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Joe Simon at the 2011 New York Comic Con

Joe Simon at the Panel with editor Steve Saffel and two of Joe’s grand-daughters

Joe Simon made an appearance at the New York Comic Con Friday. Joe has not made many public appearances in recent years so this was a special occasion. To be honest, I was not at all certain that he would actual show up. While he is in good health and he gets around his apartment very well, getting to the convention is a difficult and tiring effort for him. But I believe with the Captain America movie, his autobiography “My Life in Comics”, and the just coming out “Simon and Kirby Library: Crime” inspired Joe to make the attempt.

The panel was well attended and I believe all had a good time. Everyone sang Happy Birthday as Joe entered the room. I think the only problem was that one hour was not sufficient time for all the stories Joe was trying to tell.

Joe Simon signing at the Titan booth

After the panel Joe did a signing at the Titan booth. Not surprisingly there was quite a line of people wanting signatures. Joe was only supposed to be at the booth for one hour but it ended up going an extra half hour. Much effort was made to keep the line moving but in the end there were a number of disappointed people. This was regrettable but necessary so that Joe would have enough strength for the trip home. For those fans who did get something signed I trust they realize that they have something very special. For those who were disappointed I can only hope they understand the limitations of someone at the age of 98.