Happy Birthday Joe!

Star Spangled #48
Star Spangled #48 (September 1945)

Best wishes to Joe Simon on his birthday. Joe is still doing well although he has had a cold that he has not been able to shake for a number of weeks. Even so Joe is still very active. As we saw from his ad proposal Joe has some ongoing projects.

Joe Simon
by Joe Simon
Enlarged view

In honor of this day I post images of Joe’s first published comic art. This was done for his high school newspaper the name of which I unfortunately forget. I cannot say I fully understand the humor, perhaps you had to be going to his school to appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Joe!

  1. Stan Taylor

    Hey Harry,
    Thanks for the update on Joe, please express our best wishes on his birthday for us. Much like some of Jack’s early BBR strips, the humor seems to be in-house, but the draftsmanship is superb.

  2. Bob

    Happy Birthday indeed. Good to hear Joe is doing well, and I look forward to news about any upcoming projects. It’s been great to see some examples of his early work here.

  3. nick caputo

    A very Happy Birthday to one of Comics pioneers! It’s been a pleasure to meet with Joe Simon. He is not only a talented creator, but an engaging person with a great sense of humor. My very best wishes to you.

    Nick Caputo

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