Anniversary Contest

Having finished Foxhole I am sure I will do a similar review of some of the other S&K titles. I just do not want to immediately launch into another one. Instead expect a post about writer Jack Oleck in the near future. Also something about some early Kirby westerns. Foxhole has got me thinking about Kirby’s war comics so I think it might be interesting to examine some of his other works in that genre. This is much more then I can handle in one week so look for those posts throughout the next few weeks.

Also the first anniversary of the Simon and Kirby Blog is approaching. The monthly archives on the right might lead you to believe that this blog started in February. But when I started I used that month as a convenient place to keep things like my checklists which I knew I would be periodically updating. My first post was actually done on March 17. A year of musing on Simon and Kirby productions. Over this time I have had serial posts on The End of Simon and Kirby, The Art of Joe Simon and Early Jack Kirby (the conclusion of which has been postponed but is definitely in the works). Beyond that are an assortment of posts on various topics. I do not have a definitive count but it is something like 160 posts total. But despite all that writing I feel I have just scratched the surface. There is a whole lot more I want to write and learn about.

I do want to do something to celebrate my anniversary. So I am going to have a contest with a copy of Foxhole #5 as the prize. This is a low grade copy (probable a Good) but it is complete. Here is a chance to read some of the stories that I have been posting on. All you have to do is send me an email (hmendryk at yahoo dot com, you know the drill just replace at with ‘@’ and dot with ‘.’). Say Anniversary Contests in the heading and include a shipping address. I will pick a winner at random on March 25. Good luck.