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As I mentioned in the past, there are a lot of blogs on comic books. My interests are not as wide as that covered by these blogs and I have only limited free time with which to investigate them. But I do take the time for those blogs that link to me. My philosophy is that if they find my blog of interests I am likely to find something of interest in their’s.

Well one such blog is a new one by Ferran Delgado. I have previously exchanged email and scans with Ferran and he is also a member of the Kirby list. The posts are written in Spanish, which unfortunately I cannot read. But he has some interesting images anyway. Ferran has been doing restorations of Jack Kirby’s Sky Master Sunday syndication strips. The archives for January (Enero) contains a lot of examples of this work. It looks like Ferran is doing a beautiful job. I cannot wait for it to be published, even thought that will be in Spanish as well. In the mean time we can all enjoy the images he provides in his blog. So I would like to welcome Ferran to the blogosphere and thank him for what he has provided. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Jack Kirby on the Web

  1. Ferran Delgado


    Thank you for promoting my blog! Since I try to appeal the Kirby fan, I felt that it was a must to include a link to your highly interesting blog, aside the Museum, JCK, Mark Evanier, John Morrow, etc…

    Also, I had to include you in the acknowledgement section (agradecimientos) since I restore the Sky Masters scans following the tutorials that you shared in your Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/digitizing_comics/, and some of these scans were provided by you.

    The Sky Masters book evolutes slower than I expected since I do the restoring in my spare time with the problem that I almost have NO spare time. I’m just waiting for some series I letter to finish to find more time to spend in the book.

    The good part is that I already reached a deal with my boss to retain the rights over the restored images of the sundays (at exchange I’ll allow them to use them for free), and I am going to give the biggest part of the income from it to The Museum.

    Also, the Marvel editor in Spain who works for Panini Spain, since he is a big fan and expert on Kirby, showed interest to convince the bosses in Italy to get it published in Europe. Also, I am convinced that sooner or later these restored scans will be published in EE.UU. Just be patience, very patience…

    When I finish the restoration, and the spanish book hits the comic stores, I will reach an agreement with Randolph Hoppe for him to be a leading part when to deal with international publishers.

    BTW, I just posted in my blog raw images of the only sunday not included in the Pure Imagination book in two formats, full page and 1/3. Harry, feel free to use any image of my blog…

    Best wishes,

  2. Ferran Delgado

    I forgot to comment that in the full page format of the sunday strip, they usually added the sixth panel to fill the hole. Usually it was a not relevant panel. You’ll find more samples of it if you click the label “Sky Masters” in the “Categorías” section.

  3. Harry Post author


    I can appreciate the effort it takes you to do the Sky Master restorations. What counts is finished product. Judging from your samples I think it will be well worth the wait.


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