3 thoughts on “Joe Simon and Logos

  1. Todd Klein

    After seeing the covers on this post, and reading it, I’ve changed my blog entry. I see now that Simon was still involved as editor when that logo was created, and Mark Evanier did say he thought it was lettered by Ben Oda from a layout by Simon, so I’ve stated it that way. Thanks for the insight.

  2. ykw

    “Jigsaw #2 (December 1966) art by Joe Simon?”

    Can’t be too certain about the rest of the cover (especially given Joe’s penchant for putting many hands to work on a single cover), but the main character figurework sure looks like George Tuska.

  3. Harry Post author

    I do not know about many hands, but Joe certainly liked to combine his own work with another artist for a cover. And I believe George Tuska did work for Joe in other titles (Sick) during this period. So you could be right.

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