Strange Tale Indeed, The Ending Revealed

I am always unsure how to handle how much to reveal in my Feature Story posts. I have received a request to provide the end of “Poker Face”. So I have decided to provide the ending as a comment to this post.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not click on comments if you do not want to know the ending for “Poker Face”.

2 thoughts on “Strange Tale Indeed, The Ending Revealed

  1. Harry Post author

    The alien lands in the desert where an old prospector confronts him, telling the alien to get off his gold claim. The alien replies that he only wants atrion, but there is none on this planet. Besides the prospector’s claim is no good, he (the alien) owns the planet. He won it in the equivalent of a card game.

  2. Mikael Bergkvist

    Thanks. It seems like a cool story, too bad those types of stories dont appear often anymore.
    I generally miss these types of short stories for their imaginative setups and dramatic flair, that often show the artists doing stuff a bit out of the usual.
    In ongoing titles, they tend to do the same stuff over and over, with very little actual variation.

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