Contest Reminder and Coming Events

Do not forget to enter my first anniversary contest. The prize is a issue of Foxhole #5. Admittedly a little beat up but very readable. Here is a chance to read some of the stories that I have been posting on. All you have to do is send me an email (hmendryk at yahoo dot com, you know the drill just replace at with ‘@’ and dot with ‘.’). Say Anniversary Contests in the heading and include a shipping address. I will pick a winner at random on March 25. Good luck.

Next week I shall blog on another pre-Implosion western done by Jack Kirby. Really nice stuff.

Another post will be a Simon and Kirby I never thought I would write about. Would you believe a screen play? That is right a screen play call “Fish In A Barrel”. Not a concept outline but a finished three act script, although it has never been produced.

1 thought on “Contest Reminder and Coming Events

  1. Luke Blanchard

    I don’t mean to take part in the contest, because I don’t think I’m in a position to take good care of the issue. But I wanted to say again how much I enjoy your blog, and how much it has added to my knowledge and appreciation of Joe Simon’s work as well as Kirby’s.

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