bigger success than “The Best of Simon and Kirby“. I guess this also means that there is now a select group of fortunate individuals that will be able lord it over the rest who have to wait for the official release in a few months. I keep hearing that will be October 12 (groan).

3 thoughts on ““Simon and Kirby Superheroes” a Big Hit at San Diego

  1. Michael T. Gilbert

    It is Orlando, Harry. Before I looked at the signature or your comments, I recognized it. Good spotting!

    Best wishes,

    Michael T. Gilbert

    All For Love #2 (June 1957), art by J.O.

    Some of the Prize titles during this period had cover art signed only as JO. No interior stories bear that signature and as far as I can seen none of the unsigned pieces were by this artist. The covers are very well done and indicate that this is a talented artist. I have only begun investigating whom this might be and have not reached any but the most tenuous conclusions. Although I have as yet no good evidence to back it up, I wonder if this might be by Joe Orlando.

  2. Scott Rowland

    IT is a gorgeous book, Harry. Although I had ordered it from Amazon, when I saw it at the convention, I could not wait!

  3. Harry Post author

    I’m really happy with how it turned out. The only problem is the long wait before it is available to all.

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