More About the Comic Con Simon and Kirby Lithographs

The New York Comic Con web site has a page of show exclusives. If you scroll way down, or better yet do a search for |”Titan (1514)”, you will find the two lithographs that will be offered at the Titan booth. I previously provided images of both but those were of the restoration I made, not the final product. I looks like they did a great job.

2 thoughts on “More About the Comic Con Simon and Kirby Lithographs

  1. Max Gottfried

    Alas I waited, along with many others, in line to purchase these prints and see Joe once again. He had to take a break, quite understandable, for lunch. The throngs waited with patience. At some point Joe was negotiating with a bottle of Diet Coke when <> it exploded and some of the near by prints got doused. The poor people from Titan had heart attacks! We waited a little longer, but were informed that it was time for Joe to leave and head to his presentation. We were given numbers, at our request, to see Joe after his interview. (He was humorous and insightful as always.) The throngs returned to the Titan booth only to be turned away, because Joe was tired and went home. sigh, so I don’t know how many ‘exclusive prints’ were sold or destroyed, but it was far fewer than the listed number.

  2. Harry Post author

    I am sorry to hear that you waited in vain. Joe is 95 and although well he only has so much strength. I hope you understand. As for the lithographs I am told that very few were damaged. Not all were sold but I have not heard yet what Titan plans to do with the remaining copies.

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