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A Leonard Starr Group at Yahoo

Last week I posted about the Mort Meskin group so now I would like to promote one for Leonard Starr. Starr has had a long and successful career and he is most famous for his syndication work for On Stage and Little Orphan Annie. Before that he was a comic book artist for a number of publishers as well as doing work for the Simon and Kirby studio. Presently my database has only 18 stories that Len did for Joe and Jack but since both of my ongoing serial posts, The Art of Romance and It’s A Crime, have entered the period that Starr is known to have worked for the studio I am sure that number will increase. While Leonard Starr may not have had a lengthy stay at the Simon and Kirby studio, he was an important contributor during that time.

Mort Meskin Group at Yahoo

A new group has started on Mort Meskin. I have added on my sidebar but you can also follow this link. I have discussed Mort often in this blog, and I am sure I will so often in the future as well. Mort was perhaps the greatest talent of the Simon and Kirby studio, that is second to Jack. You could not tell it today as he is largely overlooked by comic fans. Perhaps this new group and an up in coming book on Meskin may start to change that. So if you are interested in discussing or learning more about Meskin why not join?