Seven Years Later

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It is sad to say, but few of the people that I worked with mentioned anything about 9/11 today. Those that did felt that the time had come to get over it and treat it the same as other neglected anniversaries. After all how important was the 7th of December seven years after Pearl Harbor? But by Pearl Harbor’s seventh anniversary the war with Japan was over while many of the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attack are still alive and working towards further violence against our society. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are now firmly entrenched in what is usually described as the tribal areas of Pakistan. Their strength and influence is steadily growing. This is an election year but I do not believe this is a partisan issue. I do believe it is an issue of perseverance. I understand that it is a complicated problem and I do not claim to have the solution. But something has to be done or 9/11 will not always remain the only anniversary of an important terrorist attach on America. Now is not the time to forget.

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  1. Scott

    Hi. If it makes you feel any better, several libraries in Chicagoland marked the occassion. Carol Stream Public Library showed patriotic-themed cartoons. I believe it was the Itasca Community Library that stayed open for 24 hours to commemorate the event. I’m sure there were more isolated events elsewhere. Granted, you can’t go to a Hallmark store and buy 9/11 cards (yet!), but I can’t imagine you want it turned into that kind of a special day.

    Keep up the good work on the museum!

  2. Harry Post author


    You are certainly correct, by no means am I calling for Hallmark cards. While it good to hear that some public institutions have honored the anniversary, I am more concerned about the increasing lack of interest amoung the general public.

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