Joe Simon’s Newspaper Art

I recently wrote about Joe Simon’s newspaper career (Joe Simon, Editor) and earlier as well (Joe Simon as a Newspaper Staff Artist). I discussed how Joe did more then just sport illustrations. I never expected that someone would actually check to see if I was right. But that is exactly what Ger Apeldoorn did and he posted his initial results on his blog (previously called Those Fabulous Fifties, but now apparently unnamed). He is using microfiche copies of the Syracuse Herald, a search I also mean to do if I can ever find the time.

I am all for preserving old newspapers with techniques such as microfiche otherwise much would be lost about the history of our culture. Even so the quality leaves much to be desired. Ger attributed one illustration dated December 13, 1936 to Joe but could not find his signature. Was that because it was removed before publication, or has it been obscured by scratches on the microfiche film? In this case we are fortunate because Joe still has the original art in his collection. Ger may not have needed a signature to recognize Simon’s hand, but it is always nice to have confirmation.

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  1. Ger Apeldoorn


    I have since found several more illustrations. I still have to finetune the dates, but it seems these story illustrations appeared in the Sunday Syracuse Herald every week in the second half of 1936 until januari 1937. There are illustrated stories in earlier issues of 1936, but none by Joe Simon.I did find one sports cartoon in a januari 1937 thursday paper, but none in any of the others even though I did go through quite a few sports pages at dates ranging from 1933 to 1937. Also, I found no trace of any other illustrations (such as the political cartoons and caricatures you showed). I am gladto read that I have the right paper. Now the only thing that remains is to go through them one by one.

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