Delurking Week

It has taken me by surprise. I have read on some of the blogs I visit that it is Delurking Week. But boy is it welcome news.

Seriously I know that the Simon and Kirby Blog has a narrow focus. I never expected it to be a popular blog. Nor have I ever thought I would get many comments. Frankly I do not leave comments on most of the blogs I read. But still there are times that I wonder if anyone out there really cares.

So this is your chance to step up and provide me with some encouragement. To all readers, please leave a comment to this post. I really don’t care what you say. Just say “hello” if you cannot think of anything else. But please, please, please leave a comment here. Then if you like, return to your lurking.

P.S. Don’t be surprise if your post does not appear right away. It quite likely will get caught by my Spam filter. You would probably be amazed about how much Spam this site gets. But I go through it all daily to accept valid comments. Generally once a commenter gets accepted they never get stopped by the filter again.


Since most of the blogs that I read have not picked up on Delurking Week I just want to make sure no one makes the mistake of thinking that I am just kidding. Two blogs that I read that have joined this movement are Pharyngula and Afarensis. If you go through their comments you will find I stopped lurking long enough to say I enjoyed their blog. As can be expected, not all bloggers are looking to Delurking Week to provide the same thing but I am sure we are all looking for some sort of approval. What I want to do is take this opportunity to see how many people care about my blog. Frankly if a reader does not care enough about the Simon and Kirby Blog to to say “Hello” then as far as I am concern they simply do not care. After all it does not cost anything, I do not believe you have to leave your real name, your email address will not get published or put on any lists and I would prefer if you do not put anything in the “Website” entry (so I do not mistake you for spam).

14 thoughts on “Delurking Week

  1. Craig McNamara

    You…are…not…alone. I love your presentation of Simon & Kirby artwork and your analysis. I stop by several times a week and am amazed at how prolific you are. I keep wishing this would all eventually end up in some kind of book form someday. In the meantime, you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

  2. Christopher Harder

    Hey Harry,
    Just a quick delurk to tell you how much I cantinue to enjoy this column! Take care and keep up the good work!

  3. nick caputo


    I’m not one of those lurkers, as you know, but still wanted to assure you that your efforts are appreciated. This blog is informative and constantly fascinating. Don’t stop now!

  4. Stan Taylor

    Hi Harry,

    I’m still around, though time constraints have limited my responses. I never miss a post.


  5. Luke Blanchard

    I greatly enjoy your blog. It’s one my favourite places on the net. I always like learning about Golden Age comics and looking at pages by Kirby, and I’ve also enjoyed your articles on Simon’s solo work and the other work produced by the S&K studio. One thing your blog has convinced me is that some of Simon’s solo work, and some of the other work produced by the S&K studio, has similar qualities to the S&K stories that I’ve always loved. That’s like learning there are S&K stories I never knew existed, so you’ve lengthened my list of stories I want to read, and that’s what I want from a comics blog.

  6. David Walthart

    You do excellent work! Don’t judge people’s interest by comments because 99% of them are like me- they read and enjoy lots of sites so they don’t have the time. I’m only commenting now because your blog makes my top three and I don’t want it to vanish! Your cover/art restorations are what makes the site. I’d love to have one entry just showing us how you do it!

  7. James Burns


    I really enjoy the blog, and check everytime my RSS updates. I’m a big Kirby fan, but have enjoyed learning more about Joe Simon, and their collaboration. Keep up the great work!

  8. Jeff

    Thanks for the entertaining and informative blog. Discovered off of the Kirby Museum page one day and have followed ever since.

  9. Mike Machlan

    Hi Harry,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. You have terrific insight into Simon & Kirby’s work. I love seeing the artwork. Keep up the good work.


  10. Ron Schmidt

    Hello Harry,

    First time to your blog.
    Can’t say how much of a fan I am of either artists work, but I just completed the showcase of Kirbys Challengers. I can tell you that I was agape and kept flipping back to the TOC page which also showed the dates the stories originally ran. Hopefully from here I will learn more about his influences for these stories.

  11. Scott Rowland


    I enjoy your blog immensely, but can’t visit regularly, and totally missed delurking week. Please keep up the fantastic work — I’d love to see this stuff immortalized in a book or two.

  12. Marty Erhart

    Hi Harry,

    Recently discovered your blog and (being a long-time Simon and Kirby fan) I was overwhelmed with all of the in-depth analysis, research, and rarities you post. Amazing work! Thanks so much for providing us this information. It truly brings the careers of Joe and Jack (and the artists and writers who worked with them)into clearer focus!

  13. Harry Post author


    Boy this is a post I never expected to receive another comment on. Much has changed in the last two years. I still do not get many comments but I do have a much larger readership. But I am always glad to get a new reader. So welcome Marty!

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