A Review of Lettering by Howard Ferguson

Todd Klein provides a fascinating post of Simon and Kirby letterer Howard Ferguson. I do not always agree with him but it is great to read one letterer’s opinions about another. One word of caution, Todd includes a quote that claims Ferguson was an African American, not true. I even called Joe Simon to make sure.

3 thoughts on “A Review of Lettering by Howard Ferguson

  1. Todd Klein

    Thanks for clearing up that last point, sir. I’ll take that out of my post tomorrow morning.

  2. Steven Rowe

    got some info on Howard Grant Ferguson, confirmed by his ww2 draft card on ancestry; which says his employer was Simon – Kirby Productions, He was born in Washburn Wisc. on July 4, 1895; living in Detroit in 1916 with wife and infant daughter. Lived at 110 – 33 207th Street, Hollis, L.I. c1942. More speculation would be that his father died when he was young, and that HGF possibly died on May 18, 1957 in Queens.

  3. Johnny

    I could be wrong… but Captain America #68 (September 1948), “The Enigma of the Death Doll” looks like the work of Gene Colon. I’m just guessing, but Cap’s pose, his legs, his hands and the width of the shoulders – all looks like “the dean’s” work to me.

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