My Sixth Anniversary

With this month my blog has reached its sixth anniversary. That the previous year was eventful for me would be an gross understatement. The release of Joe Simon’s autobiography and the Captain America movie were key events. But on a more personal note was the publication of Titan’s “Simon and Kirby Library: Crime”. Joe and Jack’s work in that genre are among my favorites. While I have hopes that a second volume of Simon and Kirby crime might eventually see print it appears that my dream of working on my other favorite Simon and Kirby genre will not be fulfilled. Of course the most significant event of the past year was the passing of my friend, Joe Simon. Joe played a large roll in my life of the past decade or so and I miss him greatly. I realize that events arising from Joe’s passing has had a negative impact on my posting on this blog but I hope that has begun to change. There is so much more that I want to write about Simon and Kirby.

5 thoughts on “My Sixth Anniversary

  1. Don Rhoden

    When you say you will not be able to work on your other favorite S&K genre other than crime, what do you mean? Did Titan cancel the horror and science fiction volumes? I hope not!

  2. Harry Post author


    I am currently working on the sci-fi volume and I have every reason to believe that the S&K library will also include the horror volume.

  3. Mark Seifert

    Harry — Congratulations and thank you for six years of this blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it quite a bit in recent years and eagerly look forward to many more.

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