Charlie Chan Checklist

Last update: 7/19/2009

    r:  = reprint
    s:  = script
    l:  = layout
    p:  = pencils
    i:  = inks
  name  = signed
 <name> = signed with an alias
 {name} = signed as Simon & Kirby
 [name] = unsigned attribution

Charlie Chan (Prize)
  1 June 1948
    (cover) - p:{Kirby} 
    "The Hit And Run Murder Case" 10pg - p:C. Infantino 
    "Charlie Chan" 10pg - p:C. Infantino 
    "Land Of The Leopard Men" 10pg - p:C. Infantino 
    "The Weasel Of Wall Street" 8pg - p:[Draut] i:[Draut]
    "He Talked Too Much" 2pg - (text)
    "The Train Robber's Last Trip" 5pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
  2 August 1948
    (cover) - p:{Kirby} 
    "Number One Trouble" 13pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "The Vanishing Jewel Salesman" 9pg - p:[C. Infantino & Kirby] - (Kirby splash)
    "Murder On The Midway" 8pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "The Powder Puff Cop" 2pg - (text)
    "The Toledo Terror" 7pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "Hocus-Pocus Hearse" 6pg - p:Golden 
  3 October 1948
    (cover) - p:{Kirby} 
    "The Secret Of The Smuggled Silk" 10pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "The Mystery Of The Phantom Killer" 11pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "Charlie Chan" 10pg 
    "Anchors Aweigh" 2pg - (text)
    "Hilly Billy" 4pg 
    "Keri Krane" 8pg - p:[Briefer] 
  4 December 1948
    (cover) - p:{Kirby} 
    "The Burial-At-Sea Murder Mystery" 10pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "The Model Murder Case" 10pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "The Case Of The Missing Planet" 9pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "Take It Easy" 2pg - (text)
    "Cassidy The Movie Cop" 5pg 
    "Keri Krane" 8pg - p:[Briefer] 
  5 February 1949
    (cover) - p:{Kirby} 
    "The Antique Burglar" 11pg - p:[Briefer] 
    "Murder On Ice" 10pg - p:[Briefer] 
    "The Dude Ranch Hold-Up" 11pg - p:[Briefer] 
    "The Promotion" 2pg - (text)
    "The Fox Of Paris" 5pg - p:[C. Infantino] 
    "Floating Mine Racket" 6pg - p:Stallman 

Charlie Chan (Charlton)
  6 June 1955
    (cover) - p:[Kirby] 
    "See No Evil" 6pg 
    "Pawns Of Peril" 7pg 
    "Pitfall" 7pg 
    "Tracer Of Missing People" 2pg 
    "Conscience Killed Him" 2pg 
  7 August 1955
    "Silent Witness" 6pg 
    "The Talking Stone Face" 6pg 
    "Trick Ending" 7pg 
    "Lion Tamer" 6pg 
  8 October 1955
    "Clever Victim" 6pg 
    "The Emerald Turtle" 6pg 
    "The Lock Without a Key" 7pg 
    "Beat in the Bushes" 6pg 
  9 December 1955
    "Troublesome Time" 6pg 
    "Fool's Gold" 6pg 
    "Flanagan's Bank" 6pg 
    "The Penalty" 6pg