New Joe Simon and Jack Kirby books

During my last visit to Joe Simon he showed me a new book. The book is on Joe and it is one of six books from the series “Comic Book Creators”. Also included in the series is one on Jack Kirby, which I did not see. I checked it out in Amazon where they have all six titles listed:
John Buscema
Jack Kirby
Joe Simon
Stan Lee
Joe Sinnott
John Romita, Sr.

Amazon lists them all as $16.46 each. But before you start ordering them there are a few things you should know. First the series is actually meant for children! So do not expect any to find any deep insights or unusual historical information. Still in the book on Joe there are some nice photos but I do not know if any of them did not appear in Joe and Jim Simon’s “The Comic Book Makers”. Next they are rather thin books, not surprising considering who they are meant for. The other thing is I am not sure that they have actually been released yet. Amazon list them as such but the book Joe showed me had a 2007 publication date.

Considering the line up, you have to suspect some connection with Marvel. I think children books like this are a great idea. I suspect the real market is not the children but rather the parents. Still it can be hoped that it might introduce comic books to a younger generation.

3 thoughts on “New Joe Simon and Jack Kirby books

  1. bob

    Interesting. The market seems to be mostly libraries, so I’ll have to check if my local system gets them in. It is nice to see something like that for younger readers.

    By the way, the link you have to the Simon book goes to the Kirby one.

  2. June Parrish Cookson

    My post will most likely seem irrelevant but just had to comment about how wonderful this blog is. I’m not a comic book intellect but can definitely appreciate the artists skills and all the hard work they do. Will return often. All the best!

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