Joe Simon and the NY Comic Con

I am happy to report that Joe Simon will appear at the New York Comic Con on Saturday, April 19. Joe will be at the Abrams booth signing Mark Evanier’s new book “Kirby King of Comics”. The last convention that Joe has attended was the 2006 Comic Con.

2 thoughts on “Joe Simon and the NY Comic Con

  1. RAB

    You ought to get a large sign or placard reading “Joe Simon” for prominent display while Mr. Simon is at the table. The past three times I’ve staffed a table for the Kirby Museum, on each occasion I had several people asking me if I was Jack Kirby! One or two times I was also asked if I was Mark Evanier, but that’s a more reasonable mistake given the context. (For the record, I more closely resemble Kamandi.)

    But with copies of the Kirby book right there, you’ll be telling curious but misguided passersby that Joe isn’t Jack or Mark until you’re hoarse no matter what precautions you take…

  2. Harry Post author


    LOL. Never had problems with people misidentifying Joe at conventions in the past but then again Joe was never signing someone else’s book. A lot of times Joe will sign things like this “Joe Simon from the Simon and Kirby studio”. Maybe people will leave with a book think it was actually signed by Jack Kirby!

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