It’s Off to Titan

By now it is no secret that the next entree in the Simon and Kirby Library is Crime. I original assumed that since Titan was releasing “Joe Simon: My Life In Comics” in time for the San Diego show that the Crime book would be come out the following year. I provided Titan with a schedule that showed my restoration work would conclude by the end of August. There must have been some sort of slip up because Titan did not inform me until some months later that they hoped to release S&K Crime in time for the New York Comic Con. With restorations finished in August there was no way the book would be available for the show in October. Fortunately by the time I found out about Titan’s plans my restoration work had been going amazingly well and I was already about a month ahead of schedule. Titan provided a drop dead date that seemed possible but by no means certain. So I buckled under and worked even harder. I was unclear whether Titan’s drop dead date was for the restorations or for putting the entire book together, but in any case I have managed to beat it by a couple of weeks. Now my work is done and it is off to Titan.

I am sure I will write about the S&K Crime volume in greater detail as the release date approaches. A decision has not yet been made on what the next book in the S&K Library will be. But in all honesty I would not say even if the decision had been made. I do not like to leak out information before Titan makes their public announcements. I suggest the reader keep an eye on The Jack Kirby Comics Weblog where Bob keeps track on all the latest Kirby publications and consistently scoops me out.

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  1. Bob Cosgrove

    All of us who are Simon & Kirby fans owe you a debt of thanks for your work on these books. Four or five years ago, figuring I never could afford to collect the original S & K superhero books and that it was the non-hero stuff most likely to go unreprinted, I set about collecting the latter–I’m about 70% there, but very glad to see that I was wrong, and that some, at least, of this material is not only going to see print, but see print in editions prepared with exceptional care. I hope that they all do well. Although Kirby’s later work established him as the premiere superhero artist, it did so at the cost of a certain narrowing of perceptions of his gifts. He was much more than that, as these books will surely demonstrate. I hope it does well, and I’m really looking forward to the romance volume.

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