Joe Simon, 1913 – 2011, Goodbye Joe

Joe Simon passed away Wednesday (December 14). Joe had been in declining health for something like the last six weeks.  Of course his passing is deeply regretted but his end seemed a good one to a great life story. I am sure I will write more about Joe in the near future but I hope my readers will excuse me if I leave this message as a very short one. He was a legend and a good friend who I will greatly miss.

6 thoughts on “Joe Simon, 1913 – 2011, Goodbye Joe

  1. Richard

    Harry, thank you for letting us all feel closer to Joe through everything you’ve written on this blog. I always loved his work and would always have loved it regardless, but you helped us see the thoughtful creative person as well as the artist. It means a lot.

  2. dusty miller

    Commiserations to you, Harry, Joe’s family and his vast network of friends.
    A piece of genuine American history has moved on.

  3. Charles Hatfield

    Condolences, Harry, and many thanks for your work as a Simon & Kirby historian and restorer. I feel hugely in your debt.

    RIP Joe. Sigh, what a week for comics.

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